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"Subtle" pro-RIAA propaganda site talks down to us

orthogonal (588627) writes | more than 10 years ago

The Media 12

The Slashdot editors rejected this article -- because they don't want you to see it!

(That's a tautology, designed to sound controversial and get your attention. But now that I have your attention, check out this site for an idea of just how easily the RIAA expects to manipulate its customers.)

The Slashdot editors rejected this article -- because they don't want you to see it!

(That's a tautology, designed to sound controversial and get your attention. But now that I have your attention, check out this site for an idea of just how easily the RIAA expects to manipulate its customers.)

orthogonal writes "Hey kids! Let me condescend to you. A site with a '60s look and '50s sensibility pretends to be hip and cool as it dispenses RIAA propaganda in a tone as condescending as a junior high school Health class film.

As a bonus, it appears as if it was written by the "Is it cool or is it whack" troll. Here's a sample of the lowdown, kids:

So what's the deal with downloading music from the Internet? Everyone's talking about it - at home, at school, in chat rooms, in the media - and millions of music lovers are doing it. But a lot of people are confused. Some parents are telling their kids not to download; others think it's okay. Some downloaders are being sued by record companies, others are not. Even some of the people who create and sell music aren't sure what to think - or do - about technology and music.

All the cool kids are gonna check this site out after school!"

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I've got another good one for you... (1)

Tickenest (544722) | more than 10 years ago | (#8225239) [] came along maybe a year and a half ago. Of course, the sponsors (the American beef industry) have added slightly more indication that they're behind the site, but back in the day, there was nothing about them except a couple of tiny links at the bottom of the main page.

So as I looked through the site the first time, I was kinda wondering why Blue [] had made it a link of the day. Then I realized that there were references to beef on practically every page! All the recipes had beef! The first type of food in a healthy diet was beef! Amazing!

So they've changed the site slightly since then (I'm sure they got pestered with enough complaints about their shady marketing), but it's still pretty good for a laugh.

Re:I've got another good one for you... (1)

ElectricRook (264648) | more than 10 years ago | (#8227017)

The first type of food in a healthy diet was beef! Amazing!

Of course beef is a health food if you are an omnivore.

site is for people who aren't p2p'ers yet (1)

gearheadsmp (569823) | more than 10 years ago | (#8226442)

From a quick glance, the site appears to be targetting kids who haven't downloaded their first song. Their trying to influence people before they even try p2p. Kind of like:
Republicans & Democrats trying to convince Moderates
Christians & Athiests trying to convince Agnostics

I know, those are contraversial and poor examples. But what all of those sides are trying to say is, "You're just confused. Let us decide for you."

Re:site is for people who aren't p2p'ers yet (1)

samrolken (246301) | more than 10 years ago | (#8228102)

Eh, not like Christians and Atheist trying to convince Agnostics... Agnostics and atheists are both, by definition, decidedly non-religious. Perhaps by "Agnostic", you meant, "religiously undecided", which isn't the same thing as "agnostic".

Re:site is for people who aren't p2p'ers yet (1)

Frisky070802 (591229) | more than 10 years ago | (#8233100)

Kind of reminds me of the irony in seeing Philip Morris advertise how awful it is to smoke.

they have a message board! (1)

gearheadsmp (569823) | more than 10 years ago | (#8226510)

Here's some choice snippets:

"They argue, and the courts agree, that downloading and swapping music illegally is just like stealing a CD from a store" rsy/the_low_down/index.aspx []

They also have a message board.
here []

So I bet if someone posts a link to the message board in a Slash article on the RIAA (near the top), RIAA will be forced to shut the board down :P

I prefer this quote: (1)

FreakWent (627155) | more than 10 years ago | (#8276530)

Since the beginning of music, recording technology has helped music fans listen to their favorite tunes in unique and cutting edge ways.

So... recording technology from 1672 was..... what? How about in 0AD or 15,000BC?

What a load of drivel.

There are also alternatives... (2, Informative)

4lex (648184) | more than 10 years ago | (#8235712)

Of course, copyright laws are clearly unappropiate right now as they stand, and I am all in favour to change them into something more reasonable, which favours us all (including the artists), and not only the greedy corporations... I just want to make you notice that there are current legal alternatives to fight RIIA, such as:

"5 February 2004 Perth, Western Australia

New Zealander Anthony Jones announced the third minor release of the iRATE radio client today. iRATE radio provides users with a powerful new way to find and download free, legal music online. Users rate tracks based on their tastes. The iRATE server then selects other tracks to send to the user from a database of over 50,000 freely downloadable songs by correlating the user's ratings with other users and finding people with similar tastes.

Unlike streaming audio, iRATE saves the tracks to the user's hard drive. This means that playback is smoother, without the typical problems associated with streaming media, such as high bandwidth usage.

iRATE radio is written in Java, and is available for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X.

Windows users can easily get up and running with iRATE radio using Sun's Java Web Start and Internet Explorer. For other browsers on Windows and Linux, users may need to download and install Java WebStart separately. There are also native Debian, Mandrake, and Redhat Linux packages available. Mac users will be pleased to hear that a disk image (.DMG) file for OS X will be released within a week.

This release features a new, more intuitive user interface, a refined track selection algorithm, and better download performance. Other improvements include a new icon (following the recent icon contest), tool tips, ID3 tag display, artist's website link support, playlist management, and many others.

Since the project's registration at SourceForge in March 2003, iRATE radio has gathered an increasing number of developers. The user base now numbers over 8,000 individuals. However, there is still a lot of work to be done. Jones recently made an announcement to the development mailing list detailing thirteen focus areas for improvement. These included translations, native playback (for improved decoding performance), better server-side track selection, multimedia key binding support, audio prompting, more publicity, and several others.

The iRATE radio website is at"

Sign of the times? (1)

D.A. Zollinger (549301) | more than 10 years ago | (#8252731)

I went to the site, and noticed the poll on the right. "Do you think that the rules about file-swapping are clear and easy to understand?" With the options of Yes, No, and Not Sure, I clicked on No, and submitted. Sure enough, No has the most votes with 65% of the respondants indicating this choice, with Yes following a distant second at 20% and Not Sure at 14%. But you would never know that from the graph they display. According to the graph, that poll is in a 3 way dead heat, with each choice displaying 33% of respondants.

Think this is how the record companies view the real world? "I don't care what the truth is, this is what I think it is, so that is what it is." If they ever took the time to actually look around, maybe we wouldn't be having these problems.

I work at a speaker manufacturer and our CEO is following this. And it just blows his mind that Apple has cornered the market. I mean, my god, Sony had both parts. They had the hardware, they had their music division. Hell, they invented the Walkman! And they couldn't put it together?!? It took a computer company to create this market and dominate it. If Sony had taken 2 seconds in 2000 to look at what they had, and what the trends were, Apple should have never even stood a chance. But they dropped the ball big time, and they are going to be kicking themselves for years to come. If I were a stock holder in Sony, I would be screaming for the head of their CEO.

hmm... (1)

tolan-b (230077) | more than 10 years ago | (#8268424)

I haven't read an awful ot of the site, but it's not totally one sided.

In the artists' buzz section there's this: ...

Let's assume the music sales downturn is caused exclusively by music downloading over peer-to-peer Internet networks as some executives contend (a contention that certainly merits its own long discussion). ...

What's clear is, that by pursuing a campaign of suing its customers who use peer-to-peer networks, the music industry is fighting a battle that was lost long ago - all while disregarding a huge licensing revenue event that would turn downloading from foe to friend. ...

I've seen worse, did you see the MPAA's equiv of this? It was pitiful :p

not a tautology (1)

HokieJP (741860) | more than 10 years ago | (#8270490)

Not to be picky (but rather to be pedantic), but your first statement is not a tautology. The statements that 'your article was rejected' and that 'the editors don't want us to see it' are not the same. They may, for instance, want us to see it, but not think it's appropriate for this site.

If you said: "This article was rejected because the editors decided not to post it", that would be a tautology.

Re:not a tautology (1)

orthogonal (588627) | more than 10 years ago | (#8271039)

Not to be picky (but rather to be pedantic), but your first statement is not a tautology

So the Jesuits have found Slashdot, have they? ;) Thanks for the nitpick.
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