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We are sorry to see you leave - Beta is different and we value the time you took to try it out. Before you decide to go, please take a look at some value-adds for Beta and learn more about it. Thank you for reading Slashdot, and for making the site better!

Introducing Slashdot Beta!

Select your interface to Slashdot

When you first log on to Slashdot (or read anonymously), you're seeing our default view - but that's not the only option. For a view much closer to the way Slashdot's looked in years past, select the "Classic" view by clicking on the Classic icon in the menu highlighted in the image to the above. If you just want to browse headlines (so you can scan more stories at a time), pick the Headlines view, and then select any story that grabs your attention by clicking on its headline.

View Community-Promoted Stories

Stories you see marked as Community Pick are there because your fellow Slashdot readers thought they looked interesting, whether or not the editors have decided to put them on the main page. If you browse incoming Slashdot submissions, you can take part in choosing these picks.

Read and Comment on the Most Discussed Stories

Most of the action on Slashdot happens in the comments. If you want to see recent stories with the most active discussions, the most-discussed filter is your friend. From there, you can decide if you want to jump into the fray or just be an observer.

Slashdot Karma: What's in it for You

If you see a Karma badge next to a Slashdot user's name, it means they have been recognized for making positive contributions such as posting helpful or insightful comments. You can pick up a badge yourself, as a logged-in user, by contributing story submissions, leaving useful comments, and taking part in moderation.

User Profile: Who Are You? (Who They Are?)

Every user on Slashdot has a profile page that shows their social presence on Slashdot, their bio, achievements, karma badge and more. A user-profile link appears in each story section (if the submission was not anonymous); If you find the story interesting and want to know more about the user who submitted it, just click the link to view their profile. You can view your own user profile by clicking on your username in the upper rightside of the page. Your profile page also shows how you wish others get in touch with you.

Taking a Sip from the Firehose

With the All Stories view, you can see it all--not just the stories selected by the editors for the default main page, but also reader promoted submissions. Read with an open mind!

Browse by (Hot) Topics

Browse the most active topics by clicking Topics in the menu at the top of the page. Slashdot stories may fall into more than one of these topics, but it's a quick way to see what's happening at a glance.

Make Yourself Visible with an Avatar

If you'd like to provide a visual identifier for yourself (global, not just for Slashdot), you can select an image using Gravatar. This gives you and your fellow Slashdot users something to scan for, and helps you stand out in text-heavy comments.

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