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/. alternative

MikeURL (890801) writes | more than 8 years ago

User Journal 6

OK, I took the time to go through both of them. Interesting implementation on kuro5hin and less so on hulver. However, these are both robust blogs and not news filters. What I'm envisioning is really a heck of a lot like /. but without some of the more egregious drawbacks.OK, I took the time to go through both of them. Interesting implementation on kuro5hin and less so on hulver. However, these are both robust blogs and not news filters. What I'm envisioning is really a heck of a lot like /. but without some of the more egregious drawbacks.

1) The sandbox I mentioned in this thread would be for news articles (not user written blog-esque articles). There would be some basic filtering at the level of the editor so that people can keep up (my main complaint with digg is there are just too damn many articles put in the sandbox). Aside from those two differences the decision on what to put on the mainpage would be a lot like kuro5hin.
2) "genetic mutations" in mod selection. Every so often a person would be given mod access at random. This would be used to prevent inbred points of view and to provide seed capital for new points of view. Perhaps as a steady state or in a punctuated equilibrium fashion.
3) No hidden slashvertisements. One unobtrusive text ad to the side of every article. If google can do it then so can I

Once per month there would be a user freeforall in the sandbox where what is submitted are not articles but suggestions for improvement. The mods would then vote on the improvements and the top one would be implemented as funds and availability of resources allow.

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Hi (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 8 years ago | (#14297410)

I saw your post about how your willing to give money for a Slashdot alternative, I am about to starting to code my own. My idea is original and not meant to copy any of current ideas. I am not going to say the ideas here for obvious reason.

If you are serious about funding about $10,000USD+. I will give you a presentation of my ideas in a few months when it is up to a usable state, and if you like it we can go ahead. Could you please give me a real way of contacting you instead of via Yahoo messenger (I'll understand why you wont give this info in public)?

I'm sure you understand why I am not giving anyway for you to contact me in public.


Re:Hi (1)

MikeURL (890801) | more than 8 years ago | (#14306836)

Why not shoot me an IM on yahoo or AIM (mikeurl) and we'll chat and see where that goes...

Re:Hi (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 8 years ago | (#14307974)

Ok, I'll register a AIM account. I'll message you soon, most likely after new years.


Re:Hi (1)

MikeURL (890801) | more than 8 years ago | (#14372560)

Well, it took me about 40 hours I'd guess (mostly because you really want to start with a stripped down distro) but I have a fully functional slashcode site running on my laptop. This is amazing to me because I never have run linux before and slashcode is supposed to be really hard to set up. It is actually really cool to have my very on slashcode site running (getting xwindow running on a laptop was a drag) but if I can do it in a week why can't linux, MySQL, Perl geeks do it in an hour and throw it on a webserver?

So I guess all I really need is a Perl geek to modify the code but I suppose I'll do that myself eventually too.

Re:Hi (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 8 years ago | (#14381177)

Hi, I will talk to you hopefully tomorrow or maybe tonight, depends on when I get time as I am a student.

I don't believe scripts are any good for such a site. I rather write the code my self for the project, for numbers of reasons. The major ones are CPU time and programs can do more than scripts can dream of. Slashcode is not inventive at all and are many things about how it does stuff I don't like.

Also I do believe in the philosophy that "everything is a file" in databases this isn't the case. I have planned out in my head on how to do everything without a database, that is to layout everything correctly in a file system, and code the program to put it all together.

I will show you when I talk to you a lot of idiocies in the slashdot community, and why having random clueless people stating what the community takes as facts is bad and leads to a lot of mistakes. Rather the facts should be in the article (will explain more when we talk). As a lot of the +5 comments are sadly incorrectly modded up, as they have no idea what they are talking about (will show many examples when we talk).

Also another thing, I am not a fan of Linux at all. I personally prefer inferno [] originally written by most of the original Unix team (just like Plan 9, but with some differences) it is a lot simpler and powerful. I am not going to explain about it here, numbers of reviews around the web do that.

I should also be making clear right now, my plans are to education and inform people correctly unlike Slashdot which is correctly making people get misinformed and miseducated (oddly this last word is not in the dictionary). (I will bring a few example when I talk to you)


Re:Hi (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 8 years ago | (#14381251)

I'll just point out one minor thing now about the Slashdot community, the rest I am saving for when we talk.

Many times in the Slashdot community, people speak for others and get modded up to +5. One example that really pissed me off was someone else talking for Steve Jobs, about something only Steve Jobs can claim. id=14340337 [] And then exactly the next post by the same user about someone else making a claim that only Steve Jobs could make, was the user telling the other user how does he know this. id=14340707 [] What the hell is going on here?!? Just because the user has a low UID doesn't mean what he says has any truth to it, and he for sure shouldn't be modded to +5 Informative.

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