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AudioGalaxy solution

darkonc (47285) writes | about 12 years ago

Technology 0

This is a possible solution to the AudioGalaxy dilema:
Positive Song identification.This is a possible solution to the AudioGalaxy dilema:
Positive Song identification.

Before submitting a song to AudioGalaxy, a user has to 'appropriately identify' themselves. Once a user is identified, they can submit songs to the AudioGalaxy universe to be authenticated for distribution.
When an identified user submits a song for use, the song is fingerprinted, and identified as 'good'. A properly identified song is the responsibility of it's submitter. AudioGalaxy is simply a tranmission medium. If a copyright holder feels that their song is improperly submitted, then they can go to the person responsible for the song for the 'publishing' of it. If a user is identified as consistently submitting unauthorized copyright material, then their entire set of authentications can be revoked.

user authentication

Users can be authenticated by any of a set of means -- eg:

  • A credit card authorization (should appear on credit card summaries as something obvious like "ID verification" with the domain (and www.domain) pointing to a page that precisely describs what the ID was for and about and what the associated person would be responsible for [[in case the ID was the result of a credit card theft]]).
  • Thawte ( allows all sorts of ways to authenticate the identify a person -- including their 'web of trust' system which is free, and various paid methods.
  • Persons who don't have access to (or don't want to use) other methods, could mail in a notarized copy of personal ID,
  • Pick your favorite other method of verification.

Once a user is verified, they would be issued an SSL certificate that would allow them to submit songs (automatedly) for authentication.

SSL certificates allow for repudiation, so if someone's ID was used inappropriately, they would be able to issue repudiation.. It should be possible to issue repudiation starting from a specific date (when the certificate was compromised), generally (e.g. if the identity was issued improperly), or even for specific songs (if a publishing authorization turns out to have been mistaken, or the publisher has second thoughts.).

Sharing would then be checked for authentication of a song, rather than a record company claim (after the fact) of copyright infringement. If a record company claims copyright on a song, they would identify it by fingerprint (or a fingerprint summary) then DMCA procedures for notifying the 'owner' of the impugned song would follow.

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