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So Thompson is now out...

DesScorp (410532) writes | more than 6 years ago

User Journal 6

...and I just don't know who I'm going to vote for in the GOP primaries now. I'm down to a few very bad choices. This will very much be a lesser of the evils election for me.

...and I just don't know who I'm going to vote for in the GOP primaries now. I'm down to a few very bad choices. This will very much be a lesser of the evils election for me.

I have to choose between John McCain, a man who seemingly has more fondness for Democrats than for his own party on the big issues of the day (save for the war), and Mitt Romney, a man who ran and governed as a liberal in Massachusetts, and now claims to be the heir to Reagan....which means either he's had the mother of all mind changes, or that he just tells the crowd whatever it wants to hear to win the next office. Nice choice,eh?

And don't even mention Huckabee, a man more like Jimmy Carter than a Republican nominee for President.

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What about Obama? (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 6 years ago | (#22154094)

He's one of the few candidates who the entire country seems to be willing to respect and rally behind. We need a President like that.

I'm sure you'll find policies of Obama's you disagree with, as you do the above three, but ultimately you don't have to make a decision based upon the "least of three evils": there are always choices, and sometimes the right man isn't the one whose views are your own. You yourself have rejected the views of the Republican candidates for office yet I know you're considering voting for them anyway. Instead of doing that, why not look for a good man for the job?

Re:What about Obama? (1)

FroMan (111520) | more than 6 years ago | (#22154856)

Yeah, really. I mean if you can't get the guy you want, go do the total opposite. Well, I guess I can't be the CEO at IBM, I guess I'll go eat out of dumpsters.

It would be better to write in Thompson (or Mickey Mouse) in the general election than to vote the opposite of your views. At least someone looking at the results will get the idea that someone out there feels disenfranchised and hopefully have an idea of how to run in the next election and try to win your vote.

At this point I am leaning Romney. It would be great to see Thompson picked up as a VP running mate. Romney isn't in the *yuck* catagory, but he's the only one left I would consider I think. Considering him being gov of a really left state, I wouldn't expect a real conservative. But I think you could at least expect some conservative judicial nominations out of him.

But mainly since I cannot support McCain or Huckabee. McCain is adored by the left as a "maverick." Huckabee is about as slick as they get and as far as I am concerned cannot be trusted.

Re:What about Obama? (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 6 years ago | (#22167968)

Is it too much to ask for you to put the needs of the country ahead of petty party politics?

You're essentially saying that you support Romney knowing he's third rate. You will not support McCain because, regardless of any qualifications he might have for the job, you don't like some of his supporters, and you don't like Huckabee because he's effective in presenting his message.

I think there are good reasons to reject both but not for the reasons you give. McCain is prone to tantrums, something you don't want in the most powerful man on Earth. And Huckabee seems unlikely to be someone the entire country can unite around, given his origins in one of the most extreme sects of religious politics. He's also in favor of modifying the constitution to be more restrictive, something that has only been done once in the history of the US - Prohibition - and which was, rightly, considered a disaster.

A real patriot would look at the candidates and ask themselves which would make the best President, regardless of political affiliation. Given Obama's leftward policies will have no relevance without a supportive Congress and Senate, the question ultimately boils down to: will Obama make an effective leader of the country, defending it and our constitution?

The answer is clear: Yes he will. And anyone, left wing or right wing, who rejects him for his politics and not his ability to unite this country and defend our constitution is ultimately failing this country - what it believes, what it stands for, and the people who live within it.

Re:What about Obama? (1)

FroMan (111520) | more than 6 years ago | (#22168522)

You are an idiot if you think I support someone because of political party. Wouldn't I then be supporting whoever winds up getting the Republican nomination? But no, I made it clear I will not support McCain or Huckabee. I dislike their views event though they claim to be a Republicans in McCain's case, and Huckabee I do not trust even though he has certain conservative views.

And as someone who loves his country very much, I feel that Obama's views are detrimental to our country, for that matter any of the Democratic candidates. Obama's socialization of America and the increase of government programs are diametrically opposed to the intent of the founding of the nation. So the answer is clear, no.

My point in replying to your original post was that Obama stands diametrically opposed to many of the view points of DesScorp (iirc he leans libertarian, or at least small government). Therefore, because Thompson got out of the race, to vote for Obama instead would be a complete reversal of his views. Therefore you suggestion to vote Obama would be counter productive for his own views.

Now, I'm done with the special olympics here, feel free to carry on if you so desire.

Re:What about Obama? (1)

DesScorp (410532) | more than 6 years ago | (#22178534)

I think you've got some Obama-mania. He may be a smart, quality man, but if I disagree with his policy proposals (and I do...a lot), then how am I putting my party before my country if I won't vote for a man and a party whose policies I vehemently oppose?

Even though what's left of the GOP field sucks like a cheap whore, with the exception of Ron Paul and Mike Huckabee, I can live with them getting elected...I won't like it, and I'll be keeping an eye on them, but John McCain or Romney, as deeply flawed as they are, get it right at least half the time. That's more than anyone in the Democratic field would, in my opinion.

Thompson can still run! (1)

superyooser (100462) | more than 6 years ago | (#22160744)

Thompson can still run in the general election as an independent. Go Fred go!

He should restart the Federalist Party.
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