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Spreading Myself Too Thinly?

tepples (727027) writes | more than 10 years ago

The Internet 3

That does it.

People often discuss several clique web sites that require some sort of invitation before essential parts of the site become available. I'm not a Freemason; I'm not big on secret societies. I try to ignore those sites to the extent that I can because I don't want to jump in head-first without testing the waters.

That does it.

People often discuss several clique web sites that require some sort of invitation before essential parts of the site become available. I'm not a Freemason; I'm not big on secret societies. I try to ignore those sites to the extent that I can because I don't want to jump in head-first without testing the waters.


In my spare time, I maintain free software for PC and Game Boy Advance and am in the middle of writing an ambitious GBA programming tutorial. However, I'm not entirely sure that the projects I maintain have a high enough profile in the general interest community to attract the "certifications" that allow me to write anywhere but inside my own profile page. Free software advocates seem to prefer to certify people who design their software to run natively on popular free software operating systems that run on PC hardware. However, though I do make an effort to use cross-platform toolkits, I currently do not and cannot test my PC software on any platform but Microsoft Windows. I can't just switch to GNU/Linux because it has no drivers for peripherals that I own, and I cannot afford to purchase new compatible peripherals. I can't just dual-boot because I have processes that don't like to be started and stopped every hour with downtime. Therefore, it appears I'm not the model free software developer that Advogato is shooting for.


MetaFilter doesn't accept new users because it wants the community to remain small, that is, not much over 17,000 members. The administrator discovered that not only does the MeFi system eat copious amounts of valuable traffic and computing resources, but also the MeFi format itself doesn't scale past that many members for at least two reasons: things would drop off a reasonably-sized front page too quickly, and it would take too much labor to clean up inevitable dupes. It appears that the administrator wants erroneous information to persist uncorrected on comment pages and wants prospective new users to migrate to competing sites such as MonkeyFilter. Likewise, people who found Kuro5hin locked-down for several months were driven to Hulver's site instead.


This is the biggie. Orkut is a purportedly popular by-invitation-only social networking web site. From what I've gathered in comments to this Slashdot story, Orkut is just a big bulletin board, not much better than a Yahoo! Group and much slower and less stable. Second, it's said to be full of Brazilians who refuse to use English in communities designated as English-speaking. Third, be prepared to delete Portuguese spam from your internal private message mailbox. Finally, for all I can tell, it might not even exist; it could just be an elaborate hoax, as broad and deep from the outside as EA's old Majestic immersive game.

Oh, and the name "Orkut" means something not safe for work in Finnish.


Other than the increased storage space, is there really anything significant that Gmail provides that other popular web mail doesn't? Does it warrant switching e-mail providers from SpamCop?

Here's an invite code. Or here's a site that doesn't need an invite code. Just try the site, and if you can't get the hang of it, quit.

I value my time. Between participating in online communities [S] [G] [D] [B] [N], exercising at a local gym, writing free software, and babysitting, I feel that I may already be spreading myself too thinly. In fact, I have had to become nearly inactive in several communities [K] [U] [P] [T] [R], to the point where some administrators have even deleted my account one or more times.

Perhaps when somebody decides that one of these communities wants me, by sending me a well-reasoned explanation of what I could get out of a membership, such as job leads in northeast Indiana, then I'll decide that I want the community. If you wish to contact me privately, feel free to do so.

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kuro5hin now takes new membership requests (1)

msim (220489) | more than 10 years ago | (#9769222)

Well as of the 13th that is. Though they reserve the right to delete your account if you act like a tosser. :-)

hope this helps, but i get what your on about anyway.

gmail (1)

mekkab (133181) | more than 10 years ago | (#9780213)

I think the issue with gmail is the idea of adding tags to your e-mails, and coming up with intriguing groupings and searches. No folders- you just search your e-mail (its google!).

Granted- I'm too afraid to give out my gmail address, so I don't have much need for tags! (I'm such a dork!) Also- it's policy blocked form work.

Do you want an invite to see what all the isht is about?

Re:gmail (1)

Tim Browse (9263) | more than 10 years ago | (#9789572)

The things I like about Gmail are that it's fast and easy to use. The interface is simple and bare, without being unfriendly.

By contrast, I hate hotmail (the only other webmail I've tried to use, to be honest - maybe that's my problem). MSNIM told me I had a message the other day, and I logged in to read it, and between all the annoying overly complex graphics and requests to run ActiveX on every page, by the time I had read that single message and deleted it, I was actually pissed off with the interface. That's impressive.

Oh, yes, and GMail is quick to search (as you might expect).

The slightly scary thing is, I'm on ADSL, and GMail runs about as fast (responds to user input/requests) as Thunderbird does on my local machine (I just copy my email feed to GMail now, so I can see stuff when I'm away from home; I use TB at home mostly).

I like GMail - more than I expected to. It's simple and convenient. If it ran on my PocketPC browser (ironically, in spite of its apparent simplicity, Gmail currently uses too much JavaScript cleverness to allow that) it would be close to ideal.

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