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Week 8

FortKnox (169099) writes | more than 11 years ago

User Journal 7

I did a good job on my picks last week, going 11-3 (straight up). Maybe I'm on a roll?? Once again, in order of confidence:I did a good job on my picks last week, going 11-3 (straight up). Maybe I'm on a roll?? Once again, in order of confidence:

Steelers vs Ravens The Steelers are back and for real. Ever since the Ravens went to the Super Bowl, the Steelers have learned how to disect that defense. I am calling this a total blowout. Plaxico Burress is in the endzone 3 times. Time to get some respect and make the naysayers bite their tongues. Lets face it, the Steelers D ripped up Edgerinn James, Peyton Manning, and shutdown Marvin Harrison and Qadry Ismail. You think Chris Redman is going to have a good game??? Pittsburgh by 21... That's right. Twenty-one.

Lions vs Bills The Bills offense is on fire. The Lions running game is starting to work. Buffalo has a season high offense (all stats) Buffalo by 17

Cards vs 49ers Are the Cardinals for real? Nope. Time they played a team that is competitive to humble them. San Fran by 14

Bears vs Vikings Look out! The train is splitting the sinking Viking ship! True, if Randy Moss breaks out, it'll happen this game, but that's what they said last week... Chicago by 7

Falcons vs Saints N'awlins has trouble containing Michael Vick. Atlanta has trouble stopping all aspects of the Saints. Watch out for that voodoo... New Orleans by 7

Giants vs Eagles I hate this pick. The Giants (ironically) love playing the game giant-killer. They play aweful, but come into games where they play competitive teams, and rip them one. I'm -really- tempted to pick NY here, but Philly is just so slick. Philly by 7

Seahawks vs Cowboys Dallas with a new QB, Seattle with a pissed off Holmgren. Seattle by 6

Texans vs Jags Contain Corey Bradford, and you stop the Texans. I think everyone finally realizes this now. Jacksonville by 6

Colts vs Skins Here is a tough call. The Colts have to stop the massive passing game. They really can't do that. I'm giving this one to the skins. Washington by 6

Bucs vs Panthers Rodney Peete is still down? Starting a rookie QB? Ugh, those poor panthers. But, to look on the other side, the Carolina D will really contain the Bucs. This is a game where turnovers will make a difference. Too bad Carolina is starting Fasini. Tampa Bay by 3

Broncos vs Pats The Broncos are hot, but a bye week for the Patriots? You know Belichik has been planning for this game for 14 days. I'll call the upset. New England by 3

Raiders vs Chiefs Here's a story about a Priest and a bunch of elderly. I'm breaking down the D, Oakland's DBs are injured, and KC doesn't have a good D. KC has advantage at RB, Oak has advantage at QB, but Oak has a giant advantage at WR. Oakland by 3

Browns vs Jets A tough call. Both coming off great games and are looking to have 2 wins. I think the brownies have a better chance of picking apart NY then vice versa. Cleveland by 3

Titans vs Bengals I'm not thinking "who's more likely to win", but "who's more likely to lose". Tough call. Bengals off a bye, giving them some time to get crap together. But, being in Cincinnati, I learned they just signed Joe Germaine to be a 4th QB. Hard times in Cincinnati. Tennessee by 3

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Sports Bars rock (2)

Xaoswolf (524554) | more than 11 years ago | (#4524184)

I wound up at a bar watching the last steelers game a few nights ago, and I must say, that yes, I hate football. I don't know, maybe if you took away the ball and gave them all large sticks to hit each other with...

Anyways, I did manage to luck out, since on one TV in the bar, they had Diva's on Ice, and while I also dislike figureskating, it was rather nice to look at. Oddly enough, following that, they showed some Womens College Dance Teams, which I also injoyed looking at.

Duh'oh, didn't mean to click submit yet... (2)

Xaoswolf (524554) | more than 11 years ago | (#4524227)

As I was saying...

I think that I had more testosterone flowing than all the big drunk guys screaming about the touchdowns.

But hey, that's just me.

lastly, since I am from Pittsburgh, I believe that this is required...

*clears throat, starts singing*

Here we go...
Pittsburghs going to the Super Bowl!!!

(there's more to the song of course, I just don't know it)

Re:Sports Bars rock (2)

Otter (3800) | more than 11 years ago | (#4524333)

Oddly enough, following that, they showed some Womens College Dance Teams, which I also injoyed looking at.

Yeah, ESPN or ESPN2 shows the dance team championship (or cheerleader championship or aerobics championship) every night opposite the World Series. (I keep switching over hoping for hockey.) Same thing during Monday Night Football.

My favorite part is the shrieking when they announce the winners. You don't see Derek Jeter doing _that_.

Re:Sports Bars rock (1)

biohazard99 (114288) | more than 11 years ago | (#4524485)

No but if Piazza makes it into the the seies you can be sure he'll squeal like a schoolgirl.

Seriously though, what gay man would use Pert Plus, they actually care about their hair. Of course, he may have signaled his switch after shaving off the mullet, so its a push.

OAK vs KC (1)

Blackneto (516458) | more than 11 years ago | (#4524296)

Well if KC has a decent RB there will be problems for Oakland if the KC o-line is any good.
Thats what has killed the Raiders the last 2 games. The defense is in total disarray right now.
Also that retard kicker remembering what his supposed to be doing would help. Maybe if he gets arrested before Sunday he will play good.

I've been in much pain during the last 2 weeks over this. They got to pull together.

Texans vs Jags (2)

Safety Cap (253500) | more than 11 years ago | (#4526923)

Contain Corey Bradford, and you stop the Texans.
It is not even "contain," but simply "jostle," "bump," or "nudge."

Oh and, Dee-fence (as in "Houston has none.")

Oh My God...FK Picked the 'Skins! (2)

Cliff (4114) | more than 11 years ago | (#4528044)

Maybe they'll win, this week.

One can always hope.

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