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Impeach Gonzales

sulli (195030) writes | more than 7 years ago

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I am missing something, I think (1)

pudge (3605) | more than 7 years ago | (#18524281)

Where did he present any actual evidence against Gonzales? He talks about the U.S. attorney firings, but mentions nothing illegal or unethical, citing instead the mind-numbingly inane buzzphrase "longstanding practice." Highlighting the inanity is the hypocrisy of bothering to cite "longstanding practice," and then immediately proceed to ignore the fact that it is "longstanding practice" to "shove aside" "exemplary prosecutors ... to make room for rising [partisan] politicians being groomed for higher office." Both parties have done that forever.

And there is as yet no significant evidence that they were fired for not going after Democrats, or for going after Republicans.

The closest to evidence of wrongdoing he comes is this:

There are several other reasons to remove Gonzales, all involving his cavalier contempt for courts and liberties of citizens, most recently in the FBI's more than 3,000 cases of illegal snooping on Americans.

So vague handwaving at "contempt for courts and liberties of citizens," and citing a case where we would not have even KNOWN about this (allegedly ... I have no idea if it was illegal) "illegal snooping" if not for Gonzales' Justice Department Inspector General saying so. The logic that says Gonzales should be impeached for the "illegal snooping" is not significantly different from the logic that says Gonzales should be praised for uncovering and reporting the "illegal snooping."

Yawn. :-)
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