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For those who keep telling me to try getting published

SolemnDragon (593956) writes | about 6 years ago

Sci-Fi 13

There. I did.

if you like it, share it with others?

There. I did.

if you like it, share it with others?

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I like that a lot (1)

Degrees (220395) | about 6 years ago | (#25327267)

Great imagery and theme cohesion - exceptionally imaginative.

Good stuff :) (1)

Penguin Follower (576525) | about 6 years ago | (#25327643)

Nice to see you again too.

Also.... (1)

Penguin Follower (576525) | about 6 years ago | (#25327747)

... I would like to add that I had just started reading when I made my last post. Now that I've read through it, I must say that the detail in that story is really amazing. And it really flows along well. Makes you not want to stop reading.

Very, very well done (1)

stoolpigeon (454276) | about 6 years ago | (#25327791)

As a pigeon I fully approve. And thank you so much for popping by and letting us have the opportunity to read it. Really great story.

Wishing you the best - and hoping that all is well with you.

Excellent (1)

johndiii (229824) | about 6 years ago | (#25327887)

Very good story. The link appears to be broken (possible that our proxy is messing with the link, though), but I can copy and paste the link text.

Something's wrong with the link (1)

Marxist Hacker 42 (638312) | about 6 years ago | (#25327955)

But I was able to cut and paste it- very good story!

no no no .... you mis-heard (1)

Abm0raz (668337) | about 6 years ago | (#25328313)

I've been saying that you should try and get PURPLISHED, not published for years. Eat more prunes (or grapes or eggplant, if that's your thing).


ps. Congrats on the story.

Yeah! (1)

Shadow Wrought (586631) | about 6 years ago | (#25328477)

My heart skipped a bit when I saw your name in my messages. I have always enjoyed your writing and am glad that the rest of the world can share it as well. Hope all is well and that this is one of many you have ready to go;-)

One more... (1)

pythorlh (236755) | about 6 years ago | (#25329241)

Add another to the pile of "We miss you"s and "great story"s. And I did padd this link on to some friends.

woot! (1)

Zeriel (670422) | about 6 years ago | (#25367477)

One more to the stack of "we missed yous". And thanks for a very nice read.

thanks (1)

SolemnDragon (593956) | about 6 years ago | (#25367663)

i have been posting a bit on, a little on lj, i've basically abandoned completely public forums...

YEah, i've got a pile to go and this will fuel submissions for other things... :)

i might have one i'm trying to screw up courage to send to analog... /looks at ceiling, scuff toe in dirt....

why the heck don't y'all become my test readers?? Email me if you're interested...


Re:thanks (1)

Zeriel (670422) | about 6 years ago | (#25381145)

I think I will do just that.

and yeah, send that stuff to Analog. The worst they can say is "no", in which case we'll all still probably like it (if we haven't read it yet).

Also, I know what you mean about abandoning public forums--I think I post on here and LJ combined a max of maybe once a month.

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