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Iraq War Planning Facts

asv108 (141455) writes | more than 9 years ago

United States 4
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that's a load of malarkey (1)

HBI (604924) | more than 9 years ago | (#10638198)

The DoD was a shambles after Clinton. I can't begin to say all the things that were wrong in the military four years ago - bad morale was a significant issue. Underfunding of critical components.

It was reconstructed over the last three years into something approaching the equivalent force of 1991 and was able to achieve the conquest of Iraq in about four weeks. Yes, the results speak for themselves. You try occupying a country rife with extremist Arab elements at each others' throats, and ours, and check back in a year and a half and tell me how it is going. Five years from now you will be eating those words. There were a bunch of limp-wrist types saying the *exact same thing* about the occupation of Germany back in 1946. Big failure, right?

Rumsfeld is the best SecDef we've had since Cheney and it shows. He got rid of the slackers, the play it safe people, the cold warriors, to the best of his ability. Military people always want more men. Putting more men in Iraq would just provide more places for terrorists to hit. More fighters == more tail, meaning deskbound people and supply types. The force that is there is balanced and relatively light, and more effective for it. Vietnam should have taught anyone that just shoving 750,000 troops into a small country does not 'pacify' it.

Are you really foolish enough to believe that the first Gulf War was any less micromanaged than the second? Do you think Bush and Cheney were really as hands off as the daily CENTCOM briefings by Schwartzkopf seemed to indicate? Do you not think they were being briefed and giving general direction on a constant basis, same as Rummy was doing and is doing during this conflict?

Rumsfeld has gotten through his head that our force structure needs to be suitable for modern war. "Joint" operations where the services operate together are where it is at, so that the full spectrum of US armaments can be utilized where and when needed. He exerts pressure up and down the line to become lighter, more mobile, and "Joint". Those who weren't willing to change with the times were retired, as they should have been.

Furthermore, the person most responsible for rebuilding the military after Carter let it wither away was Reagan. How soon we forget all the bitching by the Democrats over his Defense budgets. Yet it was by just that that the Soviet Union was laid low.

I do work occasionally in a building that was constructed to do SDI research during the '80s. In the lobby is a collection of mementoes our people picked up in Iraq when they were serving there. Helmets, playing cards, rations, banners. The place has a significance that cannot be expressed in words. It's a place of honor.

Your words are ones of profound disingenuousness and dishonor.

-1 offtopic (1)

asv108 (141455) | more than 9 years ago | (#10638509)

Which of those facts that I listed are untrue? Instead of commenting on the list, you went in to hawkish partisan neo-con rant. If you want people to take your comments seriously, I suggest you tone it down and take a more balanced approach. I might also suggest reading the following books. Which, I'm sure will tout as "leftist garbage."

Re:that's a load of malarkey (1)

finkployd (12902) | more than 9 years ago | (#10641046)

The DoD was a shambles after Clinton. I can't begin to say all the things that were wrong in the military four years ago - bad morale was a significant issue.

I know many people in the military and what I am constently hearing is that moral has never been lower. NOBODY wants to go into Iraq when they know we are not wanted there, we are not fighting any tangible enemy force, and the death toll just keeps on mounting. They feel under equiped, they are being forced to stay longer than they were told, many were pulled out of retirement, they have no clear mission, and they know the justification for going in there in the first place was faulty.

Look, I am no bush basher, but comparing this to WWII is insane. There was a clear mission there, which nearly everyone believed was justified. Iraq (by any measurement) is a mess. Especially considering we never finished what we were doing in Afghanistan (a completely justified war that people believed in).
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