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Smoke Filled Back Rooms

Maint_Pgmr_3 (769003) writes | more than 9 years ago

Programming 0

We live in interesting times [lifted from someone important, no doubt].We live in interesting times [lifted from someone important, no doubt].

my frustrations have been, for the most part, because of "fools" who are trying to run businesses and the competition keep running over them. So back to the "good ole" days when decisions were made in smoke filled back rooms, if you were in favour, or had enough money, you could buy the favour, you got what you said, with no questions, is what they want. But times have changed, Time for us old farts to move aside and let the younger generation show us how its done. Hey teens, get out there and save the world while you still know it all. But should I do everything I can to stop them? That's not the way I want it, stop doing that. Or would a nudge in this direction or that help? Depends on how much money I want, or if you are taking that money away from me.

Best yet, time to become a teacher again/still.

http://www.mackido.com/Interface/ui_history.html a history of GUI, but there are more

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