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House Inspection

FortKnox (169099) writes | more than 11 years ago

User Journal 18

Everything went GREAT with the inspection. The inspector was IMPRESSED at how clean and serviced everything was. I have (well, am getting) a 20 year old waterheater (avg life of a waterheater is 15 years). The inspector said it will last another 5 years, if not more, because it was cleaned and serviced every year. Same with the furnace.Everything went GREAT with the inspection. The inspector was IMPRESSED at how clean and serviced everything was. I have (well, am getting) a 20 year old waterheater (avg life of a waterheater is 15 years). The inspector said it will last another 5 years, if not more, because it was cleaned and serviced every year. Same with the furnace.

The only badpoint was that there is 3 layers of shingles on the roof. I got about 5-7 years to replace them, but replacing means I have to tear off all 3 layers. I may end up doing that, myself (at least the tearing off part), just to save the extra cash.

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Again, congrats! (1)

SamTheButcher (574069) | more than 11 years ago | (#5825820)

I'd probably, if/when you can afford it, replace that heater sooner rather than later, for the obvious reasons. I've dealt with 2 going out, both at my own house and while staying at my parents house over Christmas one year. The year we refer to as "The Dirty Christmas" - the heater went out mid-day Christmas Eve (or was it on the 23rd?), which was on a Sunday that year. Looong couple of days.

Anyway, congrats! Good luck! Have you started packing?

Water heater.... (1)

FirstNoel (113932) | more than 11 years ago | (#5825887)

I'd also recommend getting a new one. We bought our house last June, last month the 12 year old water heater died. WATER EVERYWHERE!!!! Our house inspector gave it the thumbs up though.

It's better to be safe than sorry.

Good luck!!!

Ditto. (1)

mekkab (133181) | more than 11 years ago | (#5833811)

Ours burst in August... but try telling the wife "honey, is it okay if we go without hot water in the shower for a few days?"- it was an emergency of epic proportions!

Congrats, and roofing isn't too bad. (1)

Xerithane (13482) | more than 11 years ago | (#5825943)

We roofed our garage and where it jointed with the house, and then repaired a section that got damaged in a storm. I was surprised at how difficult it wasn't. It's tedious, to say the least. The tar and shingles get heavy to carry up, but it is definitely one of those things that can be done yourself as long as you educate yourself first.

And remember, use the right type of nail gun. If you use something that is too powerful, it will go straight through the roof. It's rather scary if you are underneath it at the time.

Re:Congrats, and roofing isn't too bad. (1)

gmhowell (26755) | more than 11 years ago | (#5826370)

Find a decent supplier: many of them will deliver shingles to the roof.

The biggest pain with removing the old stuff is that it's a pain to clean up. Shingles everywhere.

Water heater (1)

TechnoLust (528463) | more than 11 years ago | (#5827777)

When I bought my house, I was surprised when I filled up my King size waterbed that I DIDN'T RUN OUT OF HOT WATER! (I'm not sure how many gallons it takes to fill a waterbed, but normally you hook to the hot connection for the dishwasher and you run out in about 30 minutes, then after the few hours it takes to fill it up, you are left with a cool temperature, and you have to let it warm up before you sleep on it.) When I was finished, it was still warm (not hot, but warm). I was amazed. Later I found out why it was doing so well. At some point, someone had decided that the water heater that was there (38 gallon) was not big enough, so they purchased a larger one (I think a 50 gallon). But they didn't replace the 38 gallon, they just ADDED the larger one in SERIES. So you have a 38 gallon tank of hot water and a 50 gallon tank of hot water. If you empty the 50 gallon tank, the 38 gallon tank dumps into it, but it is already hot, so you only have to heat 12 gallons, so while you are emptying it again, the 38 is heating another batch. So you have endless warm water. The only problem is it burns a LOT of electricity, so I usually leave the 38 gallon turned off, unless I know I'm going to be filling the water bed or using a lot of hot water.

The great thing is, I was able to pull one over on the Senior Development Engineer here. He's one of these guys who gets off on correcting everyone, and he rarely makes a mistake, so when you correct him or correct his correction, it really ticks him off. I purposefully said "hot water heater" in front of him when talking to a guy about it. (I don't know if that is widespread, but here in the South it is prevalent to call it a "hot water heater" despite the fact that it is, in fact, incorrect.) Of course, he immediately jumped on it and "informed" me that it was a "water heater" because the water was not hot when it entered the heater. I turned and looked at him an smiled the smile you can only smile when your victim falls into your well laid trap. I said, "Actually, I have two water heaters in series, so the water entering the second heater, to which it was referring, is in fact already heater. Which makes the second water heater a 'hot water heater'." He looked at me with the chargined look of someone who had hopped into the aforementioned well laid trap, and said, "Oh," and then kind of huffed off. It was great. :-) (I know... I'm an ass.)

Re:Water heater (1)

ralico (446325) | more than 11 years ago | (#5827983)

Did he rib you on the energy consumption of 2 heaters in series? Then again, energy may be really cheap where you live, and it is a non-issue.

Re:Water heater (1)

TechnoLust (528463) | more than 11 years ago | (#5831058)

Actually, energy is fairly cheap, considering we have TVA and everything is hydroelectric. Of course, they are selling a lot of it to other energy companies, so it isn't THAT cheap. I know some people around here who have utility bills under $60. Mine always runs above $150 and usually above $200, but that's electric, natural gas (for heat), water, sewer, and trash pickup. I'm heating an 1800+ sq ft. house, I have a king size water bed to keep at 98 degrees F, and a 460 gallon hot tub I keep at 100 deg F. I have at least one PC on all the time, and usually my roommate has the TV, surround sound, amplifiers, XBOX, etc on. So, it really isn't that bad. I could probably save a lot of money if I put better insulation and windows in this house. (It currently has a couple of older single-pane HUGE picture windows.)

Re:Water heater (1)

kormoc (122955) | more than 11 years ago | (#5828024)

What my dad did was grab a extra water heater and put it before the one we use, it dumps into the hot one, and we don't run it. The idea is that the water warms up to room temp before it enters the heater, and it works quite well iirc at saving money, so yours might be saving you cash when you turn it off anyway :)

Re:Water heater (1)

John Harrison (223649) | more than 11 years ago | (#5829204)

Shouldn't a water heater be insulated in order to improve efficiency? If so the it would take a while for water in the extra one to warm up to room temp. What you would really want is a non insulated storage tank. We had something like that in Brazil. I can only image how cold the electric shower would have been it it weren't for the water box in the attic.

Re:Water heater (1)

kormoc (122955) | more than 11 years ago | (#5832909)

true, I am sure our second one isn't, but his should be as it is used to heat water.

D'oh Please ignore part of my last post (1)

ralico (446325) | more than 11 years ago | (#5828087)

I must have missed the part where you said "burns a LOT of electricity" and usually have it turned off... D'oh on me!

Race ya! (1)

Red Warrior (637634) | more than 11 years ago | (#5828699)

Did my inspection on Thursday.
Everything was in excellent condition for a 50+ year old house. Of course, I'm still asking the seller to fix stuff...
The only real issue is the electrical, which I expect to have rewired over the next year or two (did I mention it was a 50+ YO house?)

Interesting about the water heater. My insurance company told me I would need to replace the 15 year old water heater within 30 days of closing, as it was simply too old. You may want to check that. It might just be my company (USAA), or just something that they haven't sprung yet.

Anyway, best of luck.

Re:Race ya! (1)

FortKnox (169099) | more than 11 years ago | (#5828807)

You'll prolly win. Not closing until the end of May, and Ohio has a nice little law that states that they have up to 30 days to leave the premises, so I won't be moving in until (probably) mid-June.

Re:Race ya! (1)

Em Emalb (452530) | more than 11 years ago | (#5828986)

What day you close?

My close date is May 30th. The house is vacant, so I have no worries about waiting. I also don't think GA has a silly law like Round on the outsides and Hi in the middle has.

I should be fully functioning in my new casa around the 5th or so.

Fun fun fun. Dude, isn't it great? Can you believe we've blown so much cash on effing apartments? Bah. I get mad thinking about it.

Re:Race ya! (1)

SamTheButcher (574069) | more than 11 years ago | (#5829098)

That was behind my wife & my decision when we bought our first house. We were plunking down $975/month to live in the middle of Walnut Creek, CA (where we also worked) in 1995. Not even in SF! We decided we could swing another few hundy a month and commute 20 minutes into town and decided to go for it. That first tax refund check (we weren't making that much in the first place and then add on the mortgage interest write off and we were sittin' pretty!) was sweet, sweet, indeed.

Re:Race ya! (1)

FortKnox (169099) | more than 11 years ago | (#5829131)

Same day, but it looks like we'll have to wait until mid June at the latest (they wrote that into the contract to be nice to us).

Re:Race ya! (1)

Red Warrior (637634) | more than 11 years ago | (#5830027)

I'm supposed to close on May 28 "or sooner". It's vacant, but I just found out that they have received a "much better" (than the full price one I made) offer, so they may refuse to make any repairs, In hopes that I'll pull out...
Fun, fun, fun.
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