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zogger (617870) writes | more than 4 years ago

Security 6

Closer pirate action

And by all means, let us have the feds and fearless leader continue to dump on Arizona, to protect this sort of action. I mean, those are just poor unfortunate pirates who just need jobs, the jobs gringoes won't take..or something like that.

Closer pirate action

And by all means, let us have the feds and fearless leader continue to dump on Arizona, to protect this sort of action. I mean, those are just poor unfortunate pirates who just need jobs, the jobs gringoes won't take..or something like that.

    I mean I didn't really realize that folks down there in Texas refused to take the pirate jobs, maybe it doesn't pay well or something, so we must import "guest workers" to fill those slots. We should offer them nice benefits and retirement packages as well..and instant drivers licenses, any name they want, low interest loans-scratch- outright grants to get better new pirate boats, free healthcare, personal translation services so they can apply for more government help, and subsidized more modern and lethal weaponry. They need decent tools for their jobs. Someone has to protect us from those dangerous bass fishing terrorists!

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Come on, this has nothing to do with being Mexican (1)

tomhudson (43916) | more than 4 years ago | (#32301022)

This is people acting like crooks. It has nothing to do with "race", nationality, or ethnic group. If we banned every ethnic group that has some members who are crooks and thugs, the US would be barren of all human life.

And if every country were to do that ...

Re:Come on, this has nothing to do with being Mexi (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 4 years ago | (#32302194)

You are forgetting the well proven effects of race, religion, gender, nationality, eye color, cup size baiting on a crowd for the purpose of manipulation in whatever cause you might have. Every bit as reliable as a horse. Plain ol' cops and robbers just doesn't provoke people to act out.

Culture (1)

zogger (617870) | more than 4 years ago | (#32302366)

oh yes, I'm sorry..misread the article. They must be Latvians then...with very calm peaceful non violent culture.

I'll get to the point: I am NOT a racist but I am for damn sure a "culturalist". Some cultures are most tolerable and understandable, others *are not* and I care not a whit about skin color. I went through those civil rights days long ago for a reason, but that don't mean I have to like violent -holes and the culture that breeds them either.

This isn't isolated, similar events types, bad violent crime, etc, are rampant and mostly ignored in the big media,(did you read about fresh water piracy anyplace else if I hadn't linked to it?) but the big media is pushing for full amnesty for millions of illegals, along with this "culture" which exists, but we aren't supposed to talk aboit it, it is taboo or something.

    This is gang, corruption, violence type shakedown culture, and it gets worse daily. We have hundreds of thousands of illegal gangbangers in the USA already, and this is the *culture* they are coming from. So yes, it *does* have to do with who they are and where they come from, it has everything to do with it. I know I will not slap blinders on and fail to see what is before me, and I don't care about toe stepping or anyone's sacred cows or "taboo" subjects. Some aspects of some cultures just suck, and that's it. Their associated skin hue or language..meh..the culture and results, THAT'S important and needs to be acknowledged. It is an exact example. There ARE cultural differences around the planet. That's just reality.

    You want more, there's tons of hits more on the web, complete with chopped off heads, violent gang rape, all of it.. The corrupt feds have been ignoring the laws on the books, and now dumping on Arizona when they have been pleading for relief for years, along with a lot of other places.

    Now all that ultra violent scene is moving here in a big way, and a lot of folks, me included, think it sucks. I would also like to end the war on some drugs, that would help of course, but that isn't the only excuse for it. It's a culture of raw machismo-that word right there explains it-, bribery, corruption, and violent acts that is endemic there, and they want to export it here. You are "more manly" the more physically extreme and violent and aggressive you are, the human pit bull syndrome or something like that.

It is not race per se, but it *is* culture. It exists in other areas, but the problem we have is right there on that border, so dang it, it needs to be said. There are some aspects to some cultures I just don't cotton to, example, strict islamic anti gay, anti this or that kill the infidels culture. Death penalty there for so many things we don't think twice about, I think that sucks, got no use for that violent culture. That cultural ignorance and some other form of chauvinism in some areas in Africa about raping virgins cures AIDS. Got no use for it. It doesn't matter to me people's color or race, just that culture if they promote it and live it, and you have to go by the general overwhelming numbers.. I ain't diggin on living with some sharia law, and I also don't appreciate latin machismo "law" either.

I don't like this latino casual violence culture, violence at the drop of a hat, threats or the act. I saw it a *lot*, I mean a lot working as a migrant fruit harvester with them, was surrounded by it, and I bet I am one of the few people here who have done that either. It *sucks* man, it is stupid and sucks. I have yet to see similar in any other area of the US, just never ran across such dumb boneheadedness and such *willingness* to draw physical blood over the slightest triffles. Makes bubba rednecks here look like bleedin heart librul pacifists. I mean damn, people rank here constantly, right on this very board, about rednecks in the US south, just all the dang time. Gimme a break, rednecks around here aren't routinely having running gun and grenade battles with the cops and chopping each other's heads off either, or "pirating" on the lakes around here. It just doesn't happen. The scale is off the charts with mad jihadis violent "culture", and this violent latino machismo "culture".

Myself, and the majority of the US if all the polls are to be believed, don't like it either, and we don't want it, but it is being forced on us now.

Perhaps you aren't aware, but back in the 80s we HAD a full complete amnesty for illegals, which was then, as now, the majority latin. It was sold to us, the electorate, that after that point, we would have legal controlled numbers immigration, which no one opposes at all! I don't! Got nothing against it at all! Just want vetting and they adapt to us, they adopt a scosh more civilized non violent culture, plus the language, etc., we don't adapt to them, that sort of thing.

    But no more just walk in, sneak in, assume some social security number, get phony ID or stand in line and get issued some official ID in a deranged "sanctuary" city someplace, etc, and all that.

Now, thirty million illegals later since that "full amnesty", they want the same deal again, full amnesty, which means amnesty for that "culture" as well, like you see in this article, and thousands more like it. Maybe not piracy, but violent crime, A to Z, as being the normal way of conducting yourself, the law of the machete and AK.

Please visit any hard core barrio area to see what that is like, I have. I've also seen how fast it changes in even real small towns around here. A short time after you start seeing latin gang graffiti on the walls, the violent home invasions begin, the violent kill the witnesses stuff, the drive by shootings, etc. In the big cities this is now so normal around that latin cultural scene that it doesn't get much press anymore. Well, it does, but it is so common it has turned into no big deal. Oh noes, can't point that out though, it's *racist*.

I just thought the pirate angle was an interesting new twist. The poor deprived lads are now branching out!

And yes I was being snarky because people who refuse to admit this huge problem exists always start out two ways, claim the other person is racist, either directly or by innuendo, and that they are just coming here for "jobs that the white folks don't want or won't work". and that we are "all the same". Sorry, that's wrong, we aren't aqll the same. We do have, exist in, participate in, different cultures. As individuals made up of DNA and so on we are remarkably the same, as individuals in different cultures..we are quite different around the planet. No, this piracy isn't just "crime" it is "violent crime as an integral part of the multi generational culture that they don't want to give up as they cross the border".

And as to jobs, the next excuse for amnesty and acceptance of machismo culture I always hear, there ain't a job in this nation a "born here" won't do if you offer a somewhat living wage. No, we won't live a dozen to a single bedroom apartment in order to afford to work for two bucks an hour. Besides that, we have record unemployment and people are going multiple years without being able to find any work, yet we are supposed to eat all these illegals, plus that simply wonderful culture, like shaking down bass fishermen at gunpoint (Oh ya, that is just so common on lake lanier here, all those redneck pirates), plus pay taxes for this wonderful privilege.

Anyway, ya'all take them, they got plenty more, all heading north, double dog dare ya to take em. Triple dog. Slide in ten million complete with that machismo culture, see how well it fits with what you got now. No not a few hundred, a few millions at least.. You got the space in canada, plenty of space, your nation is mostly slap empty and is huge. Put up big signs "we'll take all comers, no questions asked at-all, any numbers including tens of millions. No background checks, none, you can use any name ya want, full sanctuary, we'll give you drivers licenses, free education, free healthcare" and so on.

You guys can then have hudson's bay pirates! Muahahahahaha!

Who produces the most violent "entertainment"? (1)

tomhudson (43916) | more than 4 years ago | (#32302610)

If you really want to talk about a culture of violence, look at what passes for "entertainment" in the US. Pretty bad when the average kid sees 18,000 murders (now in HD!!!) by the time they finish high school.

It's okay to sho people getting hacked up in so many different ways, and to export it as "entertainment."

Murder should not be a staple of entertainment, but you wouldn't know it from a look at your local TV listings.

Go watch someone being violently killed in real life, and you'll probably end up saying that movies like "Silence of the Lambs" are unwatchable garbage.

Instead, US culture desensitizes people to killing, to the point that hundreds of people can hear somone scream for help, and not even call 911.

I'm not saying the US is worse than anyone else ... just that there's no singling out any one race, culture, or people. Humans are the most vicious, sadistic, dangerous, untrustworthy creatures this planet has ever bred. That's why we're at the top of the food chain. Compared to some of the sh*t that passes for "entertainment" on TV, shaking down people at gunpoint is small potatoes. They didn't cap them to get rid of potential witnesses, like small-time hoods do on TV 7 days a week.

Just saying that there's enough "people are rotten" to go around ... it's not limited to any one culture. Jeffrey Dahmer was from Milwaukee, not Mexico City. Every society produces good and bad, because there are good people and bad people everywhere.

Re:Come on, this has nothing to do with being Mexi (1)

mcgrew (92797) | more than 4 years ago | (#32322256)

It has nothing to do with "race", nationality, or ethnic group.

If you REFA you'll see that it in fact does; the pirates are Mexican nationals. That doesn't mean that all Mexicans are crooks, or that all crooks are Mexicans, but it does say all the pirates on that lake are Mexican.

Seems to me that the proper response (1)

Marxist Hacker 42 (638312) | more than 4 years ago | (#32325552)

Would be to boycott all South Texas Bass Tournaments until this issue is resolved.

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