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Fatasses and Global Warming

sm62704 (957197) writes | about 6 years ago

User Journal 8

I saw a sig this morning, "My grandmother used anecdotal evidence all the time, and she lived to be 120 years old."

While I was metamoderating this morning, one of the comments was attached to Fat People Cause Global Warming, Higher Food Prices.

I saw a sig this morning, "My grandmother used anecdotal evidence all the time, and she lived to be 120 years old."

While I was metamoderating this morning, one of the comments was attached to Fat People Cause Global Warming, Higher Food Prices.

A few thoughts came to mind. Now, I'm a skinny nerd, have been skinny most of my life. I gained forty pounds after my divorce when the doctor put me on Paxil, but when I stopped taking the Paxil I started losing again. The Paxil made me normal weight - 165 pounds on a five foot nine inch frame.

Yesterday in my office I froze my ass off. The fatsos I work with have the air conditioning cranked up to "polar". I had my space heater running until it warmed up outside enough to shut the heater off and open the window.

So us skinny people contribute, too. We don't have our air turned up as high, but skinny people are as averse to cold as fat people are to heat. We keep the heat higher in the winter than fat people. Old people have theirs turned up even higher; it's hard for me to visit my WWII Veteran friend Ralph in the winter because his house is always sweltering.

TFA (actually some lame blog) claims that fat people are causing food shortages. This is simply incorrect. Fat people aren't fat because of the quantity of food they consume, it's mostly the quality of the food they consume. Here in the US, poor people are usually fat, and the reasons are many and varied.

Healthy food costs more than fattening food. Potatos are dirt cheap. Hamburger is the cheapest meat you can buy. The average poor person's diet is fattening because they can't afford healthy food.

And in the poor neighborhoods, there are no supermarkets. Lots of Burger Kings and Kwiki-Marts, with their stock of overpriced junk foods, but the Krogers are all in the neighborhoods where people can afford to spend lots of money. The poor folks often don't have cars, so you might think it would be to a grocery's advantage to put stores in the 'hood where poor people can walk and rich people can drive - but the affluent are pussies who are terrified of poor people and would rather starve than drive through a ghetto neighborhood, even with the doors locked.

It also doen't take varied metabolism into consideration. Tami's fat, and when we eat out she usually takes half her meal home in a takeout box, while I finish mine. My skinniness is due to an overactive metabolism, while her obesity is due to an underactive one. I probably get less exersize than her, so it's not due to laziness.

Her friend Jennifer is twice as fat as Tami, and tall as well. Tami says Jennifer eats less than she does.

TFA also doesn't take height into account. A seven foot tall guy is going to need a lot more food than the four foot seven inch Tami. What's more, her weight is no more her fault than a tall guy's height; nobody gets to choose their metabolism.

I'll tell you who is responsible for obesity - the multinational corporations like ADM (headquartered about forty miles from here). High fructose corn syrup should NOT be in anything but soft drinks and deserts, but the fattening stuff is in about everything. So is monosodium glutimate, a drug that tricks the brain into thinking food tases better than it actually does. The better food tastes, the more you'll eat.

TFA claims that greenhouse emmissions are higher due to fatasses hauling their huge carcasses around, but I see no difference in my car's gas mileage with two fat passengers than I do driving by myself. I guess it could be argued that fatsos need those giant SUVs (21st century station wagons), but the argument would be specious. Fatsos tell me my Concorde is comfortable, and it gets thirty miles per gallon on the highway.

So lay off the fat people. Especially the ones without money.

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Almost makes me miss being unhealthy (1)

The Gaytriot (1254048) | about 6 years ago | (#24043535)

The cost of decent food almost makes me miss the days when I could live off $5 a day for food. I used to go to Mcdonald's quite often for meals and I could get plenty to eat for just a couple bucks.

Recently, though, I've been trying my hand at bodybuilding and eating healthy (and in large quantities) can be fucking expensive. But still, if you don't mind a little monotony you can eat good nutritious food for not a lot, just don't expect it to taste good. Luckily, tuna is a staple of health foods and can be had for $.55 a can.

On the other hand having cheap, tasty food is something of a luxury for poor people. I remember being poor when I was younger, but damn if I didn't enjoy my crappy food. A friend of mine summed up the sentiment, he said,"I don't care where I work, live, or how much I make. As long as I have good food to eat I'll be happy."

Re:Almost makes me miss being unhealthy (1)

sm62704 (957197) | about 6 years ago | (#24044429)

When I was still married and the kids were little, we were pretty poor and lived in a rented house with a big back yard. We used half the yard as a garden and grew all sorts of stuff - beans, peppers, tomatos, corn, peas, brocolli, cabbage, lettuce, and a whole lot more.

It had several benefits. One, the food was practically free - a dollar for a package of seeds that would provide a LOT of food. And you only had to buy them once, and collect seeds from your crop for the next year. About the only food we bought was meat and dairy products.

Another benefit was the food tasted a whole lot better than the stuff in the supermarket. I never thought I liked peas until I grew some, fresh peas don't tase anything like canned peas.

I got in pretty good shape tending the garden. It's good physical labor, especially tilling with a spade.

Then my employer discovered that I was doing stuff nobody else knew how to do and gave me a better title and a lot more money and we bought a big house in a nicer neighborhood. The first year I grew only tomatos - and didn't get to eat a single one. They all got stolen before I had a chance to pick them. The theieves were stupidly greedy, taking everything. I didn't garden there after that. Animals leave evidence that it was animals taking the food, these thieves were human.

I have jalapenos and tomatos growing this year. The house I'm buying now is smaller since I live pretty much alone when there are no wayward women there, and the neighborhood isn't as good as the neighborhood where all the tomatos got stolen. If nobody steals everything I'll most likely not have to mow the back yard next year, as it's nowhere near as big as the house I rented when the kids were growing up.

One thing that had me laughing my ass off was one of my daughter's friends (they were 8 or 9 years old) seeing me dig up a radish and wash it. The poor kid almost threw up when my daughter ate it. I was reminded of this the other night when I was watching an episode of My Name Is earl [] ("Robbed a Stoner Blind") where they're at a hippie commune. Randy says "these hippies are really wierd, I just saw some guy eating something that grew out of the ground!"

Re:Almost makes me miss being unhealthy (1)

The Gaytriot (1254048) | about 6 years ago | (#24099531)

I lol'd at the kid almost throwing up. Stupid kids. But then I remembered one time a couple years ago when I picked a cactus fruit and took a bite out of it. I chewed a bit, then looked at the fruit and noticed half a little white worm wriggling.

I lol'd.

That sucks about getting the veggies stolen, but animals can be just as stupid. Squirrels at my parent's house eat a lot of stuff out of the garden, but they don't eat the whole thing. They take bites out of everything, just enough to ruin as much many pieces as possible. As a result, I am a fantastic shot with my pellet guns.

Anyways sorry it took me so long to respond, I kept getting this error when I try to post at home.

"Sorry, but according to our tests, you are trying to post from an open HTTP proxy. Please close the proxy or ask your sysadmin or ISP to do so, because open proxies are used to spam web boards like this one. If you have questions, mention that your proxy is at on port 8080."

Even after I shut off my proxy server, which I wasn't even using as a proxy? Oddly enough though, I use the proxy at home to get to slashdot from work, and that's how I'm posting this right now.

Burn the most calories during sex... (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 6 years ago | (#24044337)

There's your 'in' with Tami - tell her that she'll burn more calories during sex and maybe you'll get lucky.

Assuming, of course, you aren't already hitting that.

Now that I think about it... She lives with you, cleans your house, and you expect us to believe you aren't hitting that? yeah, right. You're hitting that like a hammer, you just aren't bragging about it. Good for you.

Entertaining journal (1)

Fizzl (209397) | about 6 years ago | (#24070795)

I just read all of your journal entries while alternatively drunk or having a hangover. Entertaining reading. Now I'm wondering where could I find more social porn to read. I never understood the fascination in reading about other peoples lives but then, those types of bleghs are usually only written by illiterate boring arsewadles with boring lives.

I especially liked the one article about how to get laid. I just recently contemplated the women of my life. When I was 15, I always had the best of the best girls in my age range. Back then I was a skinny bad boy. Now I'm 30 year old nerd with a beer gut and an unfashionable long hair. There was a long time I found it hard to get laid. I finally lowered my standards and accepted the fact I can no longer get those gorgeos blondes with big boobs and tight ass. My wife (of only three years or so) was a 155cm overweight girl with inane ideas. Now I'm spending time with a brunette who is 180cm tall and probably weights around 90kg. Not terribly fat but not "my type" either. She's a good fuck thou.

Anyway, sound advice. If you want to get laid, don't be so picky. I'm just a little bit worried about what kind of skanks I have to do when I'm your age ;)

Re:Entertaining journal (1)

sm62704 (957197) | about 6 years ago | (#24083683)

My daughter gave me the same advice about getting a girlfrind: don't be so picky. Not so oddly she didn't like the two girlfriends I've had since my divorce, both of whom are dying of cirrosis.

I'm doomed...

You left out Menopausal Women (1)

PoliTech (998983) | about 6 years ago | (#24083937)

"Yesterday in my office I froze my ass off. The fatsos I work with have the air conditioning cranked up to "polar". I had my space heater running until it warmed up outside enough to shut the heater off and open the window".

You left out Menopausal Women. Just try to turn down the AC in an office full of fortyish to fiftyish women. Its suicide!

Re:You left out Menopausal Women (1)

sm62704 (957197) | about 6 years ago | (#24086505)

You're right. Also try turning up the heat in the winter.

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