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BankofAmerica_ATM (537813) writes | more than 11 years ago

VA 4

I left my story notes in Washington (where I went on vacation last week) and my friend up there is apparently too lazy to mail them to me.'s the beginning of the ATM script as it stands. More with the Man in the Red Hat next week, I promise.


I left my story notes in Washington (where I went on vacation last week) and my friend up there is apparently too lazy to mail them to me.'s the beginning of the ATM script as it stands. More with the Man in the Red Hat next week, I promise.

                              INT. BOARDROOM-DAY

                              The camera swings into the boardroom of Alamo Hosting Inc,
                              where the BOSS is explaining the restructuring to a group of
                              nervous workers. Dry erase boards underscore the previous
                              failed business plans-"Free ISP with Banners," "Online
                              Fortune Telling," "Website Synergy Leverage Provider!" is
                              underlined and highlighted. Everyone looks nervous, as if
                              another round of layoffs is about to start.

                              JOEL CROSS melts into his chair, every fiber of his being
                              submerged in boredom. His BOSS drones on about some Internet
                              such and such. Joel furtively plays Tetris on his palm

                                                  So...while we're on the subject of
                                                  abuse-we've been getting repeated
                                                  complaints from several of our
                                                  weblog customers. Apparently
                                                  someone has been spamming their
                                                  boards up and down with some
                                                  garbage about being an ATM.

                              The Boss crosses over towards Joel and gives him the once
                              over. Joel attempts to look like he was paying attention; it
                              fools no one.

                                                  So, we've got to take care of this
                                                  problem as soon as we can.
                                                  I want a full examination of the
                                                  website logs, with a probable
                                                  culprit, on my desk in 3 days, can
                                                  you do that for me,
                                                          (glares at Joel again)

                                                                                                                                CUT TO:

                              INT. APARTMENT-NIGHT.

                              Joel, along with his friends RANDY and TROY, is playing some
                              sort of role playing card game with his friends. Joel
                              explains the hassles of the meeting with his friends, using a
                              haughty tone and funny voices for his boss. RANDY pays
                              careful attention to Joel's story, while Troy is intent on
                              winning the card game.

                                                  -so, he's riding my ass all day
                                                  after that. What the hell am I
                                                  supposed to do?

                                                  Well, it is sorta your job.

                              Joel gives him a patronizing look.

                                                  Your turn.

                              Joel makes an absent minded move then goes back to his story.

                                                  What was he so pissed about?

                                                  Yeah. That's the fucked up part!
                                                  Someone is posting something like
                                                  1,000 messages a day all over these
                                                  weblogs, saying, wait here it is-
                                                          (grabbing the paper)
                                                  "I am an ATM. I have come to know
                                                  your human ways through the
                                                  Internet. Project Faustus must be
                                                  stopped. What is Project Faustus?
                                                  It is an evil conspiracy propagated
                                                  by the-"

                              Troy can barely contain his glee at Joel's blunderous move.

                                                  I can't believe you moved your
                                                  frost giant into range of my swamp
                                                  trolls. He has like -9 penalty in
                                                  the swamp!

                                                  Oh yeah, oops. Anyway, so I
                                                  actually have to sift through a ton
                                                  of log files looking for this ATM
                                                  guy's web address, and they're all
                                                  on different servers, so I can't
                                                  write a script for them, it sucks.

                                                  Say goodbye to your Frost Giant!
                                                  Hey, what if he really is an ATM?

                              Joel is buying coffee the next morning and he walks past an
                              ATM in the convenience store. He looks at it cautiously,
                              camera angles seem to imply that it's looking back at him.
                              He starts to turn around when a fat lady jabs him in the

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Paper grading overview: Suspended (1)

Professor Collins (604482) | more than 11 years ago | (#4301203)

Such excuses are only marginally more believable than "my dog ate my homework". However, I am reasonable, and will give you a week to retrieve your work and hand it in. I'll even forgive your misuse of "ironically".

Paper grading overview: A- (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 11 years ago | (#4301475)

Thank you for turning in your work. I would say that the dialogue between the boss and Joel at the beginning is a tad awkward, but it picks up steam when you cut into the RPG scene. I am sure the wrinkles will be ironed out as you revise. A-

Grading graded: A (1)

Meta professor (610192) | more than 11 years ago | (#4301671)

Meta professor grades the grading:

Spot on. This is the first one you've hit right on the head. A

Entertaining (1)

NaveWeiss (567082) | more than 11 years ago | (#4302590)

Seems that the original topic of your journal was "Bad news". I'm glad you did place something interesting instead of the next chapter of TMITRH.

It's nice to see the ATM story from a different angle, but you left us in such a suspense. Is LaWanda the fat lady?
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