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Online Colaboration vs. Tikiwiki

gmuslera (3436) writes | more than 10 years ago

User Journal 1

Today i made this comment about online collaboration, related to weblogs, comments and slashdot.Today i made this comment about online collaboration, related to weblogs, comments and slashdot.

There i put 3 of the most common ways of collaborating thru web: blogs (or announcements, or news, they behave in a similar way), discussion forums and wiki (well, in fact pages about something, wiki enables a common way to collaborate on them but could be others). One of the things i liked about TikiWiki is that it provides all those ways, and some more (i.e. in drawings, or in tabular data, etc).

But what i miss is alternatives. Is a need that must be filled, and for now is the main tool that try to consolidate all those online collaboration ways, at least giving the surrounding tools that it implies (i.e. security to be able to define where the collaboration could occur and with who, or an unified way to see whats happening on the site, etc). The only alternative i'm aware of is TikiPro that is a fork from TikiWiki.

Of course, i could not looking in the right direction. Existing CMSs (i.e. probably Typo3 have all the individual tools) could have ways to edit "static" content (like in wiki), have a way to publish news (like in a blog) and have forums, but the examples i briefly saw not reached the needed integration between them and maybe other ways to collaborate, not only in a small team but potentially the internet as a whole, and with no training required (that should exclude Typo3 :). Maybe there are alternatives that if well they don't look like Tiki, they enables all those kinds of collaboration in a easy way and with some security, but in any case, still not found them and is a need.

Of course, i'm not saying that TikiWiki is bad (in fact is pretty good), but what is good is diversity, different approachs to similar tasks, new points of view, and for now there is none.

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A few thoughts (1)

GQuon (643387) | more than 10 years ago | (#9298613)


TikiWiki has a lot of features, and thus becomes quite a beast to manage (a bit bloated).

What TikiWiki does very well is integrating several features in the same system: Wiki, blog, news articles, task management etc. This integrating of features makes it quite a job to come up with a completely different competitor, since all the stuff allready is in there. I think the most likely alternative will come from a branch.
TikiWiki is as I said quite a beast for the developers, but the site manager can switch on only those features which the site needs, thus not having to deal with the complexity. I think it's even possible to delete those PHP scripts you don't use, but I'd leave them in there since a few kB of storage is well spent to avoid failures from missing PHP files.
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