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Re:But the Tokyo area is so crowded

mattack2 (1165421) writes | about a month ago


No, it is not about the home VALUES, but literally the building quality and how long they should last.

I mean, I know a poorer constructed building have a lower value, but that's a consequence, not the subject.

Again, I have no idea if this shoddy workmanship applies to commercial buildings.

Re:The REAL value of the transit system

Karmashock (2415832) writes | about a month ago


I love how people that want other people's money seem to think they can call people selfish for protesting the action.

Why aren't YOU selfish for taking my money? Why am I selfish for wanting to keep it?

You have a logical problem here... what is your definition of selfish? How do you determine if one person or the other is selfish?

Re:Non-compete agreements are BS.

shutdown -p now (807394) writes | about a month ago


Tax on gross income is not necessarily business-unfriendly. It all depends on what the tax rate actually is.

In fact, you could say that it's a "tax on failure", since it disproportionately affects businesses with small margins.

Introduction Of The Brand 7 For All Mankind

renueate (3627939) writes | about a month ago

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Which Type of Cufflinks Is Improved?
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gnu-sucks (561404) writes | about a month ago


While I agree that the fees are extreme compared to, say, one entire month of real broadband at home, paying $10 for wifi actually is small compared with hundreds of dollars already spent to fly.

Still too much though, I agree!

Learn To Maintain Your Beloved Leather Bags

ccxornella4t (3634205) writes | about a month ago

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Where The Heck Can I Decide to buy Sports Watches?
You may be looking at sports watches for a variety of distinctive reasons. Maybe you need to measure your heart rate just after specific activities. You could want a watch which has a function that keeps tracks of one`s actions once you walk. Sports watches have countless unique functions these days. Several persons like sports watches for their solidity, as they can in most cases take quite a little of abuse and survive, like exposure to wat

Calvin Klein Hobo Eyelets - EBay Sniper Save

katrjinad4cv (3635071) writes | about a month ago

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What To consider When Deciding upon Duvets And Duvet Covers
If you`re decorating a bedroom you could have realized how necessary the option of bed linens is. The bed is known as a focal point in any bedroom and due to the fact of this, the way you dress additionally, it becomes a focal point. This makes the option of one`s duvet and duvet cover very important considering the fact that it might set the tone for the whole area.

The Facebook Manipulation Study's Mysterious Connection to the Military - Mashab

feedfeeder (1749978) writes | about a month ago


Financial Express

The Facebook Manipulation Study's Mysterious Connection to the Military
New statements from the U.S. military related to Facebook's controversial emotion-manipulation study have further muddied the origin of the News Feed experiment some have called "creepy." On Wednesday, an Army spokesperson told Mashable that...
Facebook experiments had few limitsMarketWatch
Facebook admits error with emotions studySydney Morning Herald
We are using India's talent to grow Facebook globally: Sheryl SandbergFirstpost
Financial Express-New York Times-Gulf Daily News
all 1,910 news articles

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Missouri Judge Shuts Down Department Of Corrections' Attempt To Move The Goalpos

feedfeeder (1749978) writes | about a month ago


You can't tell the players without a program and, apparently, you can't get your public documents without a lawsuit. Freedom of Information laws -- both at federal and state level -- were supposed to make the government more accountable to its citizens. In practice, this has often taken the form of withholding requested information until ordered otherwise by a judge. Not exactly transparent and not exactly a brand new level of accountability. It bears more resemblance to a three-year-old being forced to relinquish whatever's currently being clenched in a tightly-closed fist.

The three-year-old in this case is the Missouri Dept. of Corrections. And not only did it have a tight grip on some documents, it also wanted to make up the rules as it went along.

While plaintiff Allaedin Qandah was being held at one of its facilities, his copy of the Quran was damaged during a cell search, something he alleges was done intentionally. The ACLU, representing Qandah, requested documents pertaining to "copies of any and all records relating to [Qandah's] IRR # NECC 11321 - property damage."

The Missouri DOC found 14 responsive documents but refused to surrender any of them.

On May 17, 2012, Heather McCreery, Legal COunsel for DOC, replied in writing to Hill denying the request for the records. In her letter she cited Federal Regulation 28 CPR. 40.10 as grounds for denial pursuant to Section 610.021(14).
So, the ACLU sued for the release of the documents. The DOC filed response to the lawsuit suddenly added even more exemptions, none of which had been contained in its original denials.

DOC modified its position in its First Amended Answer to claim three additional reasons for closing the records besides the one claimed in McCreery's letters. DOC now claims "[t]he requested records are exempt from disclosure under 610.021(14) and 217.075.1(3) RSMo" and as "internal administrative report[s] or document[s] relating to institutional security." DOC also asserts that "[t]he Requested Records are Exempt from Disclosure under 610.021(13)" as "[i]ndividually identifiable personnel records, performance ratings, or records pertaining to employees or applicants for employment." Finally, DOC states that "[t]he requested records are exempt from disclosure under 610.021(10)" because they "relate [l]egal actions, cause of action or litigation involving a public governmental body and any confidential or privileged communication between a public governmental body or its representatives and its attorneys."
The Court wasn't too impressed with the DOC's last-minute goalpost shifting and called it out for its actions, pointing out that allowing this sort of behavior would subvert the intentions of "sunlight" laws and further discourage citizens from requesting public records.

The legislature has mandated that if a custodian denies access to public records, the custodian must, upon request, specify the legal basis for the denial. Permitting Defendant to assert additional reasons for denial after litigation commences, as it attempts here, renders superfluous the statutory requirement of notice of the reasons for denial... It would also discourage citizens from retaining attorneys (or litigating pro se) to challenge the exemptions claimed by a government entity that withholds documents, if, after a lawsuit is filed, the government could cite additional exemptions. This is also contrary to public policy.
The DOC also tried to claim that regulations might permit it an exemption under federal Sunshine Law statutes (rather than Missouri's statutes) but the judge quickly dismantled this argument as well, pointing out that the quoted federal statute had been repealed and is no longer "a valid authority on which the DOC can rely to close the requested records."

All in all, a pretty satisfying takedown of disingenuous acts by a government entity. According to Courthouse News, the DOC is also paying all of the ACLU's legal fees.

The average citizen does not have the resources to challenge Sunshine Law denials, and it was unfair to allow the government to pile on exemptions after a lawsuit is filed," Tony Rothert, Legal Director of the ACLU of Missouri, said in a statement. "The judge's ruling helps level the playing field for the vast majority of citizens who do not have the resources to hit a moving target.
The government spends a lot of time and money keeping records out of the public's hands, doing as little as it can to stay within the letter of the law and avoiding the spirit of the law entirely whenever possible. Unfortunately, successful Freedom of Information requests are more and more frequently being routed through various courthouses before responsive documents are obtained.

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Plants hear and respond to perceived threats, say researchers - Daily Digest

feedfeeder (1749978) writes | about a month ago


New York Times

Plants hear and respond to perceived threats, say researchers
Daily Digest
New research from Missouri University suggests that plants can hear caterpillars and react by bolstering their defenses. By Justin Beach, Daily Digest News Wednesday, July 02, 2014. Previous research as well as folklore have suggested that plants react to...
Plants can recognize and react to sound of insect attack, researchers findScience Recorder
Plants React to the Sound of Caterpillars: StudyLatin Post
Plants Hear Their Parts Being EatenAmerican Live Wire
Auto World News-Headlines & Global News-Counsel & Heal
all 25 news articles

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ArsonSmith (13997) writes | about a month ago


The examples you give of law enforcement and justice system come from the barrel of guns. If not guns then at the very least a strong over powering force.

Betsey Johnson Satchel - Gifts For That Speci

tlillypo9 (3635115) writes | about a month ago

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What Makes TW Steel Watches Well-known?
Time, by far the most essential of each of the physical and virtual commodities that human have. It can be impossible to get a particular person to think about his everyday life devoid of the consideration of time. Most of us pre-plan our activities maintaining the time constraints in mind...but what is that which keeps a track our time limitations in mind? A Watch. It is actually that physical possession which is most viewed by any person...greater tha


AntiSol (1329733) writes | about a month ago


One thing that I can say is that if you're running a modern distro you'll likely run into problems with Unreal Tournament's sound support - it only supports OSS, and it expects that /dev/dsp exists.

On my Ubuntu 12.04 box, I have to use padsp when launching UT to get any audio, and when I do use padsp I get a ~500ms delay on the audio - it's unplayable. A real pity.

I think that this could probably be fixed by ripping out pulseaudio and installing the real OSS, but I don't know for sure and didn't want to get that drastic on my everyday machine. Also, you might find that the UT binary has old OSS libs compiled in statically, so it might not work even then.

I'd be really interested to hear anybody's solutions to this dilemma - I miss UT!

Just flew from PDX to ORD...

bennomatic (691188) writes | about a month ago


...and they made it clear that only larger devices (laptops) needed to be powered off. I know it's just an anecdote, but I kept my iPad mini on with iBooks open (learning Swift!), my kid kept playing 2048 on my iPhone, and I saw two other people within view of my seat using their devices during take-off, even more during landing.

Orange County Sign Company

anaheimsigns (1608801) writes | about a month ago

User Journal 0

If you are in the market for a new sign, it can seem over whelming with all the sign companies out there. And choosing one can be challenging, since not all sign companies can contract for business signage, without a California state electric sign contractor license. Find out about the different war (

Mature Image By Fashionable Leather Handbag Assortment

annetttwfcd6 (3634605) writes | about a month ago

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Wedding Dress Trends
Wedding season is in complete swing this year, with all the greatest percentages of weddings taking place in June, July, and August. The late spring and summer time months are common for weddings because of a higher choice and availability of flowers, better possibilities for outside venues, and so forth. Among the list of most important aspects of preparing a wedding (for the bride, at the very least!) is acquiring the right wedding dress.

Corrective Shoes For Common Foot Problems

lawrar7k (3634659) writes | about a month ago

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Even though On A Shopping Bout Of Indie Shirts
1 will need to get the chance to perform with fantastic indie tee brands and this has been the consideration for the last handful of months. You can get some suggestions 1 ought to remember whereas acquiring Indie clothes.
1. A single should take concentrate that he does not get lost in the shuffle. The incredibly technique but attempt tends to make ideal, and no one can develop into a good results overnight.
2. One must be willing for di

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