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On social media in the past

jawtheshark (198669) writes | about a year ago

User Journal 2

Yeah, well, I've got a new soapbox. On social media in the pastYeah, well, I've got a new soapbox. On social media in the past

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AOL (1)

Austrian Anarchy (3010653) | about a year ago | (#45358693)

America Online, ICQ, AIM, and I presume other glorified BBSs, had a friend/foe system that was not labeled as such. You could block accounts, add them to buddy lists, etc. Essentially, they were a combination of messaging/email, Usenet and IRC in a different wrapper. All had filtering capability too.

Re:AOL (1)

jawtheshark (198669) | about a year ago | (#45358963)

Yes, but not really. ICQ/AOL were not broadcast media. (I admit, I only implied that in my post) Chats were mostly realtime, just like IRC.
Newsgroups and BBS had the broadcast non-realtime but not the "linking" functionality. I was not online pre-Internet. Communications were waaaaay too expensive in Europe for BBS to be practical, especially in a small country.
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