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To Telemachus... (and a small word from the author)

Cliff (4114) writes | more than 9 years ago

User Journal 4

[First, let me take a moment to say thanks to a grateful reader.][First, let me take a moment to say thanks to a grateful reader.]

Telemachus (nee "frugalRepairs"): No, your story is exactly the reason that Ask Slashdot exists. I don't feel that there's been any "reversion" at all, and I'm glad you got your hard drive installed successfully! I hope your first hard drive replace has built up your confidence enough so that you will continue to tinker with more hardware.

You can never be to old to become a computer geek, no matter what everyone else says. Men aren't dogs, and can learn new tricks whenever they set their minds to it.

Thanks for the question, and thank you again for the gracious "Thank you" note. (Is that enough thanks, yet?) -- It's readers like you that are the reason I get up and do this job.

Take care!

[ back to your regularly scheduled dead journal space... ]

Seriously folks. Ask Slashdot exists to help the entire range of users, and while I try (and many times fail) to prevent the rank and file of FAQs. Soemtimes "Google" only gives you part of the answer (and many times gives you too large of a haystack in which to find your needle). As always, if you don't like the content, or feel that the stories presented are "beneath" you, feel free to move on to other aspects of the site, or better yet, to submit your own questions to "up the ante" of quality to Ask Slashdot. I have no problems with criticism (even harsh criticism), just as long as it's helpful.

Mindless flames, as always, will be routed to /dev/null...

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I am glad to see someone willing to ask for help! (1)

dexterpexter (733748) | more than 9 years ago | (#10483438)

I think that some people do not realize that not everyone who reads Slashdot are hardware junkies, as people come from a wide range of technical backgrounds and, frankly, some people use the dot as a way to keep current with technology development and news in a general sense, while working wholly untechnical jobs. Indeed, a wonderful (and fitting) AskSlashdot article if there was one. Although I have an electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and computer science background, I really enjoy these articles because its sometimes the "simpler" (used loosely) things that we take for granted, and frankly because everyone has different skill sets. Because so many people find it simple was the perfect reason it should be presented, because who better to help someone than a large group of gurus?

Instead of using their knowledge to constructively help someone, they used it to put someone down.
That is uncool in my book.
A community consists of a vast group of people with differing backgrounds and opinions... and that is what we are here: a community.

I know that after buying my laptop, my fan went bad. It being a laptop, no one thought that I would take my laptop apart and fix it myself! In fact, when I called the company--which I will not mention here--they wouldn't even suggest places to buy fans, nor even sell me a replacement fan because *insert patronizing voice*: "honey, you shouldn't work on your laptop." (I am female)
Needless to say, I took the dive and opened 'er up myself and worked on it myself.

No, thank-YOU for putting content on here that isn't always for experts-only. I mean, everyone is skilled in a different area and sometimes, but providing some "average user" content, people can, like the person in question, become educated and gain confidence in fixing their own systems, if with a little help. The "this is news!?" crowd needs to say that to justify themself, and in the end, are just as bad as the RTFM zealots who wonder why the average user is so technophobic and isn't willing to try new things.

No, Thank-YOU.

The great thing about that Ask Slashdot (1)

SamTheButcher (574069) | more than 9 years ago | (#10483745)

was all the helpful responses! I love it when a community comes together to help instead of flame.

And yes, thank you, Cliff, for being the kind of joe who would post a question like that and not assume that they'll be flamed or that it's too "easy" of a question. Nice work.

I've asked a few (1)

gmhowell (26755) | more than 8 years ago | (#10487170)

IIRC, I've submitted three. One was denied (grumble, grumble) and the other two accepted. One that was accepted was, I though, a really good question, but I got totally garbage answer.

(To refresh memories, many people ca. 1999-2000 were pissing and moaning about Draconian TOS employers placed on company email, phones, etc. The question I asked was 'bearing in mind the needs of business to protect itself from various forms of liability, what would you suggest is a good balance? Lots of people stumbled over from YRO to chime in. And the moral of the story is rather than give out accounts to any employee, we made them demonstrate a clear need for an address. A pain, but given HIPAA, necessary.)

That's (1)

buffer-overflowed (588867) | more than 9 years ago | (#10491893)

a lot more deceptively tricky than it seems on the surface. :-P

It's also not that hard of a question for most tech types to answer, of course, Slashdot isn't just comprised of IT people, so good for you posting something from one of them.
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