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This journal is a dupe

sm62704 (957197) writes | more than 6 years ago

User Journal 2

eiapoce (1049910) wrote on Wednesday January 30, @05:56PM (#22240148)

Excellent piece. BTW: Republicans = Democrats = Sold out. And I mean it, here is proof: -

eiapoce (1049910) wrote on Wednesday January 30, @05:56PM (#22240148)

Excellent piece. BTW: Republicans = Democrats = Sold out. And I mean it, here is proof: -

I'd suggest american friends to change from a Duocracy system to a real democracy. As much is proven that a duopoly is not effective in favouring the consumer, why whould a duocracy do any better in the political field?

I got to the discussion late, so my comment in reply to the above quoted one will likely not be seen by anybody. So I'm repeating it here (with additions), as it's something that I consider incredibly important.

We don't have a two-party system. There are several parties here. However, it is a defacto one party system, since the corporate media has convinced American voters that a vote for anyone but the Republicans or Democrats is a wasted vote, and there is less difference between the two wings of the Republicrat party than there was between various factions of the old Communist party in the USSR.

I stopped voting Republicrat a long time ago.

I want marijuana legalized. The Republiceats don't. I want prostitution legalized (what unfuckable nerd doesn't?) The Republicrats don't. I want gambling lagalized (pun intended). The Republicrats don't.

I want the DMCA and Bono act repealed. The Republicrats don't.

I want the Republicrats to stop the sellout of jobs to foreign countries to stop. The Republicrats, both wings of whose whose campaigns are financed by BP, Shell, Sony, and the like, don't.

My country's government is run by people who owe their power to foreigners.

So I've been splitting my vote between the Greens and Libertarians. Because a vote for a person who is going to pass laws that are contrary to my interests is worse than a wasted vote. A vote for a person whose campaign is financed by foreigners is IMO a traitorous vote.

I would like to see two reforms, which will happen some time after Satan goes skiing in hell.

  1. It shall be a felony punishable by prison to attempt to contribute to more than one candidate in any given race. Call it the "Anti-bribery act".
  2. It is a felony to attempt to contribute to any candidate that a person is not eligible to vote for. It is simply a disgrace that Bill Gates' minor children who live in Redmond (or wherever) can wield more influence in Illinois politics than I can.

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waste a vote (1)

Gogo0 (877020) | more than 6 years ago | (#22249696)

The way things are going on the GOP side (mccain?), a lot of disenfranchised conservatives are going to waste their vote for the first time.
Hopefully a big turnout for third parties this election cycle will make them seem like a viable option for the next one.

Re:waste a vote (1)

sm62704 (957197) | more than 6 years ago | (#22252968)

The Libertarians got enough votes in the last election here in Illinois that they don't have to jump through all the hoops other "third parties" do. Hopefully the other "third parties" will follow suit.
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