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Yeah, 'Bavarian Illuminati' (1)

smitty_one_each (243267) | about 4 months ago | (#46611061)


Re:Yeah, 'Bavarian Illuminati' (1)

fustakrakich (1673220) | about 4 months ago | (#46615287)

'Bavarian Illuminati'

Is there another kind?

"...founded on May 1, Jesuit-taught Adam Weishaupt... to oppose superstition, prejudice, religious influence over public life, abuses of state power, and to support women's education and gender equality."

Sounds like a pretty righteous bunch. I went to a Jesuit school. It's a little like being raised by wolves.

Re:Yeah, 'Bavarian Illuminati' (1)

smitty_one_each (243267) | about 4 months ago | (#46615659)

It's a little like being raised by wolves.

Where is your Rome?

Re:Yeah, 'Bavarian Illuminati' (1)

fustakrakich (1673220) | about 4 months ago | (#46616155)

It's been a while since I looked at a map. Was it moved?

Re:Yeah, 'Bavarian Illuminati' (1)

smitty_one_each (243267) | about 4 months ago | (#46616729)

Check your left boot.

Re:Yeah, 'Bavarian Illuminati' (1)

Jeremiah Cornelius (137) | about 4 months ago | (#46617277)

Rome where you want to
Rome around the world

I watched dalas buyers club.. spoilers (1)

kesuki (321456) | about 4 months ago | (#46618519)

it fits in to conspiracy, but it is truth.













aids is discovered, blown off as 'gay disease'
smoking, drinking guy is told he has hiv which causes aids and has 30 days to live.
not willing to go, he spends a day researching and discovers a 'new' drug for hiv, which was formerly a cancer cure, but failed in trials. he can't get it legally, so he has a guy steal the pills for him, when they start locking the pills up guy goes to mexico, where a doctor refuses to give him the drug as it is 'too toxic for human consumption' but proceeds to treat him until he feels better.
the doc hooks him up with 'natural' treatments for improving immune health. then the guy convinces doc to let him sell the stuff, even though it is illegal to sell 'cures' that aren't 'government approved' the cure is mostly vitamins, and known immune boosting meds. so, the guy has smuggled in cures but gets inspected and said most of it is vitamins, he cons his way back. word gets around and many people with aids come for his cure, as the trend grows there are problems with the law, but they then become a 'buyers club' $400 to 'get in' and they can take a supply of meds which costs nothing. they begin trying other promising anti hiv meds as well, as they grow, they run into trouble and have to change location and finally they get their day in court and judge agrees he breaks no laws by taking non approved meds, because he is a 'terminally ill' person. after 12 years or so (i forgot the exact) he dies of aids, when the initial doc only gave him 30 days to live.
a side note the 'toxic' cure is pushed through trials and it is clear they are behind trying to shut the buyers club down, and there is a confrontation about the right way to treat people, 'with a dangerous pill from a company that has spent millions and is not caring if people get better or not, and that the govt only cares about the palms the company greased when it was found too toxic to cure cancer.

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