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Double trouble coming?

sm62704 (957197) writes | more than 5 years ago

User Journal 2

Well it seems to me, lord that this ol boy just dont fit
Well I can jump into a rosebush and come out smelling like shit

-Allen Collins and Ronnie VanZant

Well it seems to me, lord that this ol boy just dont fit
Well I can jump into a rosebush and come out smelling like shit

-Allen Collins and Ronnie VanZant

"You have 28 new messages waiting for you, and 0 old messages." And with slashdot's fucktarded new five minute wait between replies for people with excellent karma, which is gotten by making witty, insightful, interesting comments, I'm supposed to answer these guys? AND comment on any new topics that may be posted?

Tami's been squatting at my place since her alien husband joined the National Guard. It's been a while. First he had to go to Lackland AFB in Texas to learn English. He spoke English already, but must not have spoken it well enough to be in the army.

He flunked the class and had to take it again.

Then somebody in his class got busted for dope, and they had to wait two weeks for the urine test results.

Here it is months later and he's en route to Ft Benning, Georgia for Basic Training. Then, he tells his unemployed, now-homeless wife, he's taking paratroop training.

I haven't said anything to Tami but I think he's lying. Meanwhile she's been staying at my house. She was a godsend when I was recouperating from the vitrectomy. This wasn't some easy LASIK laser surgery. It wasn't even an easy needle stuck in the eyeball ("Piece of cake", my mom said of her cataract surgery when I talked with her before my own). This involved having the vitreous fluid removed from my eyeball, a nitrogen bubble inserted, and having to keep my head down for a week and a half afterwards.

She's been cooking and cleaning and generally earning her keep, unlike the others who have stayed at mcgrew's home for wayward women.

But I had to kick her out.

For a while, anyway. My daughter had called from Cincinnati and was coming for a visit. One of my "house rules" is that wayward woman aren't allowed when my daughter's here.

"I'm leaving Cincinnati now, is it raining there?"

"No, let me look at the weather channel site... nope, looks like Cincinnati's on the west side of the rain, you'll drive out of it in no time."

"Good! I'll see you around seven then".

Tami, still at my house, was going to stay with John and Jennifer while my daughter was home.

The phone rang. It was Amy. I hadn't seen her in over a month, when she borrowed twenty bucks from me with the promise of paying it back that Friday.

That, coupled with a few things I won't talk about here, not only has her in the top ten of my shit list, but she IS the top ten of my shit list.

She wanted me to come out to pick her up from her boyfriend's out in the country. She was SO lonely and worse, was out of alcohol. I said no. Actually what I said was "Are you fucking JOKING? You still owe me that twenty dollars and it'll take fifteen bucks in gas just to get out there", an exaggeration, but still... "No, I ain't taking off work to go drinking with you."

Half hour later the phone rang again. It was Amy, again. She missed me and wanted to party with me at Farley's or somewhere. And she had some private stuff she wanted to talk about. She had taken a cab to town, could I take off and buy her a drink?

Somehow I let myself be talked into it. Actually I talked myself into it, wanting to bitch her out about the money she owed me, as well as some other things I'm pissed about. I took off work and went and got her.

I took her to Felber's. She'd not been in that bar before. "Isn't it weird," she said as we stood outside Felbers, she with a roll-yer-own cigarette, "how here it is in the ghetto and these bars here are all white bars?"

"Well, black people come in these bars sometimes too" I said. But she was right; it is a bit weird.

She unloaded her personal problems on me, and I bought her a shot and a beer.

When my daughter goes back to Cincinnati, I may be saddled with two room mates.

I'm an idiot.

I dropped her off where I'd picked her up and went home, collected Tami, and went back to Felber's.

The bartender gave me a REAL funny look as I ordered beers for us.

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Spelling Nit (1)

sjaskow (143707) | more than 6 years ago | (#23438016)

Um, a minor annoyance in your well-written, thoroughly enjoyable journals. As a resident of the fine city of Cincinnati, it's got two n's and one t. Not the 1 n and an 2 t's you do. :)

Re:Spelling Nit (1)

sm62704 (957197) | more than 6 years ago | (#23465316)

Oops, I have trouble spelling the name of your fair city correctly. Sorry, fixed now and thank you for pointing it out.
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