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*As Nelson* HA-HA!

Gangis (310282) writes | more than 11 years ago

User Journal 0

(In case you didn't know, the above quote is Nelson from the Simpsons, where he points and laughs in almost every episode.)

(In case you didn't know, the above quote is Nelson from the Simpsons, where he points and laughs in almost every episode.)

The reason is that Susan got her just desserts... Well, kinda. She had the nerve to IM me earlier today begging me to take her to the anime club meeting. Of course, I'm not fooled... She just wanted to see her boyfriend so I tell her no. I show up at the meeting and I see her there (she had gotten a ride there from somebody else) so I came up to her and gave her a stern talking-to about how I will never help her out again because of her behavior. Well, when she asked for a ride, it didn't occur to her that she'd need a ride back so since her boyfriend's car was broken for the moment, she was stuck over there. Serves her right for not planning ahead and taking advantage of people like me. Oh well.

Tomorrow night I'm going to my friend Nicki's 21st birthday party. ^_^ It's a costume party too, so I'm gonna wear my Salt costume. THEN on Saturday night I'm driving to Orlando (a 45 minute trip) to attend the Japanese Animation Club of Orlando (JACO) annual Halloween party, again wearing the Salt costume. One thing I hate about being poor is that I'm wearing off-brown cargo shorts for it, and it does look out of place, but... Oh well.

Oh yeah, I saw a new anime yesterday called Overman King Gainer. Pretty good for a mecha anime, even though I'm not into mecha. I'm more of a shoujo/shonen/comedy person. At least it's not an Evangelion ripoff like Gasaraki was... @_@

Azumanga Daioh is coming to an end... WAAAH! I'm about to download the 26th and final episode from newsgroups in a few minutes, and it's sad knowing that there'll be no more Chiyo-chan, no more Osaka-chan, no more Sakaki-chan, etc. Whhhhyyyyyyyyy?!

Okay, more personal news... I'm sick. I'm sick with a cold. It's a very light one though, I should be over it in a couple days. I had to skip Calculus class yesterday because I couldn't concentrate at all, and I was supposed to have a test tomorrow. Fortunately I talked to Mrs. Folmar, my teacher, and she allowed me to take the test at 11:00am on Monday. She rocks! One thing I don't like about her is that when she talks, she talks continuously, and I can't get a word in edgewise until she's finished. But that's a minor thing... ^_^

You know, I just noticed... my anime DVD collection is getting really stagnant, what with me not having a job. I think there's another Love Hina DVD out, but I sure as hell can't afford it. Are one of you willing to get it for me for Christmas? ^_^;;;

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