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Vista is Not for Gamers.

twitter (104583) writes | more than 6 years ago

Windows 0

That No Good Man of Mine Department.

PC World's Matt Peckham sings us the Vista blues:

That No Good Man of Mine Department.

PC World's Matt Peckham sings us the Vista blues:

I keep trying to switch to Windows Vista ... like a dog trying desperately to comply with someone's confusing and at times outright confounding hand signals. ... everything seems to take twice as long, from post-defragmentation copying the tiniest of files between folders, to opening and closing windows, to navigating the panoply of control panels and MMC plugins necessary to hunt down and disable all the automated stuff whirring in the background every time I so much as click on an icon.

I've loaded Vista literally at least two dozen times since last January, and every time I think I'm ready to roll, I encounter some horrendously show-stopping bug that sends me sighing and fist-shaking back to XP. ... feels like I'm doing Microsoft a favor every time I punch Vista's ticket.

He also notes 10-15 FPS play, UAP dementia, UI confusion and intrusion, and sorry hardware support. The most serious driver issue for him was the recently discussed gutting of Creative Audio's subsystem support in Vista that leaves him with 2D audio. The titanic.jpg is worth the visit.

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