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Hypocrisy involving Turkey

mr100percent (57156) writes | more than 11 years ago

User Journal 2

So, the US offered Billions to Turkey to let us use their land to help the invasion of bordering Iraq. They refused. For a couple of reasons. One of them is that the large Kurdish minority could uprise. We pulled the offer off the table, saying there was a time limit, and Turkey weakly announced that they will permit the US to fly over..So, the US offered Billions to Turkey to let us use their land to help the invasion of bordering Iraq. They refused. For a couple of reasons. One of them is that the large Kurdish minority could uprise. We pulled the offer off the table, saying there was a time limit, and Turkey weakly announced that they will permit the US to fly over..

However, Turkey sent in their own troops to Northen Iraq, to prevent the Iraqi Kurds from creating an independent state. That would aggrevate the condition of the Turkish Kurds, who would try to join it.

Get this from the story "The United States strongly opposes any unilateral move by Turkey into northern Iraq, fearing it would disrupt the U.S. campaign to oust Saddam Hussein. Iraqi Kurds ? who like Turkey are U.S. allies ? have threatened attacks on any invading Turkish forces."

Now, PLEASE correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't we going to war with Iraq because they're somehow a "threat"? Bush says we will go unilaterally to war with Iraq since Saddam is "dangerous." And yet, what kind of hypocrites are we if we don't let Turkey take "unilateral action." Apparently we're just arrogant, only WE can be the sheriff.

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caliphate of death murder islam killer (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 11 years ago | (#5596796)

yo fuckhead. turkey just wants to cleanse itself of the kurds. murder them. you fucking islamic pigs are vile backstabbing pigs. that why EU keeps turkey out, because the regularly pull "saddam" on the kurds. you selfish fucking hypocrit INFECTION. i know you live in the USA, pig. pig fucking. you fuck your mother, you are gay. your moms chopped clitoris makes you hot, pig? you are a mole here in the US. a traitor. we will find you and purify the earth of the deadly islam. MURDERERS. what do you say about the nigger islam muderer that fragged his own countrymen ?

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I hate the stupid ISLAM fucks who read into the trash they come up with. Saddam Hussein [who needs to take a dirt nap] is higher on my sanity list than fucking Muslim "clerics." In fact, I like Saddam more than most of the other Arab leaders because he is secular. We should fucking nuke the Saudis and Mecca and Medina and turn it into rubble, then tell Saddam to remove the heads of all the buttfucking "royalty" in the area.

I want to wipe my ass with Mohammad's shroud. I want to grind his body up into bone meal and fertilize my garden with it.

Our tortured dead scream out in HORROR, asking for vengeance:
  1. Kill all Camel Jockeys.
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  8. Kill all Osama Bin Laden supporters.

Nuke their countries to hell.

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My rhetoric is a reflection of my anger at your, your Islamic death leaders, and your religions unwillingness to admit to what it really is, a death mongering cult.

Your religion is one which produces nothing that is meritorious, your artisans are not accomplished or made pariahs, social and economic structures in Islamic states are defunct, your religion is rife with inconsistency and moral shortcomings, your anti progress and western religion which is rooted in pagan beliefs is a pathetic made up religion that is the backwash of a crazed terrorist and mass killer, Mohammed. You cry Jihad, and call for holy war, and call for the death of the west and the infidels. We will defend ourselves. And since we know deep down what is right, and value our existence and the lives of our children and the meaning of freedoms, aspirations and some semblance of equality, we will crush you defending it. Prepare for your doom, each terrorist event only increases our resolve and fortitude, we must be forgiving and kind because your precious centers of idolatry, Mecca and Medina, are not sheets of glass yet.

One day, we will open a gold course and the 19TH hole bar will be in that fucking stone shack you foul idiots covet. Idolaters, pagan based, misguided pathetic violent destructive foul piece of trash religion.

Your corrupt leadership doesn't even attempt to save face. And we notice. Your religions inability to do anything but destroy is noted, and punishment will be exacted for your infractions, probably 10 fold, and you pigs will have precipitated on your own women and children the lancing fires of justice from the sky. Your bodies vaporized to ash where you can be one with the earth again from whence you came maybe one day your atoms will be incarnated again as a useful life form.

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Re:caliphate of death murder islam killer (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 11 years ago | (#5604660)

If the guy wanted to frag his own countrymen, he shoulda joined up with Iraq, at least there they give him better weapons than a stupid grenade.

The Marines say he was insane. His family said it wasn't like him, that he got pushed over the brink.
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