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Week 1 of iMac-Conversion

curtisk (191737) writes | more than 7 years ago

iMac 6

Well its been one week since we took the plunge and bought an iMac as opposed to upgrading and going with Vista. We've been thinking about Macs for a long time now, we've used them in the past (errr... System 7 era ), and my Brother-in-law is a long time the end result after one week.....Well its been one week since we took the plunge and bought an iMac as opposed to upgrading and going with Vista. We've been thinking about Macs for a long time now, we've used them in the past (errr... System 7 era ), and my Brother-in-law is a long time the end result after one week.....

Enthusiastically pleased and just *impressed* with the OS, the UI, the performance, the apps, really everything, this stuff is slick and solid. I told my Brother-in-Law he should have pushed harder, definitely one of those "shoulda done this sooner" events.

As corny, and as much as it sounds like marketing feel like you have a tool that enables you as opposed to something you have to manage all the time.

Glad we took the plunge!

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Welcome to the fold. :) (1)

SamTheButcher (574069) | more than 7 years ago | (#17829816)

Don't forget, you can ask me questions about the Mac, too. You don't have to rely on your brother. :)

Re:Welcome to the fold. :) (1)

curtisk (191737) | more than 7 years ago | (#17830854)

Thanks Sammy, I'm sure I'll have some questions, but so far the built-in help has been great, and GarageBand, I could burn hours in there, heh.

Just wondering (1)

zogger (617870) | more than 7 years ago | (#17830830)

Why you would go to all new machines and an OS when you could have just used one of the better desktop distros on your exisiting machines, perhaps with just an extra RAM stick as the cheap hardware upgrade? I was a machead since .well, still got it, a 512k, but really prefer linux now. I can use much cheaper hardware, I have an advanced system, and it is full open source outside of a couple of blobs, which are still free beer. When my last machine croaked from some weird local grid electricity problem, I just did a barebones machine and transferred my old disk drives over, etc, total cost very very cheap, around 150 clams including a new decent nvidia vid card. And if you go to something like Freespire, they even tote the note on paying fees so you can have mp3 and dvd playback, etc legally, you don't even need to go to offshore servers for your "enhancements".

Re:Just wondering (1)

curtisk (191737) | more than 7 years ago | (#17831356)

I attempted that route, but my existing machines are getting a little dated in their own right. I had an older Dell PC (~667Mhz/256RAM/20gb HD) decent small form factor machine but not enough umph when I tried multiple distros on it, maybe it was more a hardware thing, I dunno. The machine I was seriously trying to linux up is a Athlon (~1Ghz, 1 Gb Ram, forget HD size right now) but that one has motherboard issues(or at least that was current suspect, spotty IDE/UDMA connections) and in fact I'm still working on that one, problem being the Mobo is a pcchips variant, taiwan, can't find any info/docs/drivers on it since it is from 99' or so. Just randomly bombs, hard.

The reason for the "All New" route?

  1. We haven't bought a new PC outright in many,many,many years, I tend to scavenge and recycle and augment existing systems, for me, that usually fine, but theres my wife and kids, they aren't always as patient with the quirks of computers, especially when the emerge from my "lab" :). But it has worked out ok. I've used Linux as my primary desktop, but never the rest of the family, there was always a Windows box for them.
  2. I've admired Macs from the sidelines for a while. As a go to the store, pick up a computer for home and family use, it is very pleasing, very solid and everyone loves it. For myself it opens up a new domain in development, I haven't even had the thing a week and I'm already reading Cocoa docs.
So in a nutshell, we've haven't "bought" a PC in nearly 8 years(bought being a all new setup), we liked what we saw on numerous occasions with the macs, I don't have the time to support my family through some of Linuxs' quirks, had it with Windows, never even entertained the thought of Vista, so we "treated ourselves" to a Mac, and so far it has been.

Re:Just wondering (1)

zogger (617870) | more than 7 years ago | (#17834682)

Fair enough answer! My old machine that croaked was an IBM PP 200 from '97 with 226 RAM, had that one up to Fedora core 4 on it, running fine.

Try damn small linux or slax or austrumi or puppy on that older machine you have (I would stick to running them live, don't install them), they should work quite fine with that config. Fast, too, they will all load up to RAM and be fast as anything (check cheatcodes). Austrumi is my favorite,no cheatcodes needed for it to load all the way to RAM and then eject, freeing up the optical drive, it just defaults to latvian language, but if you can find the menu entry to get to "ingles" you should be fine. Mplayer isn't converted over yet, so you'll have to remember where the menu entries for that once it is running are. Everything else is english enough to use, and it does dialup or ethernet lease equally well, but I don't think wireless (don't know really).

One of these days I am going to learn to do my own remaster of it, then that's it, I won't be installing distros to hard drives anymore, just have a huge /home. The live CDs running from RAM (not the disc, from RAM) are as fast as it gets, I don't care what hardware you have with a full hard drive install, nothing is as fast as RAM. It's close to instantenous to my eyeballs.

Re:Just wondering (1)

curtisk (191737) | more than 7 years ago | (#17850340)

hmmmm..never heard of slax before, I'll give them a go, never even thought of running live, I tend to install
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