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Interesting Journal Entry

Zarf (5735) writes | more than 9 years ago

User Journal 11

[[Facinating Text.]]

[[Insightful comment.]][[Facinating Text.]]

[[Insightful comment.]]

[[Witty closing remark.]]

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wow. (2, Interesting)

ellem (147712) | more than 9 years ago | (#10941495)

I mean wow.

I laughed, I cried, I'll read it again and again.

Seems silly to ever post another. Or was this a template?

Re:wow. (1)

Zarf (5735) | more than 9 years ago | (#10949365)

[something about sound bytes]

[smug disdain]

[something about hating how people aren't really reading anymore because of the massive volume of drivel written]

[witty remark about meta-linguistics]

What Gets Me (2, Interesting)

Oculus Habent (562837) | more than 9 years ago | (#10941877)

It's just so true. I knew exactly what you were talking about; I could sense the truth inherent in your statements.

With daring honesty like that, you should consider a career in politics.

Re:What Gets Me (1)

Zarf (5735) | more than 9 years ago | (#10949385)

[axiomatic tautological response]

[JE Comment] (2, Interesting)

blinder (153117) | more than 9 years ago | (#10941880)

[quoted passage]

[interesting comment]

[more interesting comment]

[movie|book|song quote]

[repeat while quoted passages != null]

Re:[JE Comment] (1)

Zarf (5735) | more than 9 years ago | (#10949337)

[thoughtful response]

[implicit recursion]

[Intriguing Subject] (2, Interesting)

cyranoVR (518628) | more than 9 years ago | (#10942582)

[Cherry-picked quote]

[Facetious observation]

[Snarky closing thought]

Re:[Intriguing Subject] (1)

Zarf (5735) | more than 9 years ago | (#10949318)

[snappy witticism]

Re:[Intriguing Subject] (1)

RobertB-DC (622190) | more than 9 years ago | (#10977265)

I think the subject above, Re:[Intriguing Subject], is more accurate. Unless you use a subject of [Modified Subject Line].

But what happens when... (1)

RobertB-DC (622190) | more than 9 years ago | (#10977546)

What happens if you change your .sig? Your postings will no longer make sense!

Re:But what happens when... (1)

Zarf (5735) | more than 9 years ago | (#10978965)

[yoda like comment about sense and nonsense and not finding either one here]
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