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Where have I been?

Pinball Wizard (161942) writes | more than 11 years ago

User Journal 9

Wow, last journal was January 23. (pauses to sweep up the cobwebs) OK, where were we? The continuing effort to obtain my CS degree is going along quite nicely. 2 B's and one A last semester. I'm taking engineering stats now, should be another A, if I can keep it up.

Maybe my new toy will help. Any ticalc fans out there?

Wow, last journal was January 23. (pauses to sweep up the cobwebs) OK, where were we? The continuing effort to obtain my CS degree is going along quite nicely. 2 B's and one A last semester. I'm taking engineering stats now, should be another A, if I can keep it up.

Maybe my new toy will help. Any ticalc fans out there?

I can't believe this didn't get posted all over slashdot. The Real Sadaam Shady. It's pretty funny, although it would have been more funny two months ago. It's at the very least as entertaining as All Your Base or Soviet Russia jokes.

Concert of the summer(and Toronto's answer to SARS) Molson Canadian Rocks for Toronto. Rolling Stones, Rush, AC/DC, the Guess Who, but what really kicks ass is that Justin Timberlake is performing! Yeah, I'll suffer through all the old fogey dinosaur rock just to be able to see JT in person. (kidding) And the tickets are only $16 USD(!) Now if only round-trip airfare from Albuquerque wasn't $1,000, I could go. Is anyone going, so that I might live vicariously through you?

Oh yeah. Here's to you, Canada!

Does anyone think the new sidebar is an improvement? I now need three clicks to read the journals, unless theres something I missed. Worse, I can't log out and see other journals easily like I used to.

I took an IQ test recently and scored a full 10 points higher than ones I took in high school. I credit this entirely to studying math, logic, and computer science. I'm not trying to brag, just posting something I thought would be interesting to some and encouraging to others. If you've never read the Bell Curve, it's pretty damn depressing unless you happen to be among the 2 percent on the right side who will inevitably triumph over life's challenges, unlike the masses in the middle who are doomed to a life of repetition, boredom, and limited freedom working for those smarter than them. I now firmly believe, at least to the extent that IQ tests really gauge IQ, that one can significantly improve themselves by studying the aforementioned subjects. I drew a distinct coorelation between the way I've learned to think and my performance on the test.

Well that's all for now, folks. I'll try to keep this thing updated more often. Promise. ;)

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Flights (1)

turg (19864) | more than 11 years ago | (#6371916)

From ABQ to YYZ, I came up with $328 on NorthWest or $340 on American.

That's about the usual cost for Rolling Stone tickets, anyway, isn't it?

Re:Flights (1)

Pinball Wizard (161942) | more than 11 years ago | (#6372967)

round trip or one way?

Re:Flights (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 11 years ago | (#6373150)

Round trip -- I was using SideStep, if that makes a difference.

I love my TI-89 (1)

Some Woman (250267) | more than 11 years ago | (#6372492)

Though I may have forgotten how to integrate by partial fractions, I will never go back to the land of lesser model numbers.

Re:I love my TI-89 (1)

kormoc (122955) | more than 11 years ago | (#6372833)

Woot. I love my 89 as well. I am going to dig it out and play on it some today. C programming on a calc is soo much better then on a computer :)

IQ Tests (1)

eugene ts wong (231154) | more than 11 years ago | (#6373817)

The official IQ test that I've taken was based on words. I don't see how computer science, math, & logic would help there. I guess logic would help a little, but it seems to me, that usage & memorization of words would be the most important part.

What was your test like?

Re:IQ Tests (1)

Pinball Wizard (161942) | more than 11 years ago | (#6374213)

There were a lot of word questions like "A is to B as C is to blank", where you had to get the right meaning and context of the words. Those kind of questions, I've always been able to do well, simply because I've always read voraciously.

There were also a lot of logic puzzles, such as "find the part that goes with these three other parts" where you had to choose the correct part. Some of these puzzles were geometric, others involved color patterns. One of the questions I recall involved knowing simple trig - two people facing opposite each other travelled 5 miles, then each turned right and travelled another 5 miles. How far away from each other did they end up? If you didn't know to calculate the hypotenuse, you would have missed that one.

So I guess I should say that my own particular improvement was a result in learning to think mathematically and logically. Others, who are naturally stronger in these areas, but weaker in their language skills probably should focus on learning vocabulary and usage. In fact some researchers have drawn coorelations between vocabulary and IQ.

At any rate, I still believe anyone can significantly improve their score if they work at it. The mind is like a muscle, use it and it becomes stronger. Aptitude can be learned.

Re:IQ Tests (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 11 years ago | (#6381093)

there is little that can help your IQ

or your IQ test scores

TI bitch right here yo! (1)

Com2Kid (142006) | more than 11 years ago | (#6376187)

Heya, your local TI expert on hand. *G* I have had recommendations that I should teach an Intro to TI class at school, heh.

Seriously though, TIs rock.

Partial Fractions? Well shit, I've been doing those on my TI since algebra, I just though that they where some algebraic thing I had forgotten, lol, didn't even realize what they where.


Ok some nifty tricks for you:

You can create functions of variables. Example;


type in y(n) and get some result. *G* saves TONS of times when doing functions that the TI doesn't have built in and that you don't want to bother to program in yourself that instant in TI basic. :)

Diamond-Negate (the negative sign key) copies data to your "home screen". AKA the numbers on the graph goto your home screen so you get the benefit of full precision. :)

Get Kerno [ticalc.org] and learn to love it.

The keyboard speed up thing is worth it alone, so is the crash protection. The auto-shutoff saves battery life, yah!

Your calculator has a ton of nifty little shortcuts to do things. Nifty things like finding the magnitude of a vector can be done at least three different ways (that I can think off of hand. ^_^ ).

TI-Basic is your friend. Ok ok so I haven't bothered to learn the TI89 variant of it yet (heh) but I loved it on the 83. :)

Remember quick and dirty hacks are OK, you will actually learn more about a function by implementing it yourself in a programming language then you will downloading some program for it, so, err, yah, heh, make your own cheats. :) (I have actually had a few teachers who didn't consider it cheating as long a students did it that way. :-D )

Also, remember that GCC [ticalc.org] is available for the TI89. :)

Graphing styles are very nice, F6 under the function editor menu thingy. :)

Lack of decent implicit plotting sucks. *sigh*

Oh yah, and you can over clock your TI89 to 2x the speed it currently runs at. Err, if you do try it, can you tell me the results. Heh. *G*
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