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I'll fly away

JVert (578547) writes | about 9 years ago

User Journal 3

Some bright morning when this life is over, I'll fly away
To a land on God's celestial shore, I'll fly away

Living in california makes for some interesting challenges.

Can't buy a house, even if I could I dont really see the value except for what you could sell it to some other sucker for. Seems like eventually everyone would just wise up.

Some bright morning when this life is over, I'll fly away
To a land on God's celestial shore, I'll fly away

Living in california makes for some interesting challenges.

Can't buy a house, even if I could I dont really see the value except for what you could sell it to some other sucker for. Seems like eventually everyone would just wise up.

Oh how glad and happy when we meet, I'll fly away
No more cold iron shackles on my feet, I'll fly away

So we made an escape plan. Bought a travel trailer, moved into and RV park and started saving. The plan was in a year, we were going to blow this popsicle stand and move to nevada, little whore town winnemucca north reno. Logic had no time we really needed very little money to buy $100k house. We could do it.. today. So my wife went up to check out the market. We told my boss (long story, but yeah, we) and he said it was sorry to see us go but absolutly I could continue working via telecommute.

I'll fly away, oh glory, I'll fly away
When I die, hallelujah by and by, I'll fly away

The boss and I talked it over at lunch while the offer for a house was being faxed to the real estate agent. We made some interesting discoveries over lunch, find out i'm respected alot more then I thought. That he had plans for me, big momey, $80k a year with bonus.

Saying things like he hates to see me go as a friend and as a coworker. I was admitedly being overly optimistic about how permanent telecommuting would affect the company.

Just a few more weary days and then, I'll fly away
To a land where joy will never end, I'll fly away

So in the end, he's going to look into getting me that raise, a real one. If I stay?

The offer is being considred now, we'll find out by wensday afternoon.

Boss says he really wants to keep me, do what he can to get us on our own property, even fronting some money.

I was ready to go though.

3 bed double wide on a 5 acre lot, the backyard extends right into BLM land (a reserve you could say) and a mile through that you have the river.

We were going to go horseback riding together while my parents watch the little one.

Did I mention my family moved up there?

Very very torn.

Leaving would set a large hole in the company, as least from what the boss assumes. He'd keep me on, but would have to hire someone else locally... I dont know if thats neccessary...

What do I want?

I can get some land here, set back a good distance from the city.

things are starting to not make sense again.

Boss said 100 miles away would be fine, telecommute 80% of the time. But that doesn't sound ideal if i'm supposed to going to have people working under me soon.

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boils down to (1)

KMAPSRULE (639889) | about 9 years ago | (#13817502)

what is gonna make you and your wife the happiest
because ultimately that is the most important decision
not what is gonna make the company happy

that said I highly recommend owning your own home in a rural area
The wife and I made the plunge last august and we love it, Just make sure that whatever home you buy has up to date utitities(eg. Decent furnace/electric panel etc)

Keep us posted (1)

RradRegor (913123) | more than 8 years ago | (#13915481)

So, like, what happened? -- Rrad

Re:Keep us posted (1)

JVert (578547) | more than 8 years ago | (#13916574)

Chickend out.

My talks with my boss really inspired me, I feel different like watching a baby born. I feel now that I can create a fully functional profitable department. I'm working with him on buisness finances, find out how much the employees get from the company profits. He says he's going to be very gracious when we start making money, and he cares alot for us, but he's a cheap guy by nature. So getting the numbers down as the company grows will be very important for everyone I belive. I need to know what kind of timeline he's thinking though, he throws 5 years and 15 years together like eggs in salad. But yeah, my daughter will be someone else in 15 years, what success do I have then?

If I go its going to be akward, they seem to think of something else when thinking of me moving up there. Like i'm trying to retire early, and I keep fooling myself thinking that too, but its about family right? So the company suffers because I have a case of the "I wants" and my cashflow is fixed at a nozzle position just above poverty. Unless I was meant to succeed in a small town? But I can stick it out building up some more nest egg for a year, and hire someone to take care of the localized work so I would have less of an effect when I leave. Or if we find something far enough thats still in the general area...

See in the begining the owner partnered with a man who wanted to grow the buisness and take all the extra work of managing that. Well he grew the employee base with good people (me and 2 others) but he was driving the buisness into the ground, so the original owner bought him out to save the company and employees, (its actually more complicated, the shrewd buisness partner wanted all relevant assets of the company and my boss sacrificed his home to keep it) we are still recovering from that decision and hope to stop living off our bossess mortgage in a few months. So do I feel justified in jumping ship to live off a floating buoy? no, I feel pretty bad about that, in fact I can't help but be reminded of the seaman who did the actions I mentioned earlier.

So we're sticking to our original plan when we bought the trailer, live in it for a year to save money and buy a house. In that time hopefully I can postion the company where i'm not in debted to them, but still function with them. I dont want to move unless I can keep working for them, but I know if its obvious that I can't have both then I pick the family first. For now the company wins in promise of a brighter future.

Been working on the wifes mobile grooming van over the past 3 (is it 4 now?) weekends, been taking up all our free time and working longer hours in the office isn't helping with that. But the point is it started getting really fun when we got to the point of actually putting the thing back together (water pump leads to timing chain leads to fixing busted bolts.) And we talk about diesel mercedes, vegtable oil and how fun it woud be to have a small kart racer known as a "mini". And I was thinking of how nice it would be to have a workshed with a pit to drive the cars over, another shed for the chemical shop to convert the veggie oil into something cleaner. My dad is still living in their house down here while he fixes the place up for selling.

I'm ready to work really hard. My wife is ready to go.

Logically we're talking about keeping ourcurrent lifestyle in exchange for a *chance* at a lavish one (company succeeeds) vs a garanteed upgraded lifestyle (to a lesser degree then el lavisho) in exchange for greatness and the possibility of finding new employment in a small town with 2 computer shops.

Btw, asked for a 10k a year increase got 5k now will get the rest next yearish.
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