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Is M$ Finally Over? The M$ Death Watch.

twitter (104583) writes | more than 5 years ago

Microsoft 6

Update 05/02/2011 - In 2008, I asked, "Has the end finally come for M$ and non free software?" The answer is now obviously, "yes". Hopefully, the company will implode before it can do more harm. Recent victories through entriesm and other dirty tricks have ruined once great companies but have been hollow. They corrupted ISO but no one switched to OOXML, and Office profits continue to decline. They took over Yahoo but Bing was caught scraping Google results off user's PCs and rema

Update 05/02/2011 - In 2008, I asked, "Has the end finally come for M$ and non free software?" The answer is now obviously, "yes". Hopefully, the company will implode before it can do more harm. Recent victories through entriesm and other dirty tricks have ruined once great companies but have been hollow. They corrupted ISO but no one switched to OOXML, and Office profits continue to decline. They took over Yahoo but Bing was caught scraping Google results off user's PCs and remained a huge loss. Mobile computing efforts were a bigger flop than Zune. Microsoft managed to coopt Nokia but carriers remained skeptical. Novell was finally slaughtered but this brought nothing to Microsoft other than government limited patents. The courts wasted much time, money and effort but ultimately rejected Microsoft's patent extortion as companies finally fought back. Microsoft customers are stuck between an ancient OS that works but is painful to use and modern versions that are not much better but come with unacceptable privacy loses and user restrictions. No businesses that count have moved to Vista/Windows 7 and hapless users are spread equally between XP, Vista and Windows 7 so that none of these very different and diverging platforms has more than 30% of the shrinking "PC" market. The monopoly is over, here's my write up of the major signposts that got us here as they happened:

2009 was declared the year of Desktop Linux because Windows 7 failed and netbooks drove sales. Vista was rejected, even when rebranded, and there were lots of stories about how the company was past it's prime. Opinion of their new Office is about as low. Partners like CompUSA and Circuit City failed with Vista, Adobe is under full frontal attack for the remaining "profit centers," and outsource partners are imploding [2]. There's been a regular executive exodus. After three straight quarters of missing Wall Street expectation came news of massive losses, a now confirmed plan to go into debt buying their own stock and a hiring freeze. The fourth straight quarter of misses was worse than the others and M$ fired around 10,000 workers. In 2010 Microsoft bullied gnu/linux out of netbooks only to watch the market drop 40% as people rushed to Linux and OSX powered phones and tablets. Even Forbes has declared Microsoft over.

For fun, listen to this while you read, or take a tour of M$'s own Software Graveyard.

The Death Watch:

1998-2008, a decade of failure capped by Vista and destruction of their Patent Portfolio.

2008, the end is apparent. Obituaries are written, employees, investors and customers bail out of the monopoly.

2009, the melt down turns into a death spiral. Even M$ Word fans see the end of an era and Windows 7 turns out to be an even bigger disaster than Vista.

2010 - Windows 7 Fails.

2011 - Microsoft Collapses into Patent Bully. Executive cut and run while jobs are outsourced.

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Yeah sure (1)

trimmer (1331297) | more than 5 years ago | (#25270497)

Wake up asshole. It's not gonna happen.

Danger, Excessive Negative Selling! (0, Flamebait)

twitter (104583) | more than 5 years ago | (#25274149)

MSFT down 10% since last Friday despite buy back promise. We're talking Fucked Company.

Re:Danger, Excessive Negative Selling! (1)

dedazo (737510) | more than 5 years ago | (#25274443)

hahaha, you idiot. The Dow is below 10K for the first time since 2004, everyone is taking a beating but you're faping off to Microsoft's stock price because it validates your bullshit predictions?

Hopefully your 401(k) will go up in smoke so you'll have something meaningful to worry about.

Re:Danger, Excessive Negative Selling! (1)

kesuki (321456) | more than 5 years ago | (#25332747)

in one year the dow has gone from "14164.53" to below 8500. in the past year microsoft has gone from $37 to $21.

buying back their stock at this point is a SMART THING TO DO. imagine if you would, a company that issued half a billion shares at $35 a share buying them all back at $20 a share! that is real, concrete profit, taking advantage of a down market. in 5 years when global markets have stabilized and rebounded, they will be able to issue shares like crazy and get massive cash to sink into investments in technology etc.

linux is great, mac os is trendy, and microsoft is still the vehicle that countless corporations rely on, for everyday computing. yeah vista is a flop, yeah vista is crap, yeah vista is garbage, but the talking heads will all lap praise on windows 7 for 'fixing' everything and bringing a solution business can standardize on.

Linux is making headway, firefox is gaining on internet explorer, and in uncertain times people go back to renting video games from the store or from gamefly, which means no PC games, only consoles, and yet microsoft is a dominant player in the US console market. linux will never be a gamers platform, no matter how much people talk about using wine etc. and newbies like aunt rosie, or grandma sue aren't going to like linux at all unless someone gives them a 5 minute tutorial on how to find software for linux, and how to send e-mail and how to print out pictures that someone put on a photo site or whatever.

linux is never going to be a 800 lbs gorilla mandating what specifications or certification are required to meet certain needs. those are the kinds of things microsoft can just buy the certifying committee and lock out open source trends, keeping business users on their proprietary bone, gnawing away happily, never aware that linux could be infinitely more flexible and scalable, but poor microsoft made sure that only windows 7 would be certified, and never linux.

yeah microsoft didn't get there in time to stop the web from having an open design, but you better believe the thorn in their side that apache and linux have been that they've learned their lesson, if you can't kill it, become it. they're stealing open document format, and there is nothing linux backers can do, microsoft will break ODF and kill linux's chances of replacing office, you better believe it. it's happening. microsoft is a predatory company that focuses on the complete eradication of their competitors, and a few slaps on the wrist by a few judges won't stop them. they aren't even complying with all the requirements of the anti-trust panel, do you honestly think they'll let linux invade microsoft's control over the platform in use by businesses?

Even if linux looked poised to win the war, there needs to be just one little law, making 'trusted computing' a mandate for all new processors and all new motherboards, and all of a sudden, linux won't even post.

don't forget TCI intel and AMD already have trusted computing designed into every modern processor, it's just not turned on by default. one little law and one little firmware update for your motherboard, and bam! linux won't post. forget what you know about linux, microsoft and department of homeland security are already ready to let a few terrorist in to blow up a few important buildings and all because the internet and open source like 'truecrypt' prevented them from responding fast enough to stop the terrorists, and suddenly there's a law with 85 senators on board, and 400 congressmen voting to mandate trusted computing. and then they force all their trading partners to adopt mandatory Trusted computing, and only places like iran will still allow products like linux to thrive.

it's already happened once, review the history on 9/11 and how they knew for 2-3 weeks that the terrorists were plotting an attack. it can happen again, and the next target will be those 'untrustworthy' linux platforms that allow terrorists to operate. remember, windows has a plan for stopping programs like truecrypt from running, for TCI, but it's not enabled... because there is no law mandating it.

Is this a rethorical question? (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 5 years ago | (#25270835)

Or are you just masturbating to your framed picture of Richard Stallman again?

Please hold your breath (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 5 years ago | (#25303413)

You're going to be writing that little list for a LONG TIME, considering they can survive the next 7 years doing nothing more than selling XP Pro and Office 2003.

Why are you zealots so stupid?

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