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folding, knotting, writing.

SolemnDragon (593956) writes | more than 7 years ago

User Journal 10

When you fold someone an origami bookshelf, be aware that it takes a lot of miniature books to fill it.

Also be aware that having written one funny story about a teacup dragon, it will be expected that you will write many, many more.

And that it's very hard to tell a story in eight VERY small pages.

On the bright side, i've filled one of four shelves.

When you fold someone an origami bookshelf, be aware that it takes a lot of miniature books to fill it.

Also be aware that having written one funny story about a teacup dragon, it will be expected that you will write many, many more.

And that it's very hard to tell a story in eight VERY small pages.

On the bright side, i've filled one of four shelves.

I haven't been doing any real writing lately. I'm FINALLY coming out of my flare (after a month! )Blinder is actually at home in the evenings now, which helps, because we can split up things like housework again, and i get more rest.

Yes, it turned out that the yoghurt i was eating to control the colitis had gluten in it, thus making everything worse and prolonging my autoimmune flare. Oh, the excitement. I'm feeling much better now.

In fact, i got a 25 minute workout running (on the machines) last night. There's an "interval training" cycle on the elliptical, i'm thinking i might see what it does, after i'm back into a routine.

So, since i'm back, maybe i'll start telling stories again.

In the meantime, i'm still knitting the same shawl. Blinder wants me to knit a blanket. Should i knit it in panels, and sew them together? Or try to knit a huge thing? I think panels. First i have to learn to knit a buttonhole to finish the shawl with, and i wish i'd put in a bit of shaping. Instead it's just a big rectangular thing that i'm going to block out as a shoulder-hugging shawl. But it will be good and warm, and that's what counts. I wish i'd gotten enough yarn to make a matching hood. It's a nice yarn. After the shawl, blinder wants me to work on the blanket. I told him he'll have to go with me to choose the colours.

I don't like most of the methods i've seen for buttonholes. I may have to knit some experimental ones in the friendship scarf for a bit.

(Pancho, drop by to knit soon, i kneed some knitting company. And bring that purty lady of your'n, we like her. )

And that's the news from the lair.

How y'all?

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huh? (1)

tuxette (731067) | more than 7 years ago | (#17524086)

Yoghurt with gluten in it?!

Anyway... good for you for exercising! Intervals are great (I'm an HIIT addict). I say go for it... and let me know how it works out for ya :-)

Eh (1)

nizo (81281) | more than 7 years ago | (#17524260)

How y'all?

Suffering from art apathy and dealing with computer issues at home (almost all fixed). On the upside, I start a fiction writing class in two days :-)

Re:Eh (1)

Shadow Wrought (586631) | more than 7 years ago | (#17524354)

I start a fiction writing class in two days :-)

Sweet! You know, with your art abilities and writing abilities, you should do illustrations for your stories! Good luck and I'd love to read your work.

Re:Eh (1)

nizo (81281) | more than 7 years ago | (#17525492)

I am betting I will get quite a bit of good info from this class. And yeah I have thought about combining the writing/drawing. I still have a glimmer of a dream of writing/publishing/binding/illustrating my own book; i.e. a one man book show. Not really to make money, but just because :-) I also have some ideas for some kids books; still not there as far as the drawing skills however. Man I so want to be drawing right now, instead of debugging broken Microsoft problems. I was working on a drawing this morning before work, and I so didn't want to come in. My inner creativity screams for release, languishing in a cage of my own creation.

Re:Eh (1)

KshGoddess (454304) | more than 7 years ago | (#17533102)

i know what you mean; i'd rather be creating than "working" any day of the week. I've been knitting socks for Ben at work, which garners much curiosity from some co-workers (as I'm knitting them toe-up, both at the same time, on 2 circular needles). The other day, when I started writing again, I didn't want to stop, but I had to shower and go to work. I love when words come through my brain in that SoC kinda way and move themselves through my fingers to the keyboard. I used to write -- literally put pencil to paper -- but my handwriting has deteriorated so much that it's all i can do to sign my name anymore, or make the grocery list on the fridge.

How y'all? (1)

Talinom (243100) | more than 7 years ago | (#17524366)

Hmmm. I have a new(er) car after my old one was totaled. Now driving a 2004 Nissan Sentra. It's a nice car and I'm getting used to foreign things like a trunk and cupholders, but it isn't my old car. The upside is that it only has a fraction (1/16 to be exact) of the miles of my old car. This should ensure I don't have to have a lot of expensive work done for a while.

I got a new job. It is 4.2 miles, or about 15 minutes if the traffic is normal, away from my house. Tech support for a local Indian bingo hall. Yeah, they have more computers than you could imagine. Really. And the job comes with a pay raise and a straight 8 hour day with my lunch paid. Nice.

I've gained 5 pounds of my weight loss back, probably due to one week of vacation and a new job with new hours, but I'll make it go away again. My patented "Stop Eating so Darn Much" diet works every time.

I'll need to look at BBBs computer today. He said it was crashing and that is unacceptable behavior in our house. He has been laying the smack down on WoW players described in this [] article. I'm proud of how much he has learned on computers, enough to explain to little 14 year old kids that there ARE computers that cost $50,000 and you are connecting to one of 26 of them through an internet connection that would break your parents income for the year and is supported by LOTS of people who know way more than you do.

Chains. I also need to get chains for my car today. They are screaming that the Great Blizzard of 2007 is descending upon us like, um, a big snowstorm or something. It wouldn't be so bad here except for the hills, and I have to go down one and up another one to get to work. At least it isn't so far now.

Re:How y'all? (1)

SolemnDragon (593956) | more than 7 years ago | (#17524774)

all i can say to this is that BBB can talk trash with the best of them; on those few occasions that he's mistakenly sent his replies to me instead of the kiddies in question (let's face it, we allow our tanks a LOT of leeway, because we don't expect their combat to take laser focus. I mean, he kills like the black death and attacks like a horde of locusts; i've never seen so much deadfulness in one place before. We kind of expect to have a few stray cussbullets sent our way in the course of a day's gaming) they have actually left my ears scorched. Even wicked can't cuss like that.

So he gets my vote as the best trash talker on the intarwebs. (His reponse last time i asked was, "Report them? Hell no! I'm going to show that little &*#@$ &*#$^ how it's *(&@% &*!!(&^ done!)

The teamspeak is going to involve a lot of new swear words for all of us, methinks.

Maybe you need to take lessons from (1)

Marxist Hacker 42 (638312) | more than 7 years ago | (#17524478)

Sandra Boynton [] . She seems to do quite well in 8 pages- thanks to this book Christopher's first utter crack-up joke was the word "oops".

I'm alive... (1)

arb (452787) | more than 7 years ago | (#17533288)

Not that anyone would be particularly interested, but I am still alive and plodding along here. I am becoming increasingly frustrated at work because I am having to spend more and more of my time troubleshooting broken hardware and fixing systems that I never knew we had and I haven't had a chance to do any work for my second client. But I do what needs to be done, so people turn to me to get things done, 'cos no-one else seems willing to do what's needed.

At least I get to pick up my "new" car tonight/tomorrow (depending on when I escape from here) so I'll be mobile again. More importantly - the car has air-con, so I can foresee long drives when the summer heat gets unbearable at home... ;^)

Speaking of writing... (1)

Engineer-Poet (795260) | more than 7 years ago | (#17535182)

... you ought to spell-check, so you get words like leisurely [] right.

Regards, Your Friendly Neighborhood Spelling Nazi.
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