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Best Supplement Manufacturer

Anonymous Coward writes | about three weeks ago


An anonymous reader writes "Their objective is to give their client accomplices with the most elevated quality private mark nutritious supplements at the best costs, so they may get to be and stay effective in the wellbeing and health supplementation market. They strive to be more than simply a vitamin supplement manufacturer for their clients. They additionally give equation advancement, bundling, mark plan, and shipping, and they're committed to discovering results indulged the particular needs of their clients."
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Repair Leaking Pipes, Fix-Replace Burst Pipes, Emergency Pipe Fitting

fcplumbing (3692745) writes | about three weeks ago


fcplumbing (3692745) writes "At Female Choice Plumbing we offer a 24/7 emergency plumbing service, for burst or leaking pipes. We realize that such leakages can occur anytime, not only during business hours and this is why our team of burst pipe professionals are available 24 hours 7 days a week. Female Choice Plumbing can have a plumber on your premises within the hour. We can carry out repairs to majority of makes and sizes of pipes and fittings for water up to 25mm and if it is a more severe problem with your water pipes throughout the house, we can quote for a full water pipe replacement. Remember to utilize our interest free terms for replacements of pipework or any other larger plumbing jobs, such as hot water heater replacement etc."
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University of Illinois Demonstrates "Walking" Bio-robot

Zothecula (1870348) writes | about three weeks ago


Zothecula (1870348) writes "If you're going to deploy robots in biological settings – for example, inside the body – it makes a lot of sense to build those robots out of actual biological body parts. Muscle, for example, is a very effective, biodegradable replacement for an electric actuator that can run in a nutrient-rich fluid without the need for any other power source. Bio-robotics experts in Illinois have demonstrated a bio-bot built from 3-D printed hydrogel and spinal muscle tissue that can "walk" in response to an electrical signal. Their next step will be trying to incorporate neurons that can get the bot walking in different directions when faced with different stimuli."
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Re:What we need...

mark-t (151149) writes | about three weeks ago


Cars turning right on a green light need to yield to bicycles going straight through in a bike lane just as they would need to yield to pedestrians. Many intersections that I've seen where there are bike lanes also have a special stage in the lights for bicycles, and vehicles are not permitted to turn during that stage. It is illegal for a bicycle at such an intersection to advance when that stage is not active... just as illegal as an automobile running a red light.


Charliemopps (1157495) writes | about three weeks ago


Ok, a few years ago I would have also said it was impossible. But now that I know the lengths they'll go to for information that's not even helpful to them... Give me a unlimited budget and complete legal immunity? Yea, I could do it. It would be pretty unconventional, and break tons of laws, but I bet I could get it to work.

I think my first wild guess would be, start buying up power transformer producers. I bet there's only a few in the world. Figure out how to make that hum unique in a way most people wouldn't notice. Treat it like a serial number. Since you sell every transformer, that would include the ones in video cameras. The hum would get encoded in the video. The hum would also interact with the local power in the home or whatever. They've already proved you can use home wiring as an antenna. So yea, far fetched but again, given an infinite budget? Totally doable.

Re:So who is behind this?

Microlith (54737) writes | about three weeks ago


This isn't going to take away your precious, no need to get your panties in a knot.

You say this as we watch a train wreck of unintended consequences fall out from a 21 year old law.

Study debunks a 'Goldilocks' planet thought to potentially support alien life -

feedfeeder (1749978) writes | about three weeks ago


CTV News

Study debunks a 'Goldilocks' planet thought to potentially support alien life
Washington Post
The discovery four years ago of a rocky, not-too-distant planet was a thrilling development in the search for alien life — proof, it seemed, that our planet might not be the only one with just the right mix of life-sustaining conditions. But two Penn State scientists...
Controversial clues of 2 'Goldilocks planets' that might support life are proven falseNanowerk

all 76 news articles

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LG G Watch now shipping out to buyers - PhoneDog

feedfeeder (1749978) writes | about three weeks ago



LG G Watch now shipping out to buyers
Late last week, Google put the LG G Watch up for pre-order and said that units would begin leaving its warehouses by July 3. Well, I've confirmed with my calendar that today is July 3, and Google has confirmed that the G Watch is indeed shipping. Our pal...
Wearable Tech Expected to Be $50B Industry in 5 YearsWall St. Cheat Sheet
Android Wear watches get their first

all 506 news articles

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London Transport Regulator Says Uber Can Legally Operate - New York Times (blog)

feedfeeder (1749978) writes | about three weeks ago


New York Times (blog)

London Transport Regulator Says Uber Can Legally Operate
New York Times (blog)
LONDON – In the battle between Europe's taxi drivers and the ride-sharing service Uber, score one for Uber. On Thursday, London's transport regulator said that Uber, the West Coast technology start-up that has faced protests in major cities across Europe...

and more

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Android Wear smart watch gets a bit of a mixed response from reviewers - Tech Ti

feedfeeder (1749978) writes | about three weeks ago


Tech Times

Android Wear smart watch gets a bit of a mixed response from reviewers
Tech Times
The new Android Wear smart watch is available to consumers but should they buy one? Reviews indicate no, but still offer plenty of praise. (Photo : Samsung | Tech Times). The reviews for Android Wear are in and there seems to be a mix of positive and...
Wearable Tech Expected to Be $50B Industry in 5 YearsWall St. Cheat Sheet
LG G Watch now shipping out to buyersPhoneDog
Android Wear watches get their first

all 504 news articles

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Hey, we get badges!

billstewart (78916) writes | about three weeks ago


At $DAYJOB, we've had a variety of work collaboration tools over the years similar to the then-current* social networking tools. The most useful ones are instant messaging and wikis (or wiki-equivalents), and internal Usenet groups back in the day. Apparently having little badges next to your name is something that some current social networks do, so ours has that also (I haven't used it; I suspect there's some sort of "VMware User - Achievement Unlocked!" sort of thing.)

And we do have games, like "Guess which Wiki pages are current or abandoned!" and "Guess which User Stories in Rally are current vs. long-irrelevant!" (If you win the latter one, you get to submit your own user stories under the ones the Scrum Master is going to reject for this sprint, instead of under the ones he's not even going to look at.)

I will post a less-cynical note elsewhere in this discussion :-)

* ok, actually similar to the then-slightly-out-of-date social networking fads, rather than the actually current ones...

Re:Great... Instead of CO2 we get CO

JPyObjC Dude (772176) writes | about three weeks ago


Agreed, if your goal is to remove CO2, then using a fuel cell by itself is not a helpful fuel cycle. However, the Fuel Cell based cycle is very promising and can help to improve the viability of remove solar farms where transmission loss is a significant detractor.

I wonder since the output of a fuel cell is pure heated CO2, this output can be fed back directly into the solar input side to further improve efficiency?

Maybe there are other absorption cycle that can be added to the chain after the fuel cell that leverages the heated and concentrated CO2?

How to Remove the Browser Hijacker, Latest Removal

Anonymous Coward writes | about three weeks ago


An anonymous reader writes " browser hijacker can infiltrate on the targeted Internet browser via drive-by download. This implies that the browser hijacker drops into the targeted system with the help of third-party Windows programs such as freeware, shareware, web plugin, pop-up das, and more. Besides that, the browser hijacker takes advantage of vulnerabilities in Java, Internet Explorer, and Flash Player."
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Does Social Media Marketing Work For Your Business?

Mpearson (2822395) writes | about three weeks ago

User Journal 0

Social media has become a strategized corporate priority. Businesses of all sorts and sizes are jumping onto the social media marketing bandwagon, some because everyone else is doing it, others because they've truly realized the power social media has to offer. (

Re:What we need...

mark-t (151149) writes | about three weeks ago


Turning left on a bicycle would generally mean that you just come to a stop at the far right corner of the intersection, where pedestrians would wait to cross, and walking your bike across the street as a pedestrian when you get a walk signal. After clearing the intersection, you can get back on your bike and continue riding, completing your the left turn.

Really... it's not a remotely hard concept to grasp.

Quality Management System

financialprocesssoft (3591225) writes | about three weeks ago

User Journal 0

Quality Management System Employee activity is more powerful and simple with Process Street tools.This following video gives you a basic idea about it. Its support you to do quality management assessment or that includes quality management checklists and templates. (

Re:Let's face it ...

Ol Olsoc (1175323) writes | about three weeks ago


I'm no lawyer but I feel certain that if you manage to get billions out of an exploit the words "malicious mischief" will not appear in the indictment... At the very least I would expect "felonious tomfoolery"!

My God man! There are women and children present! Break out the smelling salts.

Mountain Dew connection

ulatekh (775985) writes | about three weeks ago


The problem started when the NSA realized that many programmers drink Mountain Dew, given its caffeine/sugar jolt.
Add to that all those Mountain Dew commercials featuring "extreme" personalities.
Treating programmers as extremists was simply the next logical step.

Now pardon me, I must ride my snowboard down the side of the building while screaming "WOOOOOOOO!!!!"

Re:The same way many global warming papers got pub

Ol Olsoc (1175323) writes | about three weeks ago


Perhaps one source of misunderstanding here is that some people assume that peer review is supposed to be some kind of ultimate validation of a work. It's not, it's a basic sanity check and a validation that what the authors *claim* to have done is sufficiently interesting. It's not an endorsement by the publication venue that the work is correct and the authors are honest, because it's impractical to validate something like that without investing a lot more effort than feasible for a peer review. Reproducing a work might take months, even years.

And you post AC? Very well said. The peer review process is just setting the stage for others to do more research or replicate the results. It's a sanity check, not the proof of the paper. The proof comes later.

Stop Being Skeptical of MLM

Cotne1980 (3591731) writes | about three weeks ago

User Journal 0

If you
e like the many people that are looking to make money from home, youll have many choices available to you. One of those options is a MLM business opportunity. However for many people, they
e skeptical of MLM business opportunities and won investigate them. This can actually be costing you mo (

Not Elegant

Jim Sadler (3430529) writes | about three weeks ago


Bicycles can be an art form in themselves. To look right a bike needs a very naked look. The idea of electronic systems on a bike will not be popular in my opinion. Now a system inside a car that makes a public record of how the car approached bicycles might be acceptable and not intrusive in a car. Lite weight and a clean look at all of the bike is what sells. Many bicyclists will not even keep fenders on their bikes as it spoils the entire designed goals.

Re:It'll come down to an opinion

zedaroca (3630525) writes | about three weeks ago


I was under the impression TOR was explicitly designed to allow others to break the law

Not really, in some places even what is legal still might get you into trouble. In the US people are detained indefinitely without accusation, mostly because of religious reasons, but for other reasons as well. You might be selected for further surveillance for accessing legal things like a religious website, a linux forum, and news websites like Wikileaks or CNN (link to Jacob's presentation: to protect and infect part 2, it's long but I'm sure you can find that info in other places). Even if you think you are not under detention risk, you might want to read stuff without being selected for indefinite surveillance and infection, without being profiled as a criminal and getting in a list of people that can possibly be framed.

Another good example of tor use is if you share a house and don't want other people seeing the ads that are targeted to you (like a dick growing something, pheromones perfume, gay dating website, Russian brides website or too expensive shoes).

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