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News: Bible confirms carbon-dated tunnel

Chacham (981) writes | more than 10 years ago

User Journal 15 (A.K.A. Arutz-Sheva) has a story titled "Science And Bible Meet" (A.K.A. Arutz-Sheva) has a story titled "Science And Bible Meet"

Jerusalem's Shiloah Spring Tunnel, or Siloam Tunnel, has been radiocarbon-dated to around 700 BC - in confirmation of the Biblical account. The London-based Nature journal reported the finding on Sept. 11, noting that the half-kilometer tunnel, which today carries the name of its builder, King Hezekiah of Judea, still carries water from the Gihon Spring into Jerusalem's ancient City of David. Hebrew University geologist Amos Frumkin and colleagues looked at the decay of radioactive elements in plants and stalactites in tunnel samples, and came up with a study that archaeologist Henrik Bruins of Ben-Gurion University says "makes the tunnel's age certain."

According to Kings II 20 and Chronicles II 32, the tunnel was built to protect the city's water supply against an imminent Assyrian siege. "The tunnel was a major technological achievement," said Frumkin. "It's one of the most ancient structures that's still in use." It is also one of the longest ancient water tunnels without intermediate shafts.

It's nice to know that "Science" in finally making progress.

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Post the text (1)

True Freak (57805) | more than 10 years ago | (#6987405)

Post the text from the Bible that this article references.

Is this from the Torah or is it from a Christian Bible?

Re:Post the text (1)

jc103 (618410) | more than 10 years ago | (#6987647)

From the book of 2 Chronicles, chapter 32. It's in both..

Re:Post the text (1)

jc103 (618410) | more than 10 years ago | (#6987674)

Hmm... the reference link [] didn't get posted.

Sorry about that.

Re:Post the text (1)

True Freak (57805) | more than 10 years ago | (#6987812)

I think that's the first time I have seen the Bible refer to itself.

32 The rest of the events of Hezekiah's reign and his acts of devotion are recorded in The Vision of the Prophet Isaiah Son of Amoz, which is included in The Book of the Kings of Judah and Israel.

Re:Post the text (1)

jc103 (618410) | more than 10 years ago | (#6988020)

Oh, that happens a lot of times! The New Testament refers to the Old Testament, different prophets and writers in the Old Testament refer to other prophets/writers in the Old Testament, etc. Basically that happens because the original text of the Bible was written over hundreds of years by a bunch of different people and compiled at different times in history to finally form the Bible (canon) in its current form*.

* Applies to either the Torah or the Christian Bible.

Re:Post the text (1)

True Freak (57805) | more than 10 years ago | (#6988184)

Yah...I guess that would make sense...just caught me off guard...kind of felt like something you would see as a translators note or some such.

Re:Post the text (1)

jc103 (618410) | more than 10 years ago | (#6988261)

Heh - yeah I can see that.. Sort of like if I refered to myself in the 3rd person during a conversation or something..

Re:Post the text (1)

superyooser (100462) | more than 10 years ago | (#6991046)

The New Testament even refers to itself. Peter talks about Paul's writings in 2 Peter 3.
15 And think of our Lord's patience as deliverance, just as our dear brother Sha'ul also wrote you, following the wisdom God gave him.

16 Indeed, he speaks about these things in all his letters. They contain some things that are hard understand, things which the uninstructed and unstable distort, to their own destruction, as they do the other Scriptures.

Re:Post the text (1)

Chacham (981) | more than 10 years ago | (#6989511)

Actually, it was not the Bible referencing itself, since Chronicles, like all the latter 19 books of the Bible, were not cannonized until much later. It is just a reference to another book, such as when Kings refers to the chronicles kept by each kingdom. The difference being that Isaih's prophecies actually were cannonized.

There is, however, a self-reference to the Bible once or twice in Deuteronomy.

Canonised (1)

SolemnDragon (593956) | more than 10 years ago | (#6989908)

Cannonisation, which is arguably just as religious an experience, would be... being shot from a cannon, perhaps? i'm not nitpicking, i'm sharing a discussion that my family and i had about canonisation versus cannonisation. It started over the discussion of Mother Theresa being on the fast track for cannonisation, to which a certain dragon who shall remain nameless started laughing uncontrollably... And then had to explain...

Re:Canonised (1)

Chacham (981) | more than 10 years ago | (#6990605)

Thanx for the correction....and the laugh. :)

Too bad (1)

Com2Kid (142006) | more than 10 years ago | (#6988500)

about the entire Earth thing. :-P

So congrats, somebody actually wrote down something that happened in the Bible, not like it is the first time that has ever happened.

"Ooh, look, something historical got written down!!!" :-P

Re:Too bad (1)

True Freak (57805) | more than 10 years ago | (#6988752)

I think it's poor form to insult someones beliefs in their own journal. He didn't post it as a news article to the main site or anything...He just wanted to share something with his friends.

Re:Too bad (1)

Com2Kid (142006) | more than 10 years ago | (#6992651)

He was making a wise crack remake at science on a Geek/Nerd site.

I made a wise crack remark back!


Re:Too bad (1)

jc103 (618410) | more than 10 years ago | (#6988990)

Yeah you're right, it's not the first time - it actually happens a lot with the Bible, but it's cool to have something historical unearthed to be able to actually examine it right?.. Exploration, scientific method and all that?

I thought it was cool anyway.. scene of some historic battles and stuff.

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