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121107 (La Jolla, CA, 92037, war v6.074a)

HomelessInLaJolla (1026842) writes | about 2 years ago

User Journal 0

War in La Jolla, sixth year, seventy-fourth(a) entry

War in La Jolla, sixth year, seventy-fourth(a) entry

Vulcan death grip. Baptism of John. Knocks down half your vocal range (kicks you out of the upper class) by setting a good set of lock down anchor boogers along one side of your face. Jesus, blind man, was it the sin of the parents or the sin of the child which caused the blindness? Well, doesn't really matter, because you will never make fast to prove it. The difference is sin or injury. Boogers are removed from significant areas of the brain, bloodstream, and sinuses with corresponding knots in digestive rhythm and some particular set of muscle cell un-calibration (high, low, mid, cal, trained points, etc.). Work on the in out left right up down open close with numbers and prayer and walking and sewing and soap and diet ( to fix that--more than 50% of your air volume every day should be in some form of continuing and progressive rehab. When kicking out the booger from either an injury or a sin (rehab) then, quite often, the significant injury or sin is recalled in memory.

Over the course of the previous two years, saying prayer, numbers, moving to environmentalist "ah" (which stresses to "o" or "e" or "E" or others depending upon the skill of the practitioner and the environmental influence), I have noticed that over eighty percent of my boogers have been kicked out from the left. I had initially assumed that this was largely due to the big fight wherein the older sibling crushed my nose against the corner foot of the bureau (heh, that hurt somewhat). But I loosed those boogers (progressively in stages) two months ago to two weeks ago or so, more or less. This evening I had a great inclination to hold up the right side of the face (eyes, corner of the mouth, cheekbone, ear, etc.) when knocking out a booger.

Well, guess what I noticed? (and I've noticed this in the past) Do you also notice that, when kicking out really hard boogers from a side of your face, your right hand tucks in? males? Notice that? Notice that it's a world of computer digital technology with mouse? Was it because the parents sinned or because the child sinned that they are blind and tuck in their right hand like that when working on tough boogers?

Well, it's because they got in a fight and cain knocked their nose down a little. Really? Well, you will never make fast to notice the sequence of boogers and memory anyway.

So I notice that, after two years of knockin' boogers out the left, that tonight (upon beginning to spit hot pearls because I ate some small amount of bleach this morning while washing hands and face), when I really managed to get on that booger in the right side of the nose that, once again, the right hand was tucking in blind. Was it because the child sinned or because the parent sinned?

Well, lemme tell you, the memory in my head was "this is probably related to the baptism of john" and "I can't make you do anything."

And the corresponding syllable to be loosed? a very small "ma"... but not as in "mother", as in "MINE! GET YOU AWAY!", but while in a dream or something, as if the baptism of john is currently being applied, you know... fight between males and wife reaches in not only for the privates but to apply the baptism of john.

incidentally, kiss of death is her using a little lip gloss (from million dollar performance review) and then kissing you... you will react in a particular way, and you'll bite your lip as if you ate the canary. That'll plant a witch that your friends will hate for a while (basically, they'll space you), and during that time she'll treat you extra nice... whichever way that works out.

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