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The full list(Blender's 50 worst artists)

Pinball Wizard (161942) writes | more than 11 years ago

Music 6

For those who read the article on yahoo today, and then followed the link to Blender's site only to find the bottom ten, rather than the full 50 worst artists of all time.

For those who read the article on yahoo today, and then followed the link to Blender's site only to find the bottom ten, rather than the full 50 worst artists of all time.

Of course, Kenny G and Michael Bolton are obvious. But ELP at #2?! C'mon, get real. Keith Emerson was the greatest keyboardist ever - not only an incredible live performer, but the only musician ever to play with both Jimi Hendrix and the London Symphony Orchestra. He took compositions by Ginastera and Holst and made them better(in fact Ginastera said so himself.) He was the pioneering synthesist, recording the first ever synthesizer solo(Lucky Man) not to mention working with Bob Moog himself.

Anyhoo, here's the list. Post your rants below.

1. Insane Clown Posse
2. Emerson, Lake and Palmer
3. Michael Bolton
4. Kenny G
5. Starship
6. Kansas
7. Asia
8. Vanilla Ice
9. Lee Greenwood
10. Air Supply
11. Latoya Jackson
12. Tin Machine
13. Mick Jagger
14. Yngwie Malmsteen
15. Yanni
16. Oingo Boingo
17. Benzino
18. Pat Boone
19. Dan Fogelberg
20. Howard Jones
21. The Alan Parsons Project
22. Primus
23. Creed
24. Bad English
25. Jamiroquai
26. Celine Dion
27. Colour Me Bad
28. Crash Test Dummies
29. Skinny Puppy
30. Richard Marx
31. Arrested Development
32. The Hooters
33. Japan
34. Live
35. Paul Oakenfold
36. 98 Degrees
37. The Doors
38. Nelson
39. Bob Geldof
40. Blind Melon
41. Whitesnake
42. Rick Wakeman
43. Mike and the Mechanics
44. Manowar
45. Gipsy Kings
46. The Spin Doctors
47. Goo Goo Dolls
48. Master P
49. Toad the Wet Sprocket
50. Iron Butterfly

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Bad or just overplayed? (1)

BlackHat (67036) | more than 11 years ago | (#6703036)

Ok, lets go over this list.
1. Insane Clown Posse : Is Gwar so much better that it is not listed as first?
2. Emerson, Lake and Palmer : Bullshit. Not strong enough...BULLLLLSHIIIITEEEE!!!!
3. to 11. : All crap!
12. Tin Machine : Kinda sucked but a good try with couple of good tunes.
13. to 15. : All three suck sooo bad.
16. Oingo Boingo : Bullshit again. Fun band.
17. Benzino : ???
18. to 21. : Drop above 4 from all playlists NOW!
22. Primus : Tim-Meah!!!!!
23. and 24. : Oooh stinky.
25. to 28. : All four are Crap
29. Skinny Puppy : Best Death-Synth-Pop Band Ever!
30. to 32. : Uggghhhhh Kill me now!!!
33. Japan : Good for the era, kinda sucks now.
34. to 36. : I'd sooner give my brain to a zombie.
37. The Doors : Sucks but is a must to play at parties
38. to 41. : Put all four of them in a bag and drop it off a bridge.
42. Rick Wakeman : Only makes sense if you hate music.
43. to 48. : I'd sooner drink bleach!!!
49. Toad the Wet Sprocket : Pure Fun.
50. Iron Butterfly : Ickky shite from hell.
Well there you go. Sorry for sucky formatting but damn short line filter hates me...

Re:Bad or just overplayed? (1)

dthable (163749) | more than 11 years ago | (#6706575)

49. Toad the Wet Sprocket : Pure Fun.

Yeah....about as much fun as a root canal.

My rant... (1)

kormoc (122955) | more than 11 years ago | (#6705015)

This is really a rant with no real content, so you don't have to even bother reading it :)

Emerson, Lake and Palmer? Mick Jagger? Creed? Live? The Doors? Blind Melon? Rick Wakeman?!?!?!?! Goo Goo Dolls? Come on, who was smoking what when they made this list cause I don't even think crack explains Wakeman and ELP. Most of the formentioned bands have some great songs, so I wouldn't consider them the worst ever. When a band has no good songs at all, then I could see it going on the worst ever list, and Wakeman? Christ, what the fuck? Did they ever listen to him? His works are great and I still listen to him all the time...

That just pissed me off :)

My 2 cents (1)

DaytonCIM (100144) | more than 11 years ago | (#6705655)

1. Insane Clown Posse - I'm still wondering what inept and deaf music executive actually signed these guys and gave them studio time.

2. Emerson, Lake and Palmer - Umm, obviously whoever compiled this list never owned a stereo.
Replacement: Dave Koz - While we're rippin' on Mr. Kenny G, we need to throw in Dave Koz. Another in the group that claimed to be a "jazz musician," but really wouldn't know jazz if it sat on his face.

3. Michael Bolton - Not #1? This guy still thinks he has "soul." And the whole thing with Conan O'Brien? What an ass.

4. Kenny G - I have so much respect for my local Tower Records. They refuse to put any of Mr. G's CDs in the Jazz section.

5. Starship - Here is a great example of a great band gone terribly wrong and why Grace Slick should have never stopped taking drugs.

6. Kansas - Not in total agreement here. Granted they never shook the foundation of rock 'n roll, but they weren't that bad.

7. Asia - Just one step above Kenny G.

8. Vanilla Ice - "Drop the zero and get wit da hero." Need anything more be said about this guy?

9. Lee Greenwood - Only one country artist in the top 10? Oh and don't let any real, red-blooded American see Mr. Greenwood at #9.

10. Air Supply - Choke. Gasp. Yes, they suck.

11. Latoya Jackson - Not in the top ten? Oh my. I'd move her to #2.

12. Tin Machine - Good intentions gone bad. This group put out horrific stuff, but then "re-grouped" under Bowie and put out 3 albums of genius.

13. Mick Jagger - Yeah, Mick you really, really need Keith to make good music.

14. Yngwie Malmsteen - Too much ego and not enough intelligence.

15. Yanni - Yawn.

16. Oingo Boingo - What? Who the hell put Boingo on this list? Like ELP this person obviously never actually listened to any music.
Replacement: New Kids on the Block - They're responsible for the newest wave of boy bands and I hate them for that.

17. Benzino - Who?

18. Pat Boone - Stick to preaching and opening new churches in OC. Dancing, singing, and performing should be left to those people who actually have talent.

19. Dan Fogelberg - LOL. Dennie Leary has the best line: "Dan Fogelberg made me a pussy." Yeah, this guy sucks.

20. Howard Jones - 80's hair band boy. Not that bad. I actually own some of his stuff.

21. The Alan Parsons Project - Not sure what they were trying for... it never came through in the music.

22. Primus - Yes, Primus Sucks! ;)
Replacement: Limp Bizkit - Ummm, yeah. Can we play the same power cord over and over and over and over and can we please have Fred scream one more time? 3 Dollar Bill Y'all had some promise, but then corporate minded Durst and Co. killed what creativity they had.

23. Creed - Can you say Jim Morrison obsession? Never understood how a "godly" person could worship Mr. Mojo Risen.

24. Bad English - Bad music. Bad lyrics. Bad live.

25. Jamiroquai - Over inflated ego. Just add to the long list of one hit wonders we'll never understand.

26. Celine Dion - I think they should seal the doors to her new colisium in Vegas during her show. That way she can never again assault us with her "music."

27. Colour Me Bad - Color them gone.

28. Crash Test Dummies - Came and went and didn't leave much of an impression. Guess that's good.

29. Skinny Puppy - Off shoot of Ministry. Not bad, but no where near the talent or power of Ministry.

30. Richard Marx - Right up there with Kenny G and Michael Bolton in my book.

31. Arrested Development - I think these guys had a great future, but wasted it with inter-band squabbles.

32. The Hooters - Great restaurant.

33. Japan - The world already had Asia and these idiots come out. They sucked.

34. Live - Powerful lyrics and great music. Don't agree with them being on this list.

35. Paul Oakenfold - Oakie? WTF? Yeah, what the hell are you smoking? Oakie is one of the premiere DJs of our time.

Replacement: Roger Waters - Talent yes, but the ego went unchecked. He sucks as a solo artist.

36. 98 Degrees - Glad their 15 minutes is up.

37. The Doors - WTF? Are you on crack? The Doors? Ummmm, no.
Replacement: The Doors of the 21st Century - Hi! Can we cash in on nostalgia? Jim is dead, but we want to get someone who looks like him and sounds like him and pass ourselves off as... well the Doors. Kinda like what Journey is doing.

38. Nelson - I always thought Gunner should have gone solo.

39. Bob Geldof - Should have gone into promotion (see Live Aid) and not performing.

40. Blind Melon - If Shannon had lived I think they could have made some stellar music. But we'll never know.

41. Whitesnake - Mr. Vandenberg couldn't rip off Led Zeppelin enough with his first band: Vandenberg. So, he went out and got some new guys and tried again. Yuppie heavy-metal crap.

42. Rick Wakeman - He suffers from the Mick Jagger complex: great in his band, sucks solo.

43. Mike and the Mechanics - When your song is the title song for a movie about a computer falling in love with a girl, you know you suck.

44. Manowar - rrrrr. I don't think you want to tell these guys they suck. I'm pretty sure they'll kick your ass.

45. Gipsy Kings - Ummm, what? Have you actually listened to these guys?
Replacement: Andreas Vollenweider - Gawd I'm glad he stopped putting records out.

46. The Spin Doctors - They were the bubble-gum Grateful Dead.

47. Goo Goo Dolls - Some of the best lyrically writing, don't agree with their presence on the list.
Replacement: Britney Spears - Do I really need a comment here?

48. Master P - Can you say uhhhhhhh, I suck.

49. Toad the Wet Sprocket - Yeah, they sucked.

50. Iron Butterfly - One hit wonder, but they were pretty good. With the plethora of shitty artists out there I'm not sure I'd have these guys on here.
Replacement: Justin Timberlake - Again, do I really need to justify (no pun intended) my #50?

Re:My 2 cents (1)

dthable (163749) | more than 11 years ago | (#6706543)

1. Insane Clown Posse - I'm still wondering what inept and deaf music executive actually signed these guys and gave them studio time.

I'm sure it was the same moron who thought that a .com didn't need a business plan. I can forgive this, it was the roaring '90s.

8. Vanilla Ice - "Drop the zero and get wit da hero." Need anything more be said about this guy?

Oh, a lot more phrases come to mind. "What's it like having a Ronnie" or something stupid like that. Now he's all punk....*cough* poser *cough*.

To quote a popular /. phrase... (1)

gmhowell (26755) | more than 11 years ago | (#6709834)

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