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What is Florian Mueller telling Slashdot?

twitter (104583) writes | more than 3 years ago

Advertising 7

A list of things that Microsoft lobbyist and software patent advocate, Florian Mueller has been telling Slashdot. A list of things that Microsoft lobbyist and software patent advocate, Florian Mueller has been telling Slashdot.

Florian Mueller has thrust himself into the news a lot over the last couple of years, mostly to the detriment of Microsoft competitors, and has been particularly successful at getting Slashdot to copy his message. Roy Schestowitz, of Techrights, noticed him early because Boycott Novell was on Florian's journalist mass mailing list. So was Groklaw. Both rejected Florian's message and both are now smeared by him. Techrights has this index and PJ has this about bad behavior in 2005, this, this and more. Florian waged a Twitter/Social Media FUD campaign against both "Groklie" and Techrights in retaliation. Even Slashdot submitters have called Florian a "gadfly" and noticed he's behind anti-Google FUD. All of Florian's media manipulation has earned him special mention by actual lawyers who advise those threatened by lawsuits to ignore him and people like him.

The best way to understand what Florian has been doing is to make a list of it. Here then, is a list of what he's been telling Slashdot readers over the last year or so, with context and links to refutations as time allows.

Android/Google Spin.

Red Hat FUD


Novell's Patent Hoard.

Reframes Microsoft's attempt to tax Motorola's use of GNU/Linux and Android.

This issue should not be separated from general anti-Google FUD but Florian does this.

That's 16 articles in less than a year and each represents dozens of Microsoft press echos. All of it says something bad about Google, Red Hat, IBM and other free software users. When he's not busy smearing Microsoft competitors, he's telling us that they Love Microsoft and are working with them towards some noble goal.

People speculate that Muelller is fed inside information as part of Microsoft's coordinated campaigns against free software and Microsoft competitors. PJ of Groklaw thinks that Microsoft hoped that a community of deluded coders would form around Florian, but only Novell employees and Mono boosters pal around, while the larger free software community ignores him. His recent praise of the SCO Gang and smears of PJ places him among the most disgusting of Microsoft company.

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Meet "Twitter" (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 3 years ago | (#35813856)

Slashdot's favorite troll [] .

More typical Twitter spin (1)

jwilcox154 (469038) | more than 3 years ago | (#35820072)

Yep, once again another "story" that is really more FUD against Microsoft and a slashdot user. For example the story mentioned that "Google and Microsoft are working to make sofware patents livable" That is totally way off from the actual story "Microsoft, Google Sue Troll Who Sued 397 Companies" Plus this whole story is spun in such a way that makes it appear Microsoft is attacking Apple and Google over media patents when in fact Microsoft was attacked over them as well, and it was possibly by MPEG-LA. From what I can tell most of these stories are actually from patent trolls who just hold onto patents to make money and not to innovate. Is Microsoft free from being guilty? The answer to that is far from it, but stories should stick to the facts without spin and personal attacks against other slashdot users.

Microsoft's use of patents against free software. (1)

twitter (104583) | more than 3 years ago | (#35879744)

Thanks, Joe, for such amazing display of hypocrisy. Readers can tell for themselves what I wrote above and what they think about me [] if they care to make that an issue. People interested in the astroturf account jwilcox154 should visit my troll zoo [] . It is interesting that this account and the AC still follow me so closely though I have only posted in Slashdot a few times over the last two years.

Florian is not a normal Slashdot user. I have put together this time line of Microsoft patent extortion against free software [] and this analysis of Florian Mueller's defense of the same [] . Florian tries to portray Microsoft's use of patents as "cooperative" rather than exclusive. To do this he uses the term "livable" and spins any case where Microsoft cooperates with a rival as a case of common cause and beliefs. The above 16 stories in less than a year and Florian's defense of software patents speak for themselves.

Re:Microsoft's use of patents against free softwar (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 3 years ago | (#35889928)

> what they think about me []

Re:Microsoft's use of patents against free softwar (1)

jwilcox154 (469038) | more than 3 years ago | (#35924112)

Once again twitter you have no idea what you are talking about. First of all my name actually is John, not Joe. I live in Richmond Indiana and that can be verified at [] Also at as the same user name. I have nothing to hide unlike you. I get absolutely no money from Microsoft. But since you are making the claim that I am this "Joe Wilcox" why not put the money where your mouth is and prove it?

Re:Microsoft's use of patents against free softwar (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 3 years ago | (#35931406)

When you take into account this was posted by a fat fucktard [] and fat fucktards [] always have a fucking low I.Q. Just look at that fat chair throwing fucktard over at M$.

Hey fat fucktard [] , anytime you post I will remind everyone how much of a fat fucktard [] you really are. Eventually someone in their right mind will mod your whole fucking account into fucking oblivion which is what fat fucktards [] like you should do by slitting your fucking wrists. Once all you fat fucktards [] do so, then there will never be a shortage of food in the fucking world ever again fat fucktard [] .

If you flame me or ignore my post, then you will prove just how fucking right I am fat fucktard []. If you continue to post stories I will post similar messages telling everyone just how much of a fat fucktard [] you are.

Re:Microsoft's use of patents against free softwar (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 3 years ago | (#35956984)

Hey there fellow warrior against M$. M$ has numerous astroturfers and it doesn't surprise me to see Joe Wilcox use a fake account and a fake website of a fat fuck to further confuse people. Another M$ astroturfer is non other that a 4 digit user known as Spun. [] The astrroturfer Spun has made a claim M$ is not in the wrong for using a generic term and even claims it is Not generic. [] Just yet another M$ astroturfer to add to your troll zoo list.

Friends don't help friends install M$ junk.
Friends do assist M$ addicted friends in committing suicide.

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