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121115 (La Jolla, CA, 92037, war v6.081)

HomelessInLaJolla (1026842) writes | about 2 years ago

User Journal 0

War in La Jolla, sixth year, eighty-first entry

War in La Jolla, sixth year, eighty-first entry

Propaganda. I returned the 1581 which I purchased after three months of filesystem interoperability issues. Three months later the Computes! Gazette began including the advertisement for 1581 utilities. That was a common motif in my computer hardware career. I often purchased the next best thing hardware just in time to return it due to release setbacks in the software field. Alternative let downs included often purchasing the hardware which could be made to do everything if only you could spend the time knowing exactly how the driver was blitzed. This is the basis for the descrambler screen here. Really, understand the significance of the relationship between the timing of the raster color scroll on Abyss and the timing of the screens after that, including the timings of the bytes which shuffle and the little click which you are supposed to hear at the end. It's like skipping a stone to hit Oahu from San Diego, and knowing that all you need to do is skip on this rhythm, and that rhythm, and then that rhythm, and then, if you did it right, then you need to go for that last wild guess at the very end to hit the target, and you don't know what that wild guess will be, but if you know what you're doing then it will be the same wild guess every time and, ping, like hitting a 700 yard hole in one around a dog leg, there it is. Now the game works.

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