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davidsyes (765062) writes | more than 4 years ago

User Journal 3

So, in:

So, in:

I said -- inferred-- in my first para that the report being published is probably to wake up the government to the desire of many to influence hiring to domestic workers out of jobs. But, of course, i went on (thinking i'd offer some *mostly* neutral input, and it seems i have pissed of a few god-powered slahsers, or simply pissed off EVERYONE with an ability to singly or in collaboration just mod-thrash me into oblivion.

My personal observations and experience are off topic. Probably should have left it at the first para, only. But, then it would have been modded "redundant". Some twit is after me big-time.

Well, for that, i hope some sweet retaliatory vengeance in the form of tighter visa restrictions and immigration policies kicks in BIG TIME. (Maybe an oft-traveler is ticked that i brought up this information about visa abuse in Japan? Too damned bad...)

(Maybe we'll find out i'm not the only one, and that slashdot is trying to be more "grown up" because maybe there is a pending facebook or murdoch-like suitor in the offing.... It'll be funny, too, to find out one day that slashdot is the largest, most successful on-line geek/nerd/techhie information harvester there is, and that its location in/near Virginia is no accident, or that it's NOT in Virginia but its data flows through there.... It would be a time to say, "so much for your anonymized/pseudonym submission...")


Why is there a "Moderate" button on one's own journal page? hmmmmm.....

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Me, too (1)

Daengbo (523424) | more than 4 years ago | (#29061749)

I got mod bombed yesterday. Whoever just took five comments in a row and modded down. Each comment was polite and thought out. If I can't post polite corrections of verifiably erroneous facts in someone's argument, how can the debate be moved forward? This situation's really frustrating and is making me use Slashdot less and less.

Re:Me, too (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 4 years ago | (#29062263)

Yer my second most favorite to mod. Here, have a an apple and quit yer bitchen.

Re:Me, too (2, Funny)

Daengbo (523424) | more than 4 years ago | (#29063029)

Thanks. I was hungry.

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