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Century of the Self - 2002

Jeremiah Cornelius (137) writes | about 6 months ago



Episode 1 - Happiness Machines


Episode 2 - The Engineering of Consent


Episode 3 - There Is a Policeman Inside All Our Heads: He Must Be Destroyed


Episode 4 - Eight People Sipping Wine in Kettering




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No plugin or account necessary (1)

Zontar The Mindless (9002) | about 6 months ago | (#46605567)

Re:No plugin or account necessary (1)

Jeremiah Cornelius (137) | about 6 months ago | (#46605887)

If BBC would just stream these, with "Power of Nightmares"...

Re:No plugin or account necessary (1)

Zontar The Mindless (9002) | about 6 months ago | (#46606217)

Century is scarily awesome. It did things to my head. I'm still not entirely sure what some of them were.

Re:No plugin or account necessary (1)

kesuki (321456) | about 6 months ago | (#46610915)

so far it is interesting. i will post my thoughts when i get through the vids.

Re:No plugin or account necessary (1)

kesuki (321456) | about 6 months ago | (#46612051)

saw first two episodes. basically humans are fundamentally evil, the more stress a person has the more evil they become. our leaders and corporations are both fundamentally evil, and the more people conform to the ideals of their leaders the more evil people are. people trying to remove the evil from people are misguided, and can only prolong life or have superficial, temporary effects. also while medicines can do some things, erasing memories is highly dangerous and doesn't remove evil from people.

the below is tangential to the argument, but is not covered in the video files, it is from my 2-3 year struggle in hospitals and group homes,

having gone through schizophrenia, i can clearly tell you that some of the meds work great. put they again don't remove the evil from the hearts of men either, and our current society becoming a 'good consumer' is the goal of programs to 'fix' mentally ill people. freedom as long as it is to make the rich more money sigh.

Re:No plugin or account necessary (1)

PopeRatzo (965947) | about 6 months ago | (#46617557)

You might be in a better position to see this stuff than someone who is not schizophrenic. That doesn't mean I envy your suffering, which must have been horrific. I have a close friend for many years who has had that diagnosis. He's also one of the smartest people I know, which makes his suffering even greater, it seems.

I agree with you that corporations are fundamentally evil - by design, and evil seems to be a requirement to become one of our leaders.

But the older I get, and the less programming I consume, the more I'm noticing that humans are not fundamentally evil. They're fundamentally scared, and more than willing to overcome their fear in order to do good. They're even willing to throw off their programming if they feel that others are willing to join them.

I wish you well, kesuki. I wish you peace.

Re:No plugin or account necessary (1)

kesuki (321456) | about 6 months ago | (#46618341)

thanks, i was trying to find the words for a one paragraph summary of the first two of four episodes. not my own stance but rather what portrayed in the video, sorry should have mentioned that. i know people aren't fundamentally evil, i have watched several little ones grow up, and the younger they are the less evil they appear, people in general have a wide variance of evil but all evil was 'learned' behaviors. i myself struggle with evil, but the less evil thoughts i have the less unhappy i am in life. i for a long time just did whatever, and mostly it was 'waste time' and be emo. at the time i kinda worked to have high karma posts on slashdot, as if that made me happy.

Re:No plugin or account necessary (1)

mcgrew (92797) | about 6 months ago | (#46622475)

There are some excellent treatments for schitzophrenia, but unfortunately none for psychopathy.

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