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Reply to Kesuki: Tuesday TV

FortKnox (169099) writes | more than 9 years ago

User Journal 17

Sorry, I'm banned but I have to make a comment to kesuki on his "nothing on TV on Tuesdays".

You, my friend, are insane! I only watch TV on Tuesdays (though I am getting a bit into numb3rs, which is like friday, I think...). I TiVo "House" on fox (best show on TV), and watch Scrubs on NBC (second best show).Sorry, I'm banned but I have to make a comment to kesuki on his "nothing on TV on Tuesdays".

You, my friend, are insane! I only watch TV on Tuesdays (though I am getting a bit into numb3rs, which is like friday, I think...). I TiVo "House" on fox (best show on TV), and watch Scrubs on NBC (second best show).

I can't believe people haven't discovered "House" yet... really a great show and you all should watch it, cause this had better not be a great show that fox cancels (a la "John Doe").

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I watch House (1)

Em Emalb (452530) | more than 9 years ago | (#12565914)

But only for his witty, snide remarks.

The show itself is on weak ground though:


Someone passes out/falls over with relatively common ailment. Run a few tests, get nothing. Start a treatment which makes the patient worse off than if they'd done nothing. Almost kill the patient when they continue that treatment + add new treatments. Do an unnecessarily painful procedure that does nothing for the patient except make the viewers at home very uncomfortable.

Have a break through when they figure out the patient is lying to them.

Discover some insanely rare disease/problem and fix it immediately, without getting sued.

Yeah, right.

House himself is the man, though.

(and yeah, I still watch the show, it's great humor)

Re:I watch House (1)

Jeremiah Cornelius (137) | more than 9 years ago | (#12567961)


I don't know why they wasted the brilliant Hugh Laurie on a laconic, near-humorless, american character.

House uses none of Laurie's strengths - which are a whooping delight!

His stuff with Stephen Fry and Rowan Atkinson are legendary. Funny, how that's all now so much all "a part of the 'eighties", as Python are "a part of the 'seventies".

Re:I watch House (1)

Em Emalb (452530) | more than 9 years ago | (#12568122)

true, but he didn't have to take the part:

"Laurie, take this roll."


"No, really, take this roll, or we'll kill you!"


Things were cooler in the 70s and 80s though. Except they weren't. :D

(Outside of Monty Python of course)

Tuesday TV (1)

GeckoFood (585211) | more than 9 years ago | (#12566085)

I used to watch Veronica Mars on Tuesdays, but the season ended and I don't even get the benefit of reruns. :-/

My take on House (1)

sielwolf (246764) | more than 9 years ago | (#12566186)

Someone comes down with an illness. But the MAN won't care for them. HOUSE finds out and blows up: YOU'RE RISKING THE PATIENT'S LIFE!?! HOUSE then gotta FIGHT the MAN because ONLY HE BELIEVES YOU. HOUSE fights DISEASE. HOUSE also fights THE MAN who totally undercuts his skills and RISKS THE PATIENT'S LIFE but he beats one or both in the end because ONLY HOUSE BELIEVS YOU.

The best twist was when HOUSE was teaching class and came up with THREE patients and everyone said that THEY SHOULD LOSE THEIR LEG or YOU WOULD BE RISKING THE PATIENTS' LIVES. Turns out one of those PATIENTS was HOUSE and he wouldn't lose his leg. Because HOUSE wouldn't get the AMPUTATION he was RISKING HIS OWN LIFE (in a totally O'Henry twist). So HOUSE got the SURGERY that was TOTALLY PAINFUL so HOUSE had to go into a COMA. WIFE OF HOUSE was then then his executor and said they should CUT OFF HOUSE'S LEG. She didn't want to RISK THE PATIENT'S LIFE but WIFE OF HOUSE DIDN'T BELIEVE IN HOUSE (completely flipping the script on the show). In the end they made a compromise and HOUSE found out. WIFE OF HOUSE got SERVED. Now EXWIFE OF HOUSE has a husband who is totally sick: will HOUSE SAVE him? Or will HOUSE RISK THE PATIENT'S LIFE TO GET REVENGE?!?!? :p

I've never seen the show (1)

JMZero (449047) | more than 9 years ago | (#12566319)

But I feel like I've experienced something better now, having read your summary.

Re:My take on House (1)

bofh31337 (521771) | more than 9 years ago | (#12566780)

Ok..umm... i've never seen this show... but.. WTF? and by that I mean What The Fuck?

Re:My take on House (1)

sielwolf (246764) | more than 9 years ago | (#12571683)

Confession: I've never seen the show either. BUT this is in retaliation for all the ads during last year's baseball postseason, the ubiquitous ads on Fox and me having to listen to my coworker regurgiate entire episodes.

From my blog on /., I stab at thee, House!!!!

Or should I say I STAB at thee HOUSE- RISKING YOUR LIFE!!!

Anyone watch "The Office"? (1)

M.C. Hampster (541262) | more than 9 years ago | (#12566376)

The guy who plays the Boss is an absolute genius. Seriously, they should just give him Best Comedy Actor and Actress cause he is so awesome.

Re:Anyone watch "The Office"? (1)

RailGunner (554645) | more than 9 years ago | (#12568017)

I personally am a big fan of "Robot Chicken"... good gravy is that show ever funny.

suggestion (1)

http (589131) | more than 9 years ago | (#12568267)

any time i witness network television advocated, i am compelled:
if you value free time, put an axe through your television's antenna and then the cable line outside. try to cut it on your side of the demarc box, unless you like giving lawyers money. if you think this suggestion is crap (which you are welcome to do, i won't be sorely offended), and don't follow it, just remember that that is what you chose the next time you say, "i don't have the time to do that."
really, not joking. how much time this year have you spent on tuesday television?

Re:suggestion (1)

SlashChick (544252) | more than 9 years ago | (#12568988)

And how much time this year have you spent reading /. and commenting? Seriously, everyone has a different way to kick back. I happen to watch TV. Yes, I know it is mindless. I don't really care; it's a way for me to relax (and something to do while I eat dinner, usually.) I can watch Idol in about 40 minutes because I TiVo it and FF through all the commercials and Seacrest's inane comments. I enjoy it. You enjoy other things. Why must I sacrifice something I enjoy doing just for some higher ideal of "no mindless entertainment please"?

Re:suggestion (1)

http (589131) | more than 9 years ago | (#12581673)

Oh, about a thousand hours, give or take. I have no gripe against mindless entertainment (but that is a fair assumption to have made), just broadcast television. VCRs and TiVos are great additions, since the commercials are without doubt the worst part of the equation. Mander [] argued that the nature of commercials dictates that the programming be less interesting/memorable than the commercials. The only time I watch broadcast television these days is when visiting my mother. (I'm not dumb enough to try to tell her what to do and not do; I don't even gripe when she sends me email with HTML in it.) I notice that I feel malaise after watching one or two stretches of commercials, and then I remember that billions of dollars and decades of time has gone into reasearching how to mess with my head and yours so we will want things we don't need. The worst part is, it seem to work sometimes, even on folk that are aware of exactly what they are trying to do and the mechanisms that marketers use.

Numb3rs! (1)

robi2106 (464558) | more than 9 years ago | (#12568353)

It is spelled in L337 so how can it be bad! Seriously, that is a great show. I usually have other plans on Fridays so I don't catch that show, but it is a fun and educational story. What is crazy is that when they had an episode that delt with cryptography, I understood almost everything they mentioned because I had talked a lot with my roommate who is a crypto wizard (actually he has invented a very nifty covert channel protocol).


Re:Numb3rs! (1)

dmorin (25609) | more than 9 years ago | (#12578604)

The thing I enjoy about Numb3rs is that the writers seem to have a clue that the audience might be alert for any goofing around. Like just this past week we had Charlie, who is supposed to be an advanced math god, teaching his class...about the Monty Hall problem. Odd, you think, to be teaching such a basic statistics problem in such an advanced class? Aha, I caught them!

Cut to end of class where FBI brother Don comes in, sees Dad in the back of the class. Dad says, "I love sitting in when Charlie does one of these math-for-dummies lectures, it's the only time I ever understand what he's saying."

And the show is definitely renewed, so we get at least a few more episodes out of it anyway.

that's what you say you're watching (1)

Mantorp (142371) | more than 9 years ago | (#12568519)

while in the real world you're watching American Idol and as soon as it's done your thumbs are phrenetically typing the correct number for Bo Bice, because you want him to remain in the dogpound, and he can blow dude.

Scrubs is gone for now... (1)

John Harrison (223649) | more than 9 years ago | (#12570041)

not on the fall schedule for NBC. They'll bring it in to replace a show that fails. Odd strategy, but at least they know this way that one of the replacements will be a hit.

One problem with Scrubs, now that they are all real doctors (done with residency) with they get nicer apartments/houses?

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