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Week 7 Picks

FortKnox (169099) writes | more than 11 years ago

User Journal 3

Hey, its time for FortKnox's gawd-aweful picks for week 7 (in order of confidence). Don't worry if you disagree, cause I haven't had a good week of picks, yet! ;-)Hey, its time for FortKnox's gawd-aweful picks for week 7 (in order of confidence). Don't worry if you disagree, cause I haven't had a good week of picks, yet! ;-)

Skins vs. Packers Favre is just on fire. Spurrier is messing with the O out of desperation (put in #4 and #5 recievers to start??). At least the Skins D will get some good practice in, and maybe even make something happen. But, Spurrier needs to learn what a real NFL offense is about. Consistency. Green Bay by 14

Bears vs. Lions Joey Harrington is getting into his own. RW McQuarters is now getting back into the game. Jim Miller is out, but I think Chris Chandler is a set up. A-Train is a hero. Chalk one up for da bears. Chicago by 10

Colts vs. Steelers Steelers D is better than Baltimores (when Baltimore is without Ray Lewis). The Colts D is horrible. Offense is playing mediocre. Steelers in 'must win' mode. Pittsburgh by 10

Broncos vs. Chiefs Trent Green is down, the Broncos can stop the run. Denver by 7

Panthers vs. Falcons I'm a believer in the Panthers. When Rodney Peete is healthy. Chris Winky is not gonna get it done. Plus, Vick is healthy. Atlanta by 7

Cowboys vs. Cards Can Jake Plummer finally get the air attack going? Will David Boston break out this game? Against the Dallas secondary? You bet! Arizona by 7

Texans vs. Browns The only reason the Bills won the game against the texans was because they got the running game going. The Browns don't have one. But the Browns have killer special teams. A -huge- game for Dennis Northcutt. Browns by 7

Bucs vs. Eagles This will be a slow moving, low scoring game. It all depends on turnovers and special teams. The Buck-in-the-ears have a killer D, and are bound to get a turnover in their own part of the field to turn the tide of the game. Tampa Bay by 3

49ers vs. Saints Tough call. I'm picking N'awlins simply because both O's are on fire, but the Saints have a better D. New Orleans by 3

Seahawks vs. Rams Seahawks have some good DBs, but the Rams D is stepping up, Orlando Pace is back on the line, and Marshall is in his groove. Giving the squeaker to the Rams. St.Louis by 3

Jags vs. Ravens If it were last week, I'd pick the Jags, no problem. The issue, though, is Mark Brunell is out, slowing the Jags O, and Tony Brackens is out, which will let the Ravens run the ball better. Ray Lewis is out another game. I still like the Jags, though. Jacksonville by 3

Bills vs. Dolphins I love the Bills this year. The Dolphins have a killer team -BUT- both starting wideouts are gone. Starting QB is gone. Bills put everyone in the box to stop the run. Yeah, Bledsoe will get picked off by the great DB's of Miami, but he'll also find the endzone bunches. Its the upset! Buffalo by 1

Chargers vs. Raiders Schottenhimer (sp?) will slow the game down, leaving this a surprisingly low scoring game. The Bolts D is better than the Rams, could the Raiders lose two in a row? Sorry, but I like teams being humbled. San Diego by 1

Vikings vs. Jets Odd. Both teams can't lose, right? I'm gonna jump in and call an upset. Yes, the Jets D is stinking up the field, but its still two poor teams in a crapshoot. New York by 1

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Wuerffel on the Panthers? (2)

leviramsey (248057) | more than 11 years ago | (#4478605)

I thought he was on the 'Skins and Weinke was starting for the Panthers.

Re:Wuerffel on the Panthers? (1)

FortKnox (169099) | more than 11 years ago | (#4479073)

yup... your right... I'll fix it. Thanks.

I am not sure what this means... (2)

Em Emalb (452530) | more than 11 years ago | (#4479772)

When FK thinks the Bears will win and I think they will lose.

Does the earth implode? Does Zeroue get the ball? Can Crystal Chand(a)l(i)er get the job done for the Bears? Who knows...

but that's why they play the game...

For the most part I agree with your picks....which is an ominous sign in and of it's self. :)
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