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day 13 without internet

thinkninja (606538) writes | more than 10 years ago

User Journal 0

Originallu written Thursday June 04

Originallu written Thursday June 04

off sick today. uptime is 3 days, 21h. cold and head aches. crafty seems better than gnuchess but is unable to mate in an end game. playing another match now (`xboard -fcp crafty -mg 10 -size medium -thinking -xreuse -tc 10 -inc 0`). i installed xp on an old 60gb, 5400rpm drive so i could play splinter cell. supposed to be getting "pandora tomorrow" today. also /supposed/ to be getting a grocery delivery. i hope so as there's absolutely nothing to eat here.

now crafty has a +5 pawn advantage. according to the faq v9.21, crafty has a Louget rating (comparable to a FIDE rating, apparently) of 2395 on a pentium pro 200 with a 56MB hash table. god only know what that works out to on a barton 2500+. no wonder i can't beat it! then again i do suck pretty bad.

i've almost 'finalized' my screen hardstatus now.

source .screenrc
backtick 1 5 60 /home/ninja/bin/hardstatus
backtick 2 10 10 cat /tmp/hardstatcon
backtick 3 10 10 /home/ninja/bin/gethstattorrents
hardstatus alwayslastline "%{= wk}%1=%c:%s %{= KW} %11=%{+b}%2`%{-b} %20=%3` %39=%H:%? %1` %82=%l%?"

which gives black time ("%H:%M%:%S") on light grey background, then white text on dark grey background (from left-to-right): status from green to red (represented as "i, i+, i++, i*, or i?"); dhs threatcon status (same as ics but with "t"; base level is 'elevated' [yellow?]); backtick 3 rotates between each torrent that's running on the screen session called 'torrents' status, the date ("%b %d %Y"), and days remaining until DSL is available on the local exchange ("54 days remain" :/); in the center is hostname followed by uptime/uptimed output, backtick 1 gives either uptime and uptimed rank ("up 3 days, 21:42 (2nd)"), time until next rank if lower than 3rd, or time til no1 if not 1st (if 1st, give time until next milestone); and finally system load averages.

the only thing that i plan on adding is rotating load averages with data off the wire. [now done]

in total, that's 97 lines of shell script to prettify my hardstatus. feh :/ it looks nice in pseudo-transparent fullscreen terminal, though :)

xboard: Match Crafty-19.10 vs. GNU Chess 5.07: final score 9-0-1

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