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Why does everyone want me to run Windows

Billly Gates (198444) writes | more than 7 years ago

User Journal 0

People find it odd that I run ubuntu Linux on this laptop but my argument is why run Windows?

People find it odd that I run ubuntu Linux on this laptop but my argument is why run Windows?

Why do I need to use what everyone else uses from a convicted monopolist? I don't want to be different. When I run Windows I feel its Microsofts computer and not mine. Its that simple. I just want to run something that does not suck goatballs and is expensive. Sure Windows is no ok I guess but some of microsofts products such as MS Word I can not stand. For programming Linux suites my need and I dont have to wrestle with restore disks that no longer work.

However I am going to have to switch back to Windows again on my notebook.

The cell phone developer kit software for Java requires windows and its odd that Sun Microsystems would bother with a win32 only port of their mobility toolkit. Sun hates Microsoft with a passion and java supposed to run on many different platforms.

Well I suppose it may not be too bad. I heard postgresql and mysql now have native windows support where Linux is no longer needed.

Oh and I just applied for a new entry level web designer position in a windows only shop where frontpage and IIS skills are admired. Hmmm

Well compaq was cheap and did not give me the restore cd so I will have to see what I can do to order another one in the meantime.

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