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TT Web Site Manager 0.4 and poptasticDB database functions

carndearg (696084) writes | more than 10 years ago

User Journal

Big software release day for me today, both my projects having major releases.Big software release day for me today, both my projects having major releases.

Version 0.4 of the TT Web Site Manager is a general purpose database driven web application framework written in PHP, featuring support for multiple database servers.
Version 0.4 brings new versions of the ODBC and MS SQL modules, as well as an experimental new module supporting SQLite on PHP5. This release has been rewritten to use the poptasticDB database access functions, and incorporates many feature upgrades and bug fixes.

The poptasticDB database access functions 1.0 v0.4 are a set of PHP function libraries designed to provide cross platform database support for PHP applications from a common programmers interface. They are free open source software released under the GNU Lesser General Public Licence.
Current platforms supported are as follows: MySQL, MS SQL Server, SQLite and ODBC, though SQLite support can not be considered stable until it has a stable PHP5 version to be tested upon. Future plans include ports to Oracle and PostgreSQL.

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