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The Next Big Thing in Portable Mass Storage!

Jouster (144775) writes | more than 11 years ago

Hardware 0

First came CD-ROMs.

Next came DVD-ROMs.

The question begs asking--what's next?

Only a good, scientific answer will do. Here's mine.


Start with CD-ROMs. "CD" and "DVD" seem very similar. What is the pattern?

First came CD-ROMs.

Next came DVD-ROMs.

The question begs asking--what's next?

Only a good, scientific answer will do.  Here's mine.


Start with CD-ROMs.  "CD" and "DVD" seem very similar.  What is the pattern?


Simple!  You take the first letter, "add one letter" to it to get D, and put that first.  Then, you take the last letter, put it at the end.  Since each step up in technological complexity requires an additional letter to contain all the program code, we need another letter in the middle.  The middle letter is formed by adding eighteen letters to the letter directly above it.

Armed with this knowledge, we're ready to predict the next big thing!

First, we take the D, and add one letter to it:


Next, we take the last letter, and put it at the end.  Remember, to prevent too much program code from being in just a few letters, we need to add another letter on to "DVD", so this will be four letters long:

E _ _ D

Now, what to put in the middle?  Easy!  We add eighteen letters to V to get the second letter, and eighteen to D to get the third:


And last but not least, we need to add the ending.  Here it is, the technology of the future:



Thank you, thank you.  I accept donations in the form of bagels, PayPal, and small, independent island countries.


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