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Cell phones

Chacham (981) writes | about 11 years ago

User Journal 1

My cellphone broke. Literally. It's in two pieces.

My cellphone broke. Literally. It's in two pieces.

I pay for that insurance plan (a few dollars a month) and, IIRC, the phone costs $35 dollars to replace. I took that once before, but not this time. My two-years with Verizon are up, so if decide to sign up for a year, i get a better deal on a new phone, which is someting i want to look into. Then, replacing ths phone would be a waste, and use up one of the two yearly replacements (not that i need both, but the security is nice to have).

So, i was thinking about signing up for another two-year deal with Verizon. With the two-year contract and their two-for-two plan, i could get basically a two-hundred dollar phone thrown in for free. Certainly something to look at. Their picture-phone is nice, but its made by LG. Same as my current phone, and they just seem to break after a year or so. When i closed the phone sometimes it simply turned off. An acquaintence reported the same behavior.

As for the plan, i am currently on a one-thousand minute plan (no free nights and weekends) for $39.99. Though, they have a new offer for $59.99 which is 100 minutes, plus free nights, weekends, and the like.

In the meanwhile, my neighbor mentioned a unbelieveable ad he saw. In New York, a store is offering 500 minutes (plus free nights and weekends) for $39.99. It include the ability to choose the area code. It requires a one-year contract, but gives a free phone and $240 dollars back after six months, that makes it about $20 a month. Obviously, i want more details. Sounds almost too good to be true, but New York has a much more competitive market, so it is believeable.

What to do, what to do.

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Get a Nokia (1)

True Freak (57805) | about 11 years ago | (#7163492)

In my opinion...they make some of the best cell phones...excusing thier recent horrorshow of a product they call the N-Gage...they have better interfaces than motorolla and are small and fairly durable. I had one for a couple years with no have many of my friends(and my wife). The other thing I would recommend...skip the flip...less moving pieces means less ways you can break it...and I do me You...You like to play with things...often to the point of breaking them. Any phone that has a convienient button lock is just as good as any flip phone.
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