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Still on Linux

bsharitt (580506) writes | more than 11 years ago

User Journal 0

This journal entry brought to you by the Handspring Treo 300This journal entry brought to you by the Handspring Treo 300

I got Mandrake 9.1 RC2 to run about a month ago, andknow I'm on the 9.1 release. I still have my Windows partition for games, although I see no indication I'll be going back for everyday use. I've got WineX to play games in linux, but it's not good enough yet. Right now I've got a CVS build and I think that may be causing some problems since Warcraft III is supposed to work well. Although my problem may be lack of memory since I have the minimum requirements for Warcraft III and I'm guessing Wine needs more memory. I'll probably get some more RAM within the next few weeks and I'll see if that fixes it. Starcraft plays flawlessly, I can't tell a difference between playing in WINE and nativly in Windows. While I can't install it, I can play Red Alert from my Windows partition. The sound and cut scene videos are really fast and it shows up in kind of widescreen leaving a 1 inch black space at the bottomof the screen, although thats better than in XP where it won't even play. I got the Linux version of Unreal Tournamet, and it won't work, although the Windows version will work in WINE with garbled delayed sound. At first my biggest problem was that my printer didn't work in Linux, but now thats okay since it's dead altogether. I guess next I'll get an Epson, or at least make sure it has up to date Linux drivers.

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