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I Could Go On Forever (Honeypot)

Trolling4Dollars (627073) writes | more than 9 years ago

User Journal 2

In fact... I think I will.

In fact... I think I will.

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Why Evil is Good (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 9 years ago | (#10595606)

I hate victims. Victims are the albatross hung from the neck of society. The
term is not even acknowledged by any other species. I am certain if there are
intelligent beings elsewhere in the universe, they follow the strict principle
of Natural Selection. Only the Strong shall survive. Mankind cannot survive
as long as its virility is diluted by the weak.

Peace-and-Love hippies, retards, cripples, depressives, sickling, addicts
and whiners are all victims of one kind or another. Larger examples of victims
can also be found: the entire nations of Israel and Englund, for example, are
constantly victimized and/or whining about their lack of power in the world. In
fact, the entire continent of Europe is nothing but a festering sewer of whiners
and welfare states. If we, the strongest nation on Earth, had a decent Ruler,
the entire junk-heap of Eurotrash would be burned to create a cloud of such lethal
density it would waft over to Asia and take out the victims that were left over from
World War II. The great black column of suffocating smoke would rise high into the
atmosphere, reaching for the very edges of outer space - a giant, living monument
to our strength. The unviable ashes of the once living garbage would orbit the Earth,
forever reminding future generations of the price of weakness.

World War II. Probably the greatest single era in the history of the planet, barring
the time before Man and Man's distorted, unnatural philosophies of "common good" and
"protecting the innocent". The time of Germany and its rule by a man of great vision.
A man who saw the virtue of evil. Every single class of victim described above was
dealt with in the harshest possible manner. Most people focus on the genocidal aspect
of Hitler's activities but his vision was much wider, encompassing every brand of
weakling from ethnic victims to sexual deviants. Unfortunately the United States,
led by a cripple, had to involve our great military might on the wrong side of the
war. The least Roosevelt could have done was to allow Germany to finish raping
France and reduce Englund to rubble.

We paid for our mistake in World War II. We were punished for choosing the wrong
side in the Great War by a period of non-violent "Cold War". The term "Cold War"
itself is the mark of the true Beast: the peace lover. A true leader - a Ruler -
would have unleashed the full might of our nuclear arsenal upon every nation on the
Earth, banishing them forever to particles of glowing dust blowing through the winds
of history. And look what our lack of action has gotten us: A planet filled with
human garbage, eternal sufferers suckling from the breast of the Mighty.

It is beyond my comprehension. Not only am I forced to allow the weak to survive,
but I - we - are forced to subsidize their pathetic existence. Every cripple
creeping along the sidewalk. Every degenerate elderly woman with osteoporosis who
parks in the handicap parking spot. Every worthless, lazy hippy who cries for peace
and marches on a public university. Every sickling child perpetually hospitalized
because its fetid welfare mother smoked too many drugs during her pregnancy. Every
30 year old retard wiping its nose all over its Scooby Doo coloring book. Every
drunk little whore seeking "justice" in our courts for her rape. All of them,
and more, deserve nothing but death. In the Natural World, every single one of these
leeches would be lion fodder.

Even the "Good Book", the Bible - which is actually nothing more than the sick fantasies
of opium addicts - predicts the outcome of Nature: "The meek shall inherit the Earth".
Yes, I know what you're saying, but you are wrong. This phrase has been twisted by the
weak, the cripple, the Jew to give their pathetic lives some ray of hope. This phrase
does not mean that the Victim will Rule the world. That is laughable. That is impossible.
The meek shall inherit the Earth for the one and only reason that they will be buried in

To the strong who have read this: Thank you. Together, we will conquer. To the weak who
will whine in the comments below: Your days are numbered, trash.

Vladmail (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 9 years ago | (#10595662)

From: "William Scott Lockwood III" (
Date: Sun Nov 11, 2001 11:22:53 US/Eastern
Subject: Mojopocalypse II

Okay, here's the scoop - I'm going to totally declare war on Kuro5hin on Wednesday. I will be releasing a script (that I am actually paying someone to write) that will "autotarget" and mod for you. Basically, you'll log into K5, and give the script a username, and it will then commence to fuck that person hard by rating every single post a 1, or a 0. I'm also asking the person I am paying to write the script (sad, I know - don't go there) to allow you to select what you want things rated at - that way, you can also mod everyone else UP with that account. Basically, this reduces the work load to creating new accounts. :-)

Warm Regards,
ICQ: 9554946
IM: bbwa1969
Only kings, presidents, editors, and people with tapeworms have the right to use the editorial "we".
-- Mark Twain
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