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Holy Fuck

permaculture (567540) writes | more than 7 years ago

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Video presentation by Jeff King from MIT - (15 mins)

Video presentation by Jeff King from MIT - (15 mins)

Video presentation by Prof Steven Jones from BYU - (2 hrs 15 mins)

Video presentation by David Ray Griffin, author of
"The New Pearl Harbour - Disturbing Questions About the Bush Administration and 9-11"
(1 hr 21 mins)

We know that the steel components were certified to ASTM E119. The
time temperature curves for this standard require the samples to be
exposed to temperatures around 2000F for several hours. And as we
all agree, the steel applied met those specifications..
Kevin Ryan
Underwriters Laboratories
Thursday, Nov 11, 2004

Video presentation written and directed by Adam Curtis
"The Power of Nightmares"
(Full screen version available on video google - search for 'power of nightmares')

This links to three one hour documentaries. The third one is the most
relevant if you fancy starting with that. The first two are about the
historical background, and very interesting if you have time.

The first two minutes of each episode are a good summary of the whole
concept. Here's an excerpt from the introduction:

"In the past, politicians promised to create a better world. They had different ways of achieving this, but their power and authority came from the optimistic visions they offered their people. Those dreams failed and today people have lost faith in ideologies. Increasingly, politicians are seen simply as managers of public life, but now they have discovered a new role that restores their power and authority. Instead of delivering dreams, politicians now promise to protect us: from nightmares.
They say that they will rescue us from dreadful dangers that we cannot see and do not understand. And the greatest danger of all is international terrorism, a powerful and sinister network with sleeper cells in countries across the world, a threat that needs to be fought by a War on Terror. But much of this threat is a fantasy, which has been exaggerated and distorted by politicians. It's a dark illusion that has spread unquestioned through governments around the world, the security services and the international media.
This is a series of films about how and why that fantasy was created, and who it benefits. At the heart of the story are two groups: the American neo-conservatives and the radical Islamists. Both were idealists who were born out of the failure of the liberal dream to build a better world, and both had a very similar explanation of what caused that failure. These two groups have changed the world, but not in the way that either intended. Together, they created today's nightmare vision of a secret organized evil that threatens the world, a fantasy that politicians then found restored their power and authority in a disillusioned age.

And those with the darkest fears became the most powerful. "

I found many of these links here:

"911 Eyewitness - Hoboken" by Rick Siegel (1 hr 44 mins)

"Loose Change 2nd Edition" (1 hr 25 mins)

In Plane Site - by Dave vonKleist and William Lewis (1 hr 12 mins)

WTC7 compared to building toppled by earthquake

For myself I intend to pass this information on to as many open minds as I can find. It is certainly possible that this story may never be acknowledged by national media. Slashdot and Fark both turn down links to these stories.

Watergate was just a conspiracy theory until Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein from the Washington Post brought it to the attention of the press. In the end, it is the American Congress and US National Media that must identify and deal with the responsible parties.

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