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Do anything crazy to ring in the New Year?

Salvance (1014001) writes | more than 7 years ago

User Journal 1

Anyone have any good stories? Since I have a toddler, I need to live vicariously through others ...Anyone have any good stories? Since I have a toddler, I need to live vicariously through others ...

We just hung out with neighbors, although this year we were actually able to stay up until midnight.

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Nope. (1)

Doctor O (549663) | more than 7 years ago | (#17473374)

Spent the evening on the couch with the wife, being glad that the kids slept through everything. But, as a father of two (of three in mid-April), I want to share something:

Enjoy your toddler. Time flies by, and things don't get *less* stressing, no matter what the other parents might try to make you believe. Just get used to it and enjoy the beautiful moments with those great little people. Let the magic of the incredible trust and love from your children do its wonders, and it will make a HUGE difference. Soon enough, your kids will stop talking to you, lock you out of their room, drink alcohol, smoke dope and have sexual intercourse with unapproved bozos and bitches (depending on gender, and not necessarily in that order). So really, enjoy it while they're so young. Our oldest is going to school next year. I can still remember how I held him in my arms the very first time. Seems like yesterday to me.

Go find friends who have kids, too - it's great for the kids and it's good for you to have some fellows to share kids stories with. ;)
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